Bean Bag Chairs Without Polystyrene

In this era, people always give first place to comfortability in whatever they do and buy. Here, it is clearly noticeable that all other factors are considered afterward. Simultaneously technology also plays a significant role in this.

But now, people gradually tend to think about other factors with comfortability, especially their health and environment.

So how does this apply to bean bags?

As you know, the root of the bean bag is comfortability. It is like a cloud not in the sky but on the earth. But the popular bean bag fillers are EPS beads and shredded memory foams.

Without a doubt, we have to admit that a bean bag filled with EPS beads or memory foam is very comfortable. But are they health and environment-friendly?

Mainly EPS and memory forms are made of polystyrene. You know this is not a natural thing. The further reading explains why you should know bean bag chairs without polystyrene.

Bean Bag Chairs Without Polystyrene

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Why You Should Go With The Bean Bag Without Polystyrene?

As I early mentioned, polystyrene is made artificially. All things that occurred on this planet have a reason behind them. So, there must be a reason for this, right?

Yes, of course, there is a reason for this, like everything else. But the only difference is that there is more than one reason for this, and you can find out all today.

  • Polystyrene takes second place in the toxic form of plastic, while PVC gets first place
  • It is made with several components like styrene and benzene, which is a suspected carcinogen
  • Also, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are included, and it is harder on the environment
  • It cannot biodegrade
  • Consequently, it will release toxic microplastic and harmful HCFs into the environment by breaking them down into smaller and smaller pieces. Especially this will badly affect birds and marine animals who swallow the bead.

If you go through these points, you can clearly identify that polystyrene is not better for your health and the environment.

Are There Bean Bags Without Polystyrene?

Now it is clear that if you can use bean bags without polystyrene, it is good. But when it comes to this point, the next question in your mind is, are there any bean bag chairs without polystyrene? Is it possible to find them out?

Fortunately, we are living in a modern era connected on all fronts. So, yes, there are bean bags without polystyrene.

Below I mention better alternative fillings for polystyrene. I hope it may be supportive when you buy bean bags without polystyrene in the market.

  • Biofoam organic bean bag fillings
  • Buckwheat hulls
  • Organic or natural latex
  • Cork
  • Popcorn kernels
  • Uncooked rice
  • Potpourri
  • Dried peas
  • Uncooked beans
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Cedar shavings, wood chips, or sawdust

However, I invite you to make your own bean bag to meet your customized preferences. If you like to accept this challenge, click here. It will show you the right path.

In addition to the filling mentioned above types, you can use the below ones.

  • CertiPUR and/or GREENGUARD synthetic foams
  • Recycled polystyrene

However, these are not 100% perfect, but I can prove they are better than virgin polystyrene.

What Are The Bean Bags Without Polystyrene In The Market?

Here I researched the best bean bag brands you can buy without polystyrene. I think it will help you select the best one according to your desires.

So, take advantage!


Simply product can be defined as eco-friendly bean bag fillers made with plants. From this, you can grab a better idea, no?

If you choose these beans for your bean bag, you are not making costs for the earth from your seating option.

However, this product is made in Auckland and Penrose. Keep 100% belief because this offers super support for your comfort with plant-based beans larger than standard polystyrene bean bag beads. So use and understand the difference yourself

Big Beanbag

This bean bag comes with BioFoam beads, a compostable biopolymer made from plants. Also, they assure that Big Beanbag is environmentally friendly and does not contain toxic components.

Further, they proudly introduce their company to the world as the first bean bag company using this vegetable-based alternative for bean bag fillers. I explain more about BioFoam beads that are non-hazards, CO2 neutral, lightweight, hygienic, and durable. So, enjoy your life with super comfortable bean bags without damaging the environment and your health.

Ultimate Green Store

This company comes up with upper, comfortable adult and kids bean bags, and it is handcrafted in the USA out of components such as organic cotton and hemp.

However, you can enjoy the bean bags with the below-mentioned fillers, not polystyrene.


This consists of recycled polystyrene beads as well as pre-consumer recycled shredded foam.


These foams are USA certified. Especially, these foams are low-VOC without PBDEs, TCEP, or TDCPP, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and flame retardants.

Eco Superfill

Eco Superfill consists of natural latex foam instead of standard urethane shredded foam.

However, as an independent researcher, I recommend choosing this filling type instead of super-fill.

White Lotus Home

If you are searching for a 100% safe, fun, and comfortable bean bag.

When it turns to bean bags, there are two major parts, fillers, and cover. White lotus bean bags come with a 100% cotton cover while filling their plant-based Evergreen Foam.

Do you like to know how this unique eco-friendly bean bag filler is made?

Evergreen foam is made from a blend of soy castor and other vegetable oils. Is it really amarzing! No?

Carolina Morning

Do not put effort into finding traditional bean bags in Carolina Mornings.

Generally, they sell a wide range of organic or environmentally friendly and non-toxic pillows, cushions, yoga bolsters, Eco Backrest™, organic platform couches, floor couches, eco cubes, and many other comfortable furniture.

These come with more different colors and sizes to meet different wants of each other. The special thing is this company also uses fillers that are not cousins of polystyrene. So you can use this filler when you refill your existing bean bags.

Cloud Makers

Do you want to have a more rustic feel? Then select cloud makers’ bean bags. These are made with eco-friendly linen and conventional cotton. It allowed users to fill good filler types that are free from polystyrene. It is such a good deal! Right?

There are different kinds of beautiful products available in their stores. You can choose one of the best designs from their collection.

Final Thoughts

Gradually people tend to think about many and many things, whether they are small or big. Because now consumers are knowledgeable and well aware of the products in the market. So, bean bag users are also the same.

That’s why now they are searching for bean bags without polystyrene. If you are not considering this, consider from today because it will save the future of next-generation while keeping you healthy!

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