Can You Throw Overhand in Bean Bag Toss? – Clear Your Doubts

Bean bag toss or Cornhole is one of the fun games that you can enjoy in your free time. This is a backyard game that people always play with their families. 

However, when it became popular more and more, the misunderstanding and doubts about the game gradually increased. But do not worry; learn the right things through your mistakes. 

You might wonder whether overhand or underhand tossing is valid in the bean bag toss game. Usually, you cannot throw overhand in bean bag toss. But there are some exceptions to this.

Generally, there are several bean bag tossing styles, and overhand tossing is one. So, before answering the above question, I think it is better to know what overhand tossing is? 

Overhand throw or tossing is a single-handed throw of a projectile where the object or target is thrown above the shoulder. 

Do you see someone playing baseball? How the player throws the baseball?

Yes, they throw baseball overhand. 

So, now let’s turn it into the main topic. If you need a quick and short answer for it, the answer is you cannot. Usually, you cannot throw overhand in bean bag toss. 

But do not stop reading because there are exceptions!

Throw Overhand in Bean Bag Toss

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Is Throwing Overhand in Bean Bag Toss Illegal?

Generally, the cornhole or bean bag toss game is governed by American Cornhole Organization (ACO). This organization has continued its duty since 2003 to develop bean bag toss games worldwide. They set rules and regulations for the future upliftment of the cornhole game. 

So, under the rules and regulations of the bean bag toss game, American Cornhole Organization (ACO) mentioned that “the players should pitch the bean bag with an underhand release.” 

So, it is derived that overhand tossing is invalid or foul. So, if you throw the bean bag in a tournament with the overhand release, it may cause you to lose your point or cancel the scoring.

As a result, almost all the cornhole or bean bag toss tournaments that are internationally accepted have to accept this rule. Some specific cornhole or bean bag toss tournaments mention their own rules and regulations regarding the Cornhole or bean bag toss. 

Hence, sometimes they will accept overhanded tossing in Cornhole or bean bag toss. However, you can try overhanded toss when you play with your family and friends. 

How Do You Throw Overhand in Bean Bag Toss?

As you know, overhand tossing is not usually done. But if you play Cornhole with your friends and relations, you can try this overhand tossing style. 

What you have to do is you can settle it with your opponent. But you should do this before starting the round. Here you rearrange the rules and regulations of Cornhole with the consent of other players. 

However, if multiple games are played in the same yard or place, you should ensure no disturbance through overhand tossing. Because when you throw bean bags overhand, they may reach other courts. 

It should be left at least 10 feet between bean bag toss courts. 

Overhand Tossing Vs Underhand Tossing

Overhand Tossing

As you know, overhand tossing is not usually used in bean bag tossing games. But I think to clarify the difference between underhand throwing and overhand throwing. First, we check how to toss bean bags with the underhand technique. 

Step 1: First, stand straight upright, facing your target or hole. Then hold the bean bag in your dominant hand. 

Step 2: Then turn 900 to your dominant hand’s side. For instance, if you hold the bean bag in your right hand, turn 900 to the right.

But if you are going to throw with your left hand, turn sideways 900 to the left. Similarly, you have to reposition your legs. So, you are now standing sideways to the hole or target. 

Step 3: Position your legs to shoulder-width apart

Step 4: Lift the non-throwing hand and shift the weight into the back foot

Step 5: Lift your dominant hand or throwing hand up to your ear. Now the ball is close to your ear.

For example, if you use the right hand, the ball is near the right ear. Or else, if you use the left hand, the ball is close to the left ear. 

Step 6: Now you are ready to toss or throw. 

Step 7: In one motion, shift your weight to the front leg. Then drop the pointing arm and rotate the torso as you bring the throwing hand over your shoulder to release the bean bag into the hole or target. 

Underhand Tossing

Underhand tossing is the usual or legal throwing in bean bag tossing because it is accepted by American Cornhole Organization (ACO). 

So, in almost all the bean bag tossing tournaments, underhand throwing is practiced. So, let’s see how you throw bean bags underhand. 

Step 1: Here, you can begin the pitching of the Cornhole with underhand tossing by facing your target or hole while holding the bean bag in your dominant hand. 

Step 2: Then shift the bodyweight center over the leg. For instance, if your dominant hand is the right one, you will put the weight on your right leg. 

Step 3: After swinging your arm that holds the bean bag back behind you

After that, stride 12 inches forward with another foot. Now you are in a staggered stance. Similarly, do not forget to remain on your shoulder, focusing on your target or hole. 

Step 4: Then swing your arm forward. Simultaneously, transfer your weight onto your lead leg and move the free hand back slightly. 

Because this will help you keep the balance of the body, once your dominant hand is positioned between the shoulder and waist, it is time to release the bean bag to reach its target. 

Final Thoughts

I believe that now you have the specific answer to the main question, “can you throw underhand in bean bag toss?” 

Again, you cannot throw underhand in a bean bag toss game, if I remind the answer. If you do it, it is considered a foul. But this applies to the standard tournaments. 

But if you do not play in the tournament, it is not an issue to tweak the rules. Do not limit your joy and happiness because you play bean bag toss with your favorites to get fun and be happy! Enjoy the game! 

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