Bean Bag Fillers That Won’t Go Flat

Even though this fluffy and comfortable chair helped you experience a luxurious life, are you shocked to discover that the bean bag has gone flat?

But do not misunderstand what I am trying to tell. The Bean bag does not flat as soon as you use it. It will happen over time when you use it regularly.

But the time period can be varied with the fillers that your bean bag is filled with. As you know, the common filler type of bean bag is EPS beads. It is comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting. That’s why EPS beads are that popular.

Actually, it is no doubt that you can use your bean bag with EPS beads long time without refilling it. Similarly, there are simple techniques to fluff your bean bag again as the original. For more details, click here.

However, you may think that it is a nuisance. So, how do you get fillers for your bean bag that won’t go flat? Is it impossible to have bean bag fillers that won’t go flat?

If you are already a fan of bean bags, it is not a secret that some bean bags come with natural fillers. Basically, these bean bags are trendy among people with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

So, here what I am going to tell you is apart from natural fillers being eco-friendly, they are the best bean bag fillers that won’t go flat.

So, let’s check what the best fillers that do not get flat are!

Bean Bag Fillers That Wont Go Flat

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Small Pebbles

Small pebbles are the best natural bean bag filler for your bean bag. The main factor is that this bean bag filler won’t go flat. Wherever you are a fat man or not, it will not get flat, when you are sitting there.

Here, the cost is also very low; you only have to spend dollars for the bean bag’s outer and inner cover. In addition to that, remind the place where you can collect small pebbles.

After collecting enough pebbles to fill your bean bag, clean and dry them well, then, you can fill them into the bean bag’s inner cover.

Remember that they are forever lasting and won’t go flat.


Did you know that besides eating rice, you can use it as filler for your bean bag?

Yes, you can. It is an excellent natural bean bag filler.

However, are you searching for a filler for your bean bag that won’t go flat?

Fill your bean bag with rice; it does not go flat. You do not need to spend more time searching for it because rice is the most available filler type in groceries.

Apart from won’t go flat, rice is a heavy-weight filler and would be better used for a toddler’s bean bag.

However, remember you have to go with a massive rice load to fill your bean bag because if you want to maintain the unique properties of the bean bag, you have to fill at least 2/3 of the volume with rice.

Dried Beans

In around 2000BC, Egyptians used dried beans in leather pouches to create bean bags. So, why can not you use this filler type for modern bean bags?

Yes, why not? You can still use it.

Dried beans are the best choice if you are looking for a filler that won’t be flat. On the other hand, you can follow many innovative tricks to double your comfortable in your life.

For instance, here you are, an opportunity to make your filler combined with the other comfy filler type with dried beans. It is just an idea. Whether to complete it or not is entirely based on your preference.

Buckwheat Hulls

Actually, buckwheat hulls are a creation of nature. It means that they are outer shells of buckwheat groats grain.

This natural filler is popular to fill bean bags because buckwheat hulls do not reflect heat and 5 times more breathable than most synthetic and natural fibers.

If you do not like to struggle with flattening bean bags, buckwheat hulls serve you better. Thus, it is the best bean bag filler that won’t go flat.


If I tell you that you can fill your bean bag with sands, it is an oddity, right?

But you can. Just collect clean sands for your bean bag. I promise it is a suitable filler for your bean bag if you are a person who is searching for bean bag fillers that won’t go flat.

Before you fill the bean bags with sand, get them clean. Then, let them fully dry. After that, you can fill them into the bean bags.

Sometimes you may feel a bit of compact texture while sitting on the sand for a long time. In this kind of situation, shake the bean bag. Then the compact particle will get loose.

Organic or Natural Latex

Natural latex is made from natural rubber tree sap. This natural filling gives a super comfortable feeling to your bean bag.

So, here the main doubt is, does natural latex go flat? Here the matching answer is if you fluff it well, it never goes flat.

Sea Shells

Do you love the ocean or do you live near to the sea? Definitely, you should have a collection of sea shells.

So, why can’t you fill your bean bag with these natural materials?

 Sea shells are a fantastic filler for your bean bag that won’t go flat. Actually, it is admirable; however, clean your sea shells properly before using them.

Old Clothes

We like to wear different clothes. Because anyone loves to be beautiful, on the other hand, kids grow very fast, and we are unable to donate their clothes quickly enough. It is no secret, do you now have a lot of old clothes?

So, you can fill your bean bag with old clothes. Do old clothes go flat over time? If you fluff it occasionally, it never goes flat.

These are the most suitable filler types for your bean bag if you do not like fillers that go flat. However, if you want more details about bean bag fillers, I invite you to click here.

Bean bag users have the most common question why my bean bag goes flat after using it for some time? Generally, bean bags are made with the purpose of comfy your life. However, using the bean bag regularly will ultimately go flat.

However, good quality bean bags last for around three years without going flat, and it will happen because the beans are used as bean bag fillers. Mainly EPS is used as bean bag fillers that contain air in 98% of its volume. Then your bean bag goes flat ultimately.

So, how would you feel that you can have bean bag fillers that won’t go flat? Try out dried beans, uncooked rice, sea shells, small pebbles, sands, buckwheat hulls, natural latex, and old cloths. It will surely be an exciting experience for you.

However, do not forget to share your experience with these bean bag fillers that won’t go flat with us. Comment your best option.

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