Bean Bag Toss Game – Everything You Need To Know On CornHole Game

A Bean bag is a familiar toy for most kids. Due to its softness, versatile and flexible properties, kids use bean bags to play many games. Among them, bean bag toss or “Cornhole” is a world-famous game that both kids and adults love to play. Mostly, the Midwest people tend to play this game as a traditional game.

Sometimes, you may know this game by another name. Do you ever hear Baggo, dummy boards, dad hole, dog house, sacks, or bean in a hole? Yes, all these are used for the same game.

However, you should follow some rules and regulations when playing bean bag toss game. Moreover, the player should have some skills to play this. So, proper knowledge and practice are essential to play.

Are you a beginner at the bean bag toss game and look after the proper guide to practice it? Then, you are so lucky. You can find a complete guide to win the bean bag toss game here! So, read the article to learn how to play bean bag toss and winning tips!

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What Is Bean Bag Toss Game?

Indeed, you can get some idea by this name. Yes, it is a game that throws bean bags into the hole. This game can play in single, double, or crew format.

What type of tools and accessories need to play bean bag toss?

  • Toss board
  • Four bean bags

The standard dimension of the board is two by four feet. The hole size is around 6 inches. Also, this hole should be center, 9 inches from the top.

These days’ people use different size bean bags to play this game. However, Americans used 6 x 6 inches wide, 15.5-16.5 ounces weighted bean bags in the past. It is filled with natural seeds like rice, kernels, and dried beans. But nowadays, the plastic resin has become a common filler type used to fill tossing bean bags because these materials give consistence weight and shape to the bag.

Rather than these fillers, professional players use different materials according to their throwing styles.

Two Players (Singles)

If you wish to play bean bag toss with two players, take all four bags and go to your side. Here, after passing the first bean bag, this player should give a chance to the opponent player. Likewise, the turn will change.

Four Players

If your team has four players, split that into two and go for both sides. Here, after two players of the same side toss all four bean bags, the opposite side gets the chance to throw.

Crew Play

Each team can assign two players to stay at the bean bag board. So, at once, four teams can play this game. The total number of players is 16.

play bean bag toss game

How To Play Bean Bag Toss Game?

Step 1: Get Boards And Bean Bags

You can easily buy corn hole boards with bean bags from the market. Or else click here to buy the whole set online.

However, buying a set is simple. But potentially, it will cost. So, if you cannot spend more in this time, do not lose hope. Make a cornhole set by yourself. You will need cardboard, a scissor, and a ruler.  

Step 2: Select Suitable Ground

To set up a bean bag toss board, you should first select a nice flat surface. Don’t scratch your head; I mention some ideal places to take an idea.

  • Beach
  • Ground/ Basketball court
  • The flat open area is like a passageway

The tossing board should place on a well-balanced surface. Moreover, make sure you should have a 27-45 feet distance.

Step 3: Place the bean bag toss board

Here, place tossing boards in a straight line and apart from each other. This distance may vary from 27 feet to 45 feet. However, regulation rules state that bean bag tossing boards should place 45 feet (9 m) apart.

But you can select the perfect distance according to your skill level and preference. The younger players and kids set the toss boards 10-15 feet apart.

The Angle of the Toss Boards

You should place the top edge of the board 12 inches above the ground. Also, place the bottom edge 3 or 4 inches above the ground. 

Pitcher’s Box

There is Picher’s box behind the left or right side of the platform. It is a rectangular area that allows the player to toss the bean bag. The bottom of the platform or board considers the foul line.

Step 4: Singles or Doubles

Bean bag tossing can play with either two or four players. If you wish to play it with two players, stand at some board and throw the bean bag into the opposite board. 

However, if you wish to play as a double, two team players should stand at each board. Then they can toss the bean bag back and forth. 

Step 5: Designate a Bean Bag Color for Each Team

Each player should have four bean bags for a single game with the same color. But if you wish to play doubles, each team must have four bean bags of the same color. 

Now all tools and equipment are ready to play. So, let’s begin the game!!!

Step 6: Get an Aim and Throw the Bags at the Opposite Board Hole

Here, the player should toss the bean bag within 20 seconds. The time starts when a player comes into the pitcher’s box.

Select one player and start the first round. Once he tosses the bean bag into the cornhole, give the next turn to the opponent team. 

For example, think that two people are playing this game. So, if you toss a bean bag as a first player, then give a chance to the opponent player. Then again, take your chance and throw the bean bag. Likewise, do this until all bean bags pass to the toss board. 

If you are playing as a team, this process is the same. The bean bag tossing chance should exchange from team to team. 


  • The players must stay behind the front of the bean bag tossing board. If not, that throw does not count. It was called a foul shot.
  •  If your bean bag hits the ground and bounces up onto the board, remove it before tossing any other bag.
  •  Or else, if any bean bags are hanging on the board and touching the ground, remove them as well.
  •  Once all eight bean bags are thrown, calculate the points that earn by both teams.

Step 7: Let’s Count the Points


  • All players aim to put bean bags into the corn holes. So, for every bean bag that gets into the cornhole, it gets 3 points. 
  • However, if you cannot put bean bags into the hole, do not lose hope. Yes, you can get 1 point for each bag placed on the board.  
  • So, the maximum number of points scored in a single round is 12. However, to score this amount, that team should toss all four bean bags into the board’s hole.
  • It is okay if a bean bag hits another player’s bag or any other bag, and you can continue the game.
  • Think, if your bean bag hits on another player’s bag, it causes you to pull the opponent’s bag into the hole. Then, your opponent will get 3 points for that.
  • Or else, your bag hits and keeps others’ bean bags from the board; that’s not counted.

Zero Points

Some beanbag throwing does not count for scores. They are;

  • If a bean bag hits or touches the ground before it hits the board, it does not count for scores. 
  • The bean bags hang on the board’s edge, and touching the ground does not count for scores. 

Calculate The Points

Now you know how to add points. So, calculate the total score of each team. Then subtract the lower score from the highest score and get the answer.

The player who scores the highest points gets the score that you get from the answer. Or else, it is the value that you remain after the subtracted.

Let’s clarify this with the example!

Team A and playing a bean bag toss game. Team “A” tossed two bean bags on the board and two bean bags into the hole. Then, this team scored point 8. 

Respectively, team B tossed one bean bag on the board and one bean bag on the hole. They lost aim and threw two other bean bags to the ground. So, they only get 4 points for this round. 

According to these scores, team “A” scores the highest in the first round. So, subtract 4 from 8. Then the answer is 4. At the end of this round, team A gets 4 points. 

If both teams score the same points, what should you do?

In this type of situation, there will be no points awarded to any team/player. Also, the team/ player who threw the first bean bag in the last round will throw first again.

So, now you know equal points may cancel each other out.

Step 8: Give a chance to toss the bean bag to the team that scores the highest scores in the first round.

According to the above example, team “A” gets the highest score. So, “A” got the chance to play first in the second round.

Step 9: End the game when one team ends around with precisely 21 points

Here, add each round’s total score to each team or player’s account. If someone or team scores exactly 21 points at the end of the game, it is the end. 

But what happens if the round ends and any team or player scores over 21 points? 

In this type of situation, they must go back to 11 and should continue the game. Don’t get frustrated. It is the way this game runs. Trust me! You may have lots of enjoyment!

Shall I share the little trick with you? Yes, I know now you have huge curiosity. So, let’s move to the trick.

The Trick to Score More in Bean Bag Toss Game

If you know your opponent is scoring over 21 points, throw your bean bags away from the board. It will cause you to bust your opponent. 

 Step 10: Win!

Now you know scoring 21 overall points is the way to win around. The team which wins two games first wins the whole match.

Congratulations! Now you know how to win! So, do not waste time. Go and play!

Now you know 95% of how to play a bean bag toss game. What happens other 5%? Do you want to see the rest? I will be ready to share 100% of my relevant knowledge. So, keep reading!

Let’s move to this 5%, and I will give answers to all your questions!

Can The Player Or Team Change the Sides Of The Bean Bag Tossing Game?

Yes, you can select the side you want to play, left or right. The only rule is playing the opposite side of the opponent team.

Size Of The Bean Bag

The size of the bean bag will depend on various factors. The 6 x 6 inches (15 cm x 15 cm) is the standard size. However, you can change this with your preference. The only thing is bean bag size is smaller than the corn hole size.

Make Bean Bags For The Toss Game

Besides purchasing all things from the market, some people love to make their own tools. So, if you are that kind of person, take a fabric and cut two pieces. The dimensions should be 6 inches long and 6 inches wide.

Then place these two pieces together, and sew three edges first. Then fill uncooked rice in the bean bag. Or else you can use corn to fill it. After finishing the filling, sew the 4th edge of the bean bag.

Wow, now you have a cute bean bag. But to play bean bag toss, you may need four. So make them too.

Weight Of The Bean Bags For Toss Game

Most people doubt the weight of bean bags. The 2-3 Kg bean bags should be fine to play bean bag toss.

Another Method To Play Bean Bag Toss Game

The above ten steps are the standard way to play bean bag toss or corn hole games. However, if you want to enjoy and have fun, you can break some rules. Or else, you can build up your own rules.

For example, here, I share a bit different practice of the bean bag toss game. You do not need to score exactly 21 points for this method to win the round. Lets’ see how it may run.

This method also can play as a single or double. All rules and regulations are the same as the above method. The only difference relates to the point calculation. Here, you do not score exactly 21 points to win the game.

Step 1: Give four bean bags to each team.

Step 2: Toss the bean bag and start the game.

Step 3: Continue 13 rounds

Step 4: Calculate the points

Here, you should count every point. If the bean bag tosses into the hole, the player will get 3, and if it dumps on the board, the player will get 1 point. Likewise, calculate each point.

The important thing is there is no cancellation of equal points. For example, think both players score 5 points in around. All these points get into the final calculations.

Step 5: Highest score may win

Check which team got the highest points after finishing the 13 rounds. The highest scored team will win the match.

Bean Bag Toss For Kids

Bean bag tossing is a fun way to improve your kid’s hand and eye coordination. Moreover, it helps to enhance their skills and keep them active. However, this is a different method, specially designed for the kids. So, don’t waste time. Train your kid and let them play this fantastic game. 

Step 1: Take five sheets and write 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 on it

Step 2: Set up the ladder in the backyard and paste these papers on it

Here, you should paste one piece of paper on each step of the ladder. 

Step 3: Let kids toss bean bags between the steps of the ladder.

Step 4: Give the relevant points.

If your kid passes a bean bag between the 40 mark of the ladder, he will get 40. 

This game is great for one kid. Then they can evaluate their scores and try to score the highest points. However, multiple kids also can play this game. Let them play and see who gets the highest score. 

Final Thoughts

Do you believe tossing bean bags would be such an addictive and fun game? Yes. It is. This game can play a wide range of people, including toddlers to adults. Also, this game can give uncountable enjoyment to your grandparents, so if you are looking for a fun game that you can play with the whole family, this is the best one.

Bean Bag Toss is not just a game. It comes with a pack of health benefits. Especially good for brain development and hand-eye coordination. So, try bean bag toss and share your experience with us!

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