Can I Use Packing Peanuts For a Bean Bag?

Last year I received lots of gifts which are wrapped with packing peanuts. When refilling my bean bag, I thought to fill my bean bag using these packing peanuts. So I did research, and here is the result.

You can use packing peanuts for a bean bag. There are two types of packing peanuts available in the market, and you can use both types of packing peanuts to fill your bean bag. These two types are polystyrene and starch-based packing peanuts.

Packing peanuts got this name because of their shape, and it’s similar to natural unshelled peanuts. But it is not a natural peanut. The packing peanuts are the shock-absorbing filler that is industrially used for loose-fill packaging.

It prevents damages and protects fragile objects, including electric items, glassware, and anything that needs extra care during transportation. 

Hence if you receive that kind of product, you will definitely be an owner of a large amount of packing peanuts. Especially at the Christmas and other festival seasons, most people face the same experience. 

After that, you may wonder, what should I do with these annoying packing peanuts? Moreover, some people do not like to throw things away, and they are seeking a method to reuse these materials. 

So, do not be confused. I will guide you to use packing peanuts effectively to comfort your life. It will give you fun. Keep reading!

packing peanuts for bean bag

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What are Packing Peanuts?

As you already know, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is the most common bean bag filler type globally. The polystyrene packing peanuts also produce by using expanded polystyrene. Therefore, most of their properties are the same as expanded polystyrene beads. 

But, packing peanut size is more significant than EPS beads. Its size ranges from 2-3 inches wide. So, packing peanuts give a different feel to the beanbag. 

In addition to the above factors packing peanuts, consist of 99.6% air. Hence it has lightweight. Also, most of them come with “S” and “W” shape particles. It facilitates them to absorb pressure effectively. Hence these properties of packing peanuts make them ideal for bean bags. 

The weight tolerance level is the most important factor of each bean bag. Fortunately, packing peanuts have a good tolerate capacity. Also, it can reform to its original size and shape after it releases the weight. Therefore, you can use them for around 1-3 years with your bean bag

As I mentioned above, packing peanuts come in two different types. These types inherit some unique properties. So, let’s see what they are. Then you can select the best type for your bean bag.

Polystyrene Packing Peanuts

Polystyrene-based packing peanuts are made from 100% virgin polystyrene resin. These polystyrene resins are petroleum-based products. You can get an idea about the material that use to produce them by observing color. 

If you received packing peanuts with green color, it means those are produced using recycled polystyrene. Suppose it is white color; manufacturers use virgin resin to produce them. 

Also, if packing peanuts have a pink color, it means an antistatic agent is used while making it.

So, when we move to unique properties, polystyrene-based packing peanuts have lightweight. If we measure the weight of one-liter volume, it is around 3 grams. Therefore it is ideal for a bean bag. 

Further, you can reuse them many times with little or no loss. Hence, you can use them for an extended period as a bean bag filler. 

In addition, if these polystyrene-based packing peanuts get dirt with liquid or pee, you can wash them. Moreover, you can wash the whole bean bag when packing peanuts in it. But use mild detergent, low heat, and gentle rotation. 

Also, do not try to add compressed and add into the washing machine. If the volume of the bean bag does not match your washing machine, you can wash it manually. 

The polystyrene packing peanuts are not fire retardant. So, keep it in your mind. And do not use your bean bag near the fire equipment or barbeque machine. 

Also, these polystyrene packing peanuts may have an electrostatic charge. Thus, if your bean bag may tear up accidentally, it is risky. But that electric charge is not powerful as tiny expanded polystyrene beads static. 

But importantly, Polystyrene-based packing peanuts are not bio-degradable. So this filling is not environmentally friendly.
packing peanuts

Starch-Based Packing Peanuts

Starch-based packing peanuts are called bioplastic or thermoplastic. It is an eco-friendly peanut type. Generally, these peanuts produce using crop-based sources such as corn starch, potato starch, grain of sorghum. 

Therefore starch-based packing peanuts are bio-degradable. Also, they are easily dissolved in water. Further, due to natural inputs, these packing peanuts are not toxic. 

Thus, this type is safe for humans and pets if ingested accidentally. But do not try to eat them or let your kids eat them. It is not an edible thing.

When manufacturers are producing these packing peanuts, they remove edible components, such as sugars. Hence, it eliminates the attraction of rodents and bugs.  

In addition to that, it gives another advantage. Typically, these biodegradable packing peanuts have not electrostatic charge. Therefore, if they spill out accidentally, it may not create a huge mess. 

Therefore, it is recommended to use starch-based packing peanuts for a toddler’s bean bags. However, do not let them play with packing peanuts because they may block their respiratory tract if inhaled. 

As I mentioned above, starch-based packing peanuts have significant advantages. Therefore, you can use starch-based packing peanuts to refill your bean bag.

Due to its water-soluble property, it is better if you can find a waterproof bean bag cover. Then water or any liquid can not enter inside of the bean bag. 

Further, you do not need to worry about its cleaning procedures. If you need to clean starch-based packing peanuts, you can dry them under sunlight. It will refresh them. 

Additionally, packing peanuts are available in different sizes. The small sizes peanuts can give a more comfortable feel than other peanuts. Because they adjust to our body shape perfectly.

These packing peanuts are resistant to crumble. Therefore your bean bag is not getting flattered soon. If you use it properly, you can enjoy a starch-based packing peanuts bean bag for 1-3 years. 

On the other hand, these are ideal for filling indoor bean bags. Then it will stay a long time without any issue.

How to Use Packing Peanuts to Fill Bean Bags

How much packing peanut do you have? Is it enough to fill your bean bag? Generally, the bean bag should be filled with 2/3 of its volume with beans to give a comfortable feel. 

But sometimes, you may not receive that much of the amount at once. Do not worry. You can purchase the rest of the peanuts from the market. 

If you buy Expanded polystyrene (EPS) from the market, you will have to spend around $30-$50 for one bag. Comparatively, packing peanut price is cheap than other filler types. You can purchase the same amount of packing peanuts by spending less than 10 dollars. 

Or else you can create a small bean bag for toddlers by using existing packing peanuts. If two of the above methods do not suit you, you can collect them in a plastic bag and store them until you collect enough peanuts to pack your bean bag.

Packing peanuts is a good bean bag filling alternative you can select to fill your bean bag.

Final Words

As a human being, reusing is the best method to protect our environment. But not only that, it will help to fulfill your wants cost-effectively. Packing peanuts are an excellent alternative to fill your bean bag.

Furthermore, packing peanuts are designed to absorb pressure. Therefore, as a regular bean bag, packing peanuts can reduce the pressure spots of the body. It may give super relaxation and comfortable feel to you. So, “luxury” is just a word if you manage your resources correctly. 

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