Bean Bag vs Recliner

Over time there are many more options and alternatives for fulfilling our requirements than we expect. That’s why you need to have some understanding in choosing the right one for your needs unless you cannot select the best one for you.

When you buy furniture for your home or during furnishing the home, this applies the same. For instance, there are many more seating options in the market. But you should know which one has the ability to maximize your requirements.

So here, many people doubt what the best seating option for your home between bean bag or recliner is? Generally, our grandparents use chairs to just sit. They expect nothing more than it.

But today’s world is different from the past. Simply we do anything to live comfortably. That’s why people are searching for many more things when purchasing seating solutions.

Here there are many factors to consider. So, sometimes they confuse about what is best between a bean bag and a recliner. And they want to know how they are discriminated against each other.

So, read the full article!

Bean Bag vs. recliner

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What is a Bean Bag?

The Bean bag is a modern seating option with super comfortability. Actually, if I define a bean bag as a huge sack filled with beads that come in different shapes, you can get a close idea about it.

The most special thing is that the bean bag gets the shape of the person sitting in it. It gives a more comfortable feeling for the user. On the other hand, this luxury seating option provides pleasurable shifting and diversity instead of the sturdiness and stiffness of traditional chairs.

What is a Recliner?

Simply, the recliner is an armchair that comes with a back and front piece, and it is the oldest armchair type on the market.

Also, the recliner has been a popular member of living rooms in the past. Still, it will be because its variety of shapes and patterns come up to meet the shifting preference of people over time.

In general, recliners come with a headrest, footrest, and backrest, but you can purchase reclines with more features in the current market.

For instance, there are heated recliners, and their vibration has the ability to give more than relaxation and relief. Plus, there are manual and powered recliners on the market.

Types and Purpose

There are many bean bag types and designs that comfort your life. Among them, the below designs are the most popular.

Round bean bags

This bean bag is circular, and when you sit in, it spreads out in a bell shape. You can use this shape anywhere in your house.

Square shape bean bags

The Square bean bag comes with an armrest and backrest similar to the conventional armchair. Here also, you can keep it anywhere in your home but more suitable for corners.

Body chairs

This bean bag helps to lay down comfortably. Plus, if you use this for sitting, it may allow several people at once.

Novelty bean bags

Novelty bean bag is ideal for children because they come in different attractive shapes like sharks, footballs, turtles, and airplanes.

Recliners also have many more designs and patterns to varied with your changing preference. Below are some popular recline designs.

The two-position recliners

This one is the most popular, and it comes in two positions, namely upright and reclines.

Rocker recliner

 you can use this as a rocking chair.

Lift recliner

This recliner is ideal for elders because it can be set in upright positions and is good support for elders to get back quickly.

Swivel recliner

The swivel recliner seat allows to talk and contact with others because it rests on a round base.

Used materials

When we talk about bean bags, we have to pay attention to the outer cover fabrics and fillers. So, firstly let’s see what materials are used to make the outer cover of the bean bag.

Here there are many more materials used to make bean bags, and these materials vary with the purpose. For instance, there are bean bags made for indoor usage as well as outdoor usage. Plus, manufacturers use comfortable, soft, water-resistant, UV resistant, and durable materials. They are;

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Suede and faux fur
  • Artificial fur
  • Velvet
  •  Olefin
  • Vinyl

Basically, below filler types are used for bean bags. All fillers provide you with unparalleled comfort.

  • EPS beads
  • EPP beads
  • Compressed foam or memory foam
  • Natural stuff like the dried bean, grains, crops and etc.

Same as the bean bags, the recliners are also made of many materials to ensure their comfortability. Generally, leather is used to make reclines due to its appearance and feel.

In fact, in addition to natural leather, synthetic leather is also now entered the recline market. Here manufacturers go with polyurethane, malleable, and lightweight substances.

However, there are reclines that are made lighter and more breathable for the people who do not like leather due to its incredible heavy noise. Here the most popular fabric is cotton. On the other hand, wool recliners are ideal who live in colder areas.


Generally, the bean bag is made with lightweight materials to reduce its heavy. That’s why bean bags are easy to handle, even for your kids. But the weight of the bean bag bit differs from each other due to their size and the material used by manufacturers.

Recliners are also made to comfort their uses by reducing weight and adding other features. For instance, some recliners come with a round base. But relatively, recliners are heavy than bean bags.


Whether it is a bean bag or recliner, this depends on the furniture’s materials. Generally, the best recliners are expensive, but you can use them for about 10 years or more. That’s why people say it is like an investment.

If your recliner is branded or used rarely, it may stay with you for more than 10 years. Exceptionally, powered recliners are not durable as traditional recliners.

On the other hand, usually, you can use a bean bag for around 3 to 5 years. Over time its properties get lost. But here, you have another option to overcome it. You can get a new bean bag and refill it using fresh beans. So here, you can use your bean bag for many more years by changing the outer cover and filling the beads.


When you are going to purchase anything, the cost is a crucial factor for everyone. Generally, whatever your choice of recliner or bean bag, the material and features play the leading role when deciding their price.

There are plenty of bean bag types available in the market. Also, they have a diverse price range. Here, customers can select the best one according to their budget and buying power. Normally you can buy an average bean bag for around $100.

 If you want to go for a giant bean bag or super luxury one, you have to spend a lot of dollars for them. However, most of these bean bags give relatively the same experience.

When it turns to recliners, there are recliners for around $250 to $5000. However, you have to spend around $2000 to purchase a reasonably comfortable chair.

Final thoughts

When you make a choice, you must consider your requirement. However, recliners are the main furniture in living rooms worldwide. Over time it comes with different styles and designs to meet changing preferences of the people.

But bean bag provides a different experience with super comfortable features. Simply it comes full of joy or fun. Also, you can choose them among hundreds of designs and styles. Not only that, you can place it anywhere, even outdoor or indoors. Plus, it comes in many different age ranges while giving cozy and relaxing more than traditional armchairs.

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