How to Inflate an Air Bean Bag

If you want to experience sitting in the air, you should purchase an air bean bag. Generally, it has not any physical fillers and uses “Air” as a filler. Hence, it gives a super comfortable feel and relaxation to users. But some people have doubts about how to inflate an air bean bag.

Therefore, this article mainly discusses the easiest methods to inflate an air bean bag. 

Methods to Inflate an Air Bean Bag

  • Run and Inflate the Air Bean Bag
  • Use a Hairdryer
  • Use a Table or Stand Fan
  • Electric Inflator Pumps for Air Bean Bag
  • Use a Shop Vac
  • Manual Air Pumps
  • Polythene Garbage Bag for Inflating the Bean Bag

Air bean bag is the most famous type of bean bag, especially among travelers and hikers due to its lightweight. Its weight range from 2.2 lbs. to 3.3 lbs. But air bean bags can carry a weight of up to 330 lbs.

Moreover, an air bean bag needs a small space to pack, and it is easy to carry. Hence, it is an ideal piece of furniture for travelers.  

In addition to these factors, most householders use air bean bags indoors and outdoors. Usually, the air bean bag is made with durable and waterproof fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and PVC. 

Also, it has air proof lining layer inside it. Let see the best inflate method that you can use to fill your bean bag within a short time. 

inflate air bean bag

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Run and Inflate the Air Bean Bag

Generally, the air bean bag has one open for inserting air into it. Also, some manufacturers allow mechanical filling. But some others allow using a manual filling. However, first, you have to check manufacturing guidelines and then make a decision. 

You do not require any special equipment or tool for this method. Also, you should have to spend few seconds on this process. 

Step 1: First, fully open the air filling mouth of the bean bag 

Step 2: Then check the direction that you can run around 10 seconds

Step 3: Place bean bag opening horizontally to that direction and run 10 seconds approximately

If your bean bag fills with enough air, you can go for step 4.  

Step 4: Roll and lock the bean bag opening 

You can roll up the bean bag opening until the air compress well. Do not try to over-compress. Because over compression may lose the comfortable experience of your air bean bag. 

Step 5: Tie the opening using the belt

Usually, air bean bags come with belts. These belts help to tie and seal the bean bag opening. 

Use a Hairdryer to Inflate the Air Bean Bag

Do you have a hairdryer? Then you can inflate your air bean bag easily. You do not need any specific technique to do this task. 

The only thing is you should use it on the cool settings. After that, you can switch on the hairdryer and direct its airflow into the bean bag’s mouth. 

Finally, you can tie and lock the bean bag mouth with its belts.

Use a Table or Stand Fan to Inflate the Air Bean Bag

This method is the same as the hairdryer method. The only thing is you should place the air bean bag mouth in front of the fan. Then you can switch on it.  

After the bean bag is filled with air, you can roll the bean bag’s mouth and seal the opening using its belt. This method is ideal for bean bags that have largemouth openings. 

So, before I move to another topic, I will ask a question from you. What kind of air inlet that you have in your bean bag? Is it is a large one or a small one? 

All of the methods we discussed above are suitable for the bean bag with a large mouth opening. But some bean bags have a small valve to fill the air. So, let’s see how you inflate that kind of air bean bag.

Inflate Air Bean Bags with Smaller Inlet

Electric Inflator Pumps for Air Bean Bag

The electric inflator pump is designed to fill air into the bean bags, sofas, and mattresses. Hence, it can blow up your bean bags quickly. Use the below steps to inflate your air bean bag within few seconds. 

Step 1: First, open the safety flaps of the air bean bag-valve

Step 2: Chose the suitable nozzle that fits the air valve of the bean bag 

The inflator pump kit comes with several nozzles, including small, medium, and large sizes. Among them, you can select the best size that matches the bean bag-valve size.  

Step 3: Set that nozzle to the pump

Step 4: Then, fit the nozzle into the bean bag valve and switch on the pump

You need an electric supply to operate this tool. 

Step 5: Switch off the pump and close the valve flap of the bean bag 

Generally, electric inflator pumps take around 4-6 seconds to inflate the air bean bag. But it may vary with bean bag size. 

Moreover, you should switch off the machine manually when the bean bag fills enough air. Because highly compacted air does not give a comfy feel. Further, you can get a better understanding by watching below video. 

Use a Shop Vac to Inflate the Air Bean Bag

Generally, Shop-Vac comes with two main features. One is a vacuum feature, and another one is a blowing feature. There are two holes in this tool to facilitate these features. One is for suck, and another one is for release air.

So, please follow the below steps to inflate the air bean bag using Shop-Vac.

Step 1: First, set the hose at the air blowing hole of the “Shop Vac”

You should remove the hose from the front side hole. Then, place it in the valve that situates on the opposite side of the equipment. If you need to clarify the way of using the equipment. Please watch below video to get more information about the equipment.

Step 2: Insert Shop Vac’s hose valve into the air bean bag. 

In this step, you have to tie the bean bag mouth opening around the house. If not, it can leak air. 

Step 3: Turn on the machine and wait until inflate your air bean bag completely.

Shop-Vac releases a large amount of air within a few seconds. Hence, it may not take a considerable time. Thus, you have to pay full attention to this process to prevent accidents. 

Step 4: Turn off the machine and seal the bean bag opening

You can check the air pressure by pushing the bean bag with your hand. If it is filled with enough air, you can stop the air-blowing process.   

In addition to that, you cannot use this method when you are traveling because this equipment needs electricity to operate. 

Manual Air Pumps

You can use manual air pumps to inflate your bean bag. Also, there are different kinds of manual air pumps. Among them, the foot pump is the most efficient one. The best thing is you do not need to spend lots of money on this tool.

The manual air pump comes with different types of interconnecting nozzles. Hence, you can select the best size that suits your bean bag valve. If your bean bag has a big mouth to fill the air, you can use a big nozzle. 

Polythene Garbage Bag for Inflating the Bean Bag

Don’t you have any equipment to inflate your air bean bag? So, don’t lose your hope. There is another option to achieve the task. You just need a garbage bag for this.

Please follow the steps that I mentioned below. 

Step 1: Open the valve flap of your air bean bag 

The most bean bag has a one-way valve. It prevents air leakage from the valve while you are filling it. Hence, it is helpful.  

Step 2: Next, take a garbage bag and grab the air into it

Step 3: Then create a small opening on the mouth of the garbage bag

Step 4: Set garbage bag opening with the bean bag-valve opening

Step 5: Press the garbage bag until filled air transfer into the bean bag

Step 6: Keep repeating this process until your air bean bag is inflated

Step 7: Finally, close the flap valve after inflating the air bean bag 

Final Words

Air bean bag is one of the comfy bean bag types. Also, if you purchase an air bean bag, you do not need to spend extra money on fillers, and you can get bean bag fillers free of charge from nature. So, is there anything that you need other than a cost-effective comfy seat?

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