Playing the Bean Bag Balance – Complete Guide

Some games are simple, but their worth is unmeasurable. Mainly they help to uplift both mental and physical health. That’s why these games are unique from others.

Bean bag balance is the best example of the above point. It seems simple. So, definitely, you may think, “Oh, is it a challenge?”. But it is more complicated than you think and is not only a leisure game. Bean bag balance develops kids’ mental and physical health while spreading happiness and relaxing the adults’ minds.

Do you like to play bean bag balance? Just take a minute and read to know how to play bean bag balance.

Bean Bag balance

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What You Need To Play Bean Bag Balance?

Once you hear the name of this game, Bean bag balance, you may recognize precisely one thing that is needed to play this game, right? So, basically, you need two main things.

  • Small bean bags
  • String or masking tape

Special note: you are free to add innovative and creative things to the game. Hence, you can collect many things to play bean bag balance.

How To Make The Playground For Bean Bag Balance?

Before you play bean bag balance, you have to set up the playground. But it is not a big deal. Here you can make the playground according to your own rules and desires. Generally, you can set the ground in two types. The choice is yours.

Method 1

Step 1: Mark one line with string or masking tape.

Step 2: Then mark another line far from the first one. The distance between the two lines should be shorter (5 to 6 feet) for younger children and longer (10 to 12 feet) for old children.

Step 3: Mark these two lines as starting and finishing.

Step 4: Make another couple of lines as start and finish if you have two groups. The number of starting and finishing line sets depends on the group you have to play bean bag balance. Keep around 3 feet between each starting line and between each finishing line.

Method 2

Step 1: As above, mark the starting point and finishing point, then make a straight line with string or masking tape connecting starting point and finishing point.

Step 2: As I mentioned above, make lines similar to the number of the group because each group should have one line to play bean bag balance. Plus, there should be around 3 feet distance between each line.

Congratulations! Now you have a perfect setup to play bean bag balance.

How To Play Bean Bag Balance?

How do you make the ground for bean bag balance, according to the first method or another? Based on your answer, the way you play bean bag balance is slightly different. But both are very entertaining.

Method 1

Step 1: Make groups play bean bag balance. Here the same number of players should be included in each group. It is ideal to set up 2 or 3 groups.

Step 2: Distribute bean bags to each player. 

Step 3: Then, line up the players, one behind the other, in front of each start line in group vice.

Step 4: Here, the time is to play the game. Place the bean bag on the head of the first player of each group and start to walk or run when you say, Ready, set, go!

The players cannot fall the bean bag till touching the finish line. If the player is unable to balance the bean bag, he will lose the game.

Anyhow if the player touches the finish line without falling the bean bag successfully, you score one point for your group.

Step 5: Then repeat it, give the opportunity to the second player and then continue this until the last player.

The group that scores high marks quickly is the winning group. Here bean bag balance considers the balancing and the time when nominating the winner of the game.

Method 2

Step 1, step 2, and step 3 are similar to method 1.

Step 4: Place the bean bag on the head of the player and give the command to start the game. The player should walk on the tape until touching the finish point, and the player is unable to fall the bean bag and step off the tape.

Here, you have to do both tasks, walking on the tape line while holding the bean bag.

Step 5: Counite this until finishing the round of the last player.

So, the time is yours. Let’s begin the game!

Play Bean Bag Balance With More Funny Things

Creativity is the main key to being happy. So, apply the same theory to bean bag balance.

  • Give time to reach the finish line.
  • It is not walking. Change the game rules to run while balancing the bean bag to the finishing line.
  • Give a punishment activity like singing a song, acting, or dancing to players who couldn’t balance the bean bag.
  • Place an egg on the bean bag. It will increase the challenge more and more with a load of happiness.

Play Bean Bag Balance In A Different Way

Do you like to play bean bag balance in a different way creative way, enhancing the balancing skill of your child while enjoying the time with them? Just think beyond the box. This is one, but there are many. Just try it.

To play this innovative bean bag balance, you need the following things.

  • Small bean bags
  • Vary size containers – here; you can collect ice cream pails, bowls, sand buckets, etc.

It is time to play bean bag balance. Here we go!

Step 1: Set the varied-size containers with bean bags next to them.

It means that keep the containers lined up in order of size. Because you can increase the challenge of the bean bag balance game using large containers.

Step 2: Then place a bean bag in front of each container.

Step 3: Start the game with the smallest container. The player must stand about a foot or half a foot away from the smallest container.

Step 4: After you can place the bean bag of the smallest container on the player’s foot.

Step 5: So, it is time to play the bean bag balance. At this time, the player must lift his foot with the bean bag on it and place the bean bag in the container.

If the player has able to put the first bean bag into the first container, he or she can level up to the next container. Here also, the player must follow the above steps.

However, if you cannot balance the bean bag, you have to lose the game and marks.

Special note: Here, you can enhance the game’s challenge by adding a time component. It will surely increase the joy of your leisure time and your kids’ happiness.

How To Play Bean Bag Balance Without Any Issue?

Sometimes starting the game with happiness, but it ends either in a fight or in a bad mood. So, why does it happen that way?

Do you like to end the bean bag balance with happy or sad? Of course, anyone needs to be happy. That’s why you should highly consider the below things.

  • Before starting the game, give the players a good understanding of the rules of the game.
  • Emphasize that all players must respect other players playing the game.
  • Remember to score fairly at all times. 
  • Give every player equal opportunity.

Final Thoughts

Bean bag balance is not only a fun game. It is more than that. as its name, if you want to win, you have to balance the bean bag. That’s how bean bag balancing helps to develop the balance skill of the children.

So, why are you still waiting? Now is the best time to enjoy playing bean bag balance with your loved ones, and don’t forget to share your happy experience with us.

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