Fun Things to Do With Bean Bags

Do you have a bean bag and use it only for seating purposes? Don’t you like to try new fun things from your bean bag? 

Bean bag chairs work great as multipurpose furniture. These versatile seats provide exceptional fun in various ways. 

We all live very limited time in the world. So, we are always seeking methods to enjoy. Unfortunately, most of us forget to enjoy life. We are all busy with our professions, family responsibilities, and other academic works. 

But if we really want to enjoy life, we have enough resources in surround, like bean bags. Do you want to know how bean bags make fun of your life? Spend five minutes and read this article, thanks to me later! 

fun things to do with bean bags

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Use a Pool Bean Bag as a Canoe


Do you plan to go on vacation in the summer or autumn? And do you wish to bathe in sea or stream?

Then add a pool bean bag to your item list. Generally, the pool bean bag is safe to use in water. Thus, you can use pool bean bags in shallow areas of natural waters. However, rather than lay on a pool bean bag, do you like to try some adventure?

Then use it as a canoe! You just have to settle down in the bean bag with proper balance and paddle it to a beautiful destination. You can use your hand or any other wooden pole to paddle it. Give a chance to toddlers to take this fantastic experience! They will never forget this adventurous joy in their lifetime.

However, safety is a primary factor. Thus, do not try this activity the natural water sources that you do not know the exact depth or places that have deep waters.

Moreover, if ocean currents are high, avoid using bean bags on that kind of water.

Use Bean Bags as Swing


Rather than sit and experience a super comfy feel, don’t you like to use bean bags as a swing?

Generally, most swing has rigid structures. So, when people spend a long time there, they feel uncomfortable. However, to maximize your rowing experience, you can set a bean bag as a swing seat.

Here, you can set your bean bag on the existing swing seat using a hook or rope. If not, you can prepare separate structures to set ropes of swing.

Here you can create a metal frame to set the bean bag. Then you can hang on that structure into swing ropes.

If not, you can use strong ropes to create a net-like structure. Then hang on it to swing ropes and set in your bean bag on it.

First, you try out whether it has enough strength to carry you. Then let toddlers and kids take this great swing experience!

Use as a Jumping Pad

jumping pad

What is your favorite way to go for a bed, walk or jump? 

Most of us love to jump on the bed. This behavior is prominent in kids and toddlers. But why?

Jumping is a good habit of relaxing people’s minds. Moreover, it helps to develop toddlers’ and kids’ brain functions. That’s why kids always love to jump on their beds and mattress. Jumping makes them happy.

Not only kids but jumping relax adults’ minds too. But everyone does not own a jumping pad. However, if you have a giant bean bag, you can take similar experiences and joy from it.

Bean bag prepared with soft, fluffy materials. Moreover, it has a bouncing ability. These features make them an ideal tool to jump in. Try it and share your fantastic experience with us!

Best Scenery for Photoshoot


Do you look for fun things to do with a bean bag? Shall I say the exciting fact?

Try this if you love to collect memories and take images with different poses. Bean bag will support your poses and will give the best sceneries.

You can practice mid-air poses while jumping into a bean bag. Then you can land on the super-soft bean bag. Isn’t it amazing?

Further, you can move them into places that have good nature sceneries. Then pose and take photographs. Surprise your Facebook friends with your nice photoshoots!

Use Bean Bag as a Punching Bag

punching bag

The general punching bag has a cylindrical shape or pear shape. Usually, people punch on this bag as exercise and fun. Also, most action movies and Teledramas promote this instrument.

Thus, most people, especially kids, want to take the same experience and imitate it. But punching bag is not common as a household item.

Do not worry. There is a perfect solution. You can use your cylindrical shape bean bag as a punching bag just for fun.

Moreover, the bean bag gives a better feel than a punching bag because a punching bag is not filled with super soft fillers.

Good Gaming Chair

gaming chair

Game playing is the most popular hobby worldwide. It has no specific gender or age limitation. So, a vast number of people spend their leisure time while playing games.

When you are playing the game, your body posture will change rapidly and unconsciously. So, if you have a chair that can adjust with your body postures, it will increase your gaming experience.

But wooden or traditional furniture cannot give that experience. To enjoy your game, you can use a bean bag. It will provide you with more fun!

Watch Movies

home theater

What type of place do you select to lay on while watching movies? Definitely, you will choose the most comfortable place in your home. It may be a sofa, bean bag, or any other comfy pad. 

Why are you selecting them? 

Rather than a comfy feel, a bean bag can give joy to our bodies. It can adjust with body shape and reduce pressure spots. Ultimately these things help to keep mindset-free. A peaceful mindset is the best gift.

Moreover, giant bean bags provide space for 2 or 3 persons. Thus, you can lay down on a bean bag and watch movies with your loved ones. Besides watching the film with a loved one, is there any other enjoyable thing?

Pass the Bean Bag

pass the ball

Bean bags come in different shapes. So, if you own a round shape or basketball bean bag, you can play a pass ball game using a bean bag. Or else, you can play indoor football games using them. 

Here, the bean bag should not be huge. The lightweight encourages you to do this. 

Use as a Kid Toy

for kids toy

There are some bean bags made with animal themes. So, if your kid love to play with a dinosaur, you can purchase that design. Moreover, if your kid loves to play with a teddy bear, you can buy a bean bag made with a bear theme. 

Rather than familiar toys, this super-soft seat will give a super joyful experience to your kids.

Practice Balance

practice balance

Sometimes we all get bored in life. At that time, we want to try a different thing. That’s why some people act like kids. At that time, these people will seem like silly ones. But it is not correct. Some small things can give joy to our lives and help us forget problems.

Bean bags are a great tool to practice balancing activities. It can improve our balancing skills, especially for kids.

You can play bean bag balancing games using arms, head, shoulder, and feet. So, if you want to try something different, practice this!

Final Words

Fun and joy is medicine that significantly heals our minds. That’s why every human beaning loves to smile rather than cry. However, you do not need millions of dollars to live happily. You just need to think differently. Sometimes your happiness will live near to you. It can be a person, pet, or furniture like a bean bag. Always find new methods to enjoy your life!

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