How to Measure Bean Bags? – Complete Guide

Bean bags are made of different sizes and shapes for diverse purposes. So, before you purchase a bean bag, you should have a clear idea about your requirement and the best bean bag size that fulfills it.

For example, if you want to lay down the whole body in the bean bag, you should go for a giant bean bag. On the other hand, if you want a bag for study, you should go for an average-sized bean bag chair. 

Moreover, toddlers need a small seat than adults. Thus, you should purchase them accordingly.

Now you may have a problem like “how am I identify the average, small or giant size bean bag? What are the parameters that define its sizes?

The answer is, you should have a good idea about bean bag dimensions to know them. Moreover, if you want to make a new cover for your bean bag, how do you take measurements? So, you should know how to measure bean bag dimensions.

Here, you should use two different units. These are;

  • Dimension – Length x Width x Height
  • Volume

Bean bag manufacturers use both dimension and volume to measure the bean bags sizes. 

So bean bag marketers can say their bean bag has a 150-liter volume or bean bag has 24’ x 36’ x 38’ inches dimension. Here, they give an idea to customers about their bean bag size.

How to Measure Bean Bags

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Bean Bag Dimensions and Volume

Generally, height, weight, and length measurements represent the dimensions of the bean bag chairs and sofas.

Rather than them, there are different shapes of bean bag types available in the market. Cylindrical shape, ball shape, and bean bag made with fancy styles are most common among people.

However, we cannot say that its sizes by length, width measurements. So, in that kind of situation, you have to calculate its volume. Then you can tell the exact capacity or size of that bean bag.

So, let’s check the parameters that use to measure bean bags.


Lenth is a general term that uses in most measurable things. Think, if someone asks the length of your coffee table, what is your answer?

Accordingly, if I define the length, it is the distance between one corner to another corner. Generally, the longest side is considered as a length.

Also, length has standard units. So, the most common length measurement units are;

  • Centimeters- cm
  • Inches
  • Feet
  • Meters- m
  • Kilometer- Km

Here, we commonly use inches and feet to represent bean bag sizes.

So, if someone asks about the length of your bean bag, you have to do some simple steps. These are;

Step 1: Take a measuring tape.

Step 2: Ask friends to keep it on one corner of the bean bag.

Here, bean bag length means the two sides that have armrests. Also, make sure to keep the beginning that mentions the “0” scale on one end.

Step 3: Then, keep your tape on another corner of your bean bag.

Step 4: Check the distance measurement of the tape.

Now you have the length of your bean bag.


The width is the same as the length. It is also measured by the same tool and has the same units. However, generally, the width is shorter than the length.

Further, when we consider the width of the bean bag, measure the side that you sit in the bean bag.


The height is the distance from the ground to the bean bag’s top point. The height can also be measured using the measuring tape, which too can be represented by inches, centimeters, or feet.

Measurements of Different Bean Bags

Standard Bean Bag Chair

Generally, bean bag chairs dimensions are displayed with length, width, and heights measurements. Moreover, some bean bag manufacturers specially mention the seat size of the bean bag. Whatever they say about seat size or not, you can calculate it by yourself.

Here, you need to measure the length, width measurements of that particular bean bag.

Just think it has 36 inches in width and 30 inches in length. Then use the below calculation to calculate seat area size.

Seat size = Bean bag length x Bean bag width

               = 30 x 36

               = 1080 square inches

By using this measurement, you can come to a decision. Does this seat size match your back or body? Suppose it is, yes, you can buy it. But If it is not, go for a bean bag with enough space to sit or lay down.

Cylindrical Shaped Bean Bag

The cylindrical size measurement procedure is a bit easy. You just need to take two measurements. These are;

The radius of your bean bag (r)

Here, take the diameter of the bean bag’s circle shape seat. Then divide that amount by two and get the radius.

Radius = Diameter / 2

The height of bean bag (h)

Take bean bag height from bottom to top surface.

After collecting these two measurements, apply them to the following equation. This π is a constant, and it is 3.14.

V = π.r2.h

You can get the volume of the bean bag using this equation. When you are taking the measurements, make sure to take them in centimeters. It is easy to apply the equation.

However, if you want to calculate the bean bag seat area, use A= π.r2  equation.

Cone Shape or Teardrop-Shaped Bean Bags

The volume calculation method of the teardrop shape bean bag is similar to the cylindrical ben bag. Here also, you should take two measurements.

The radius of your bean bag (r)

The tear shape bean bag has a circular shape bottom layer. Thus, measure its diameter and divide it by 2. Then you can get the radius of your bean bag.

The height of bean bag (h)

This measurement takes in a usual way. Just measure the distance between the bottom and top corners of the bean bag.

Don’t you have flexible tape?

Then take tread to take measurements and then check the length of it using the meter rule. Here also, you should note down these measurements in centimeters. Then apply them to the following equation.

V = 1/3 π r2 h

Sometimes you cannot understand bean bag size by its volume. In that type of incident, You can calculate the area. You just have to use the following equation for that.

Area = π r2

How to Select a Bean Bag From Size

To make your decision easier, here I mentioned standard bean bag sizes that suit relevant age groups.

Read our guide on how to Select your Bean Bag Size here.

24 Inches Wide

These are small bean bags made for toddlers. Moreover, you can use them as footrests or pet seats.

32 Inches Wide

The medium size bean bag’s width is a range around 32 inches. Also, it will be tightly fit to the adult’s body. Thus, okay for adults and toddlers.

38 Inches Wide

This width provides enough space for the user. It has nearly 1-meter in width. Thus, ideal for adults.  

48 Inches Wide

The 4 feet width provides good space to lay down your body. Perfect for adults and can occupy two children.


Finding the right size bean bag is not easy. Generally, most manufacturers include the dimensions of their products in the specification.

But if you purchase a bean bag online, check dimensions and calculate the seat size accordingly. Moreover, bean bag height also gives a better idea about backrest height. If these heights match with your back and leg height, go for them.

However, if you are willing to buy a bean bag from a shop, ask them to show actual measurements using tape. Because some specifications will mislead us, I hope this information will help you choose the best bean bag!

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