Bean Bag vs. Footstool

Bean bags and footstools are the furniture that helps us enjoy relaxing time. On the other hand, the footstool looks like a mini version of the bean bag. Both are soft furniture that provides unique benefits to the user.

Also, whether both bean bags and footstool outer appearance are relatively the same, their usage, purpose, size, and other facts differ. Let me clarify the difference between a bean bag and a footstool.

Bean Bag vs. Footstool

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The Bean bag is a fantastic innovation of 18n century and is mainly used for sitting purposes. It gets folded according to the user’s body shape when people sit there. Due to this feature, it gives super relaxation to the whole body. It means the bean bag can simultaneously relax the lower back, upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, and head.

However, most bean bags facilitate the 90degree knee bend. But, when people sit there for an extended period, they may feel uncomfortable. Because hanging legs in the same position affect blood circulation, and as a result, you may feel leg pain.

The footstool is a great innovation that can relieve leg pains while comfortably positioning them. Here, people can strait their legs and put their feet on the footstool. This kind of posture facilitates proper blood circulation into the legs. No more blood blockings, and footstool users will feel super relaxed.

Therefore, combining both bean bags and footstool is a great way to relax the whole body.


As you already know, bean bags are used for sitting purposes. Hence it has sufficient space to sit. Therefore most bean bags are large than the footstool.

However, why do I mention it as “the most bean bags”?

It is because there are some kids bean bags, and they have relatively the same sizes as footstools. However, you can quickly identify bean bags by carefully observing their outlook.


When we talk about bean bags vs. footstools, the shape is important to distinguish them.

Most footstools have a cylindrical and square, and rectangular shape. But the bean bag comes in different shapes, including teardrop, cylindrical, chair shape, circular shape, etc.

Moreover, you can see the bean bags with fancy designs and cartoon characters like dinosaurs and bear bean bags.


In general, when you see the bean bag, you may notice it has a bit loose texture. But the footstool has a compact structure.


Bean bags are made for sitting purposes. Hence, it filled 2/3 of its total volume. This firmness is sufficient to sit the user comfortably without sinking too much. That’s why it looks loose.

However, the footstool is designed to put your feet. Mostly your legs are in a straight position on a footstool. However, when you put on your legs, if it sinks deep, it is not good. The footstool should have good firmness than the bean bag to keep correct leg postures.

Therefore, the manufacturer filled the almost footstool using the beans. They leave a minimal volume for free. When users put their legs on it, that free space of the seat is enough to position the legs comfortably.


Both bean bags and footstool has relatively low height than typical wooden chairs. Also, both bean bags and footstool height are around 1-1.5 feet.

Mostly footrests are designed to rest your legs. Because of that, they prepared with relatively low heights. Then people can easily put their feet on the low level and get relaxation.

Backrest and armrest

Sometimes, people use bean bags and footrests for sitting while watching TV or reading books. However, sitting on the footrest for a long period is not give a comfortable feel.

Why? Let’s check a bit deep.

There is a different kind of bean bags. Most of them adjust their shape according to the user’s body shape. Due to this feature, there is sufficient backrest automatically created there.

On the other hand, some bag chairs come with a proper backrest. Moreover, bean bags provide good support for the arms.

However, the footrest is absent these back rest and arm rest features. Because of this, they are not suited to sit for a long time.


Manufacturers use rich fabrics such as velvet, faux, leather, cotton, linen, and vinyl to make bean bags. Moreover, bean bags are mainly filled with Cotton, EPS beads, and Shredded memory form.

However, to prepare footstools, manufacturers mainly use leather and vinyl fabrics. Also, they are filled with high-density memory form, padding, and cloths. Sometimes manufacturers use wooden frames to create the structure of the footstool. Then they padded the surface.

Therefore, do not expect the same sitting feeling if you sit on a footstool.

Level of maintaining

Generally, a footstool uses to put your legs on. So, the legs are the key body part that gets dirty every time.

There is a high possibility of accumulating dust and other foreign matters on the footstool. So, you must clean them regularly to keep your surroundings clean.

On the other hand, your footstool can get dirty with some mud patches. Because of that, manufacturers made these footstools using fabrics that can be clean easily. Mainly vinyl, rattan, and leather. The user can wipe it with mild detergent and water every week.

However, there is some range of footstools that come with rich materials such as velvet and cotton. To clean them, you have to follow the proper guidelines.

However, bean bags do not get dirty like a footstool. So, here you do not wash them weekly. But you can remove the accumulated dust using a brush or damp cloth every week. You can clean the bean bag cover after 2,3 months or when it needs.


Footstools are lightweight and versatile. So, you can carry them to where you need them to be. It can be a living room, balcony, or outdoor area.

Bean bags are a bit heavy than footstools. But they also have lightweight when comparing other wooden chairs. Hence, you can carry both of these pieces of furniture to the place you wish to rest.

Decorate your home

Bean bags and footstools both come in different colors and shapes with rich materials. Also, both belong to modern and luxury furniture.

So, you can decorate your living room, office room, or balcony with this fantastic furniture.

For example, if you need a sophisticated style living room, use a leather footstool in your living room. Likewise, you can choose the footstool according to the color of your sofa.

Compartments or pockets

Most of the bean bags and footstools contain some pockets to keep magazines, books, or remote control.

Some footstool is like a box with a padded surface. Here, you can store many books and magazines in it. Just open the upper side of the footstool, then put your stuff and close the opening.

Extra seat

Both bean bags and footstool work great as extra seating for guests. Guest can enjoy a little chat while sitting on both pieces of furniture.

Final Thoughts

Bean bags and footstools are luxury furniture, and most modern homes and office rooms are equipped with them. Both of these pieces of furniture are very helpful when people need some super relaxation for both mind and body. However, bean bags and footstools are prepared for two different purposes. But they can use common purposes such as sitting and enjoying the day. 

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