Placing Bean Bags In The Living Room

Bean bag is a super versatile piece of furniture that use both indoors and outdoors. Its calm and pleasant appearance make them well suit with most places. Hence, people use bean bags in their living room, bedroom, home theater, or kid’s playroom.

You can keep bean bags at any place in your living room. But are all these spots suited to place bean bags? Is your bean bag match with interiors and landscape of the room?

Generally, people love watching movies and reading books and newspapers in the living room. Thus, they tend to place bean bags in the free space of the living room. But most people do not have proper knowledge regarding arranging the furniture in the living room.

However, the bean bags are a part of the interior that enhances your home’s beauty. Therefore, it is essential to know the best spot to place your bean bag. That’s why I share the most vital facts about incorporating bean bags with home interiors!

placing bean bag in the living room

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Check Below Facts Before Placing Bean Bag in the Living Room

When you incorporate any furniture, including bean bags, into your home, you should concern about the below factors.

  • Size of the living room
  • How many furniture setups are in the room
  • Color of wall and other furniture
  • Windows directions, amount, and shape
  • Free spaces
  • Wall arts

Shape and Type of the Bean Bag

What is the shape of your bean bag? Is it a round shape or a teardrop shape?

Now you may get confused why I am asking this type of question. Isn’t it? Let me explain!

The bean bag shape is one significant fact that needs to determine where to place it and how to place it. That’s why at the very beginning, I asked this question.

Bean bags have different shapes. But commonly use round, cylindrical, and teardrop shapes. Also, some bean bags have backrests too.

According to its shape, the space acquired from bean bags may differ. Relevant to that, the way of decorating your room will vary.

Hence, let’s check the best place to keep your bean bag.

Round Bean Bags

Due to the lack of corners, you can use round bean bags in most places of your living room. It looks perfect when set in the middle area of the living room. However, if your living room space is limited, you can keep it near the wall.

Bean bag Chairs, Bean Bag Sofas, and Giant Bean Bags

If you have a large living room, it is okay to place the giant bean bag in the middle of the room. But if the space is limited, do not place them in the middle.

Moreover, the backrest of the bean bag will divide your space. Thus, try to place them just near the wall. Also, it is best to watch the home theater by sitting in that place.

Further, do you love to experience the wind and nature? Then choose an excellent viewpoint to place your bean bag!

Teardrop Shape Bean Bag

These bean bags mostly take up the vertical space of your living room. Hence, it is better to keep them in the corner of your living room or just near the wall. Then it will not block the free spaces.

Size of the Living Room

If you have a large living room, it is easy to find the best spot to place the bean bag. However, if you live in an apartment or home with limited space, you select a place carefully.

For example, do not place a bean bag in the middle of the living room if you have limited space.

Place Bean Bags Away from Windows

We all love to sit near the windows to relax our mindset. Hence, we place our bean bags near the living room windows.

But sunlight enters the room directly from the windows. So, if your bean bag exposes to sunlight for the whole day, its color may get shaded. And, within a short time, it will lose its beautiful appearance.

Not only the sunlight, the rain, and the mist also cause damage to the bean bag. They can quickly enter the room via windows.

Did you experience the smell of a wet bean bag? Is it frustrating, no?

Yes, wet conditions tend to grow molds and fungus in the bean bag. Then they emit a terrible smell. Not only the smell but also fungus creates patches and reduces the overall appearance of the bean bag.  

Do you want to experience these types of incidents? Definitely No!

So, keep your bean bag away from the window.

Do you want to experience fresh air while sitting on a bean bag? Then place the bean bag on the spot near the window that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

bean bag in the living room

Best Place to Watch TV and Movies

The living room is the best space, where family and friends gather. Also, it is the place we spend our leisure time while watching TV and movie and or else playing games.

So, if you love to watch TV while sitting on the bean bag, place it 2-3 meters away from Television. The placing spot should be a good viewpoint.

Ensure there are no obstacles or furniture between the Television and the bean bag. Then you can watch TV without any disturbance.

Do Not Block Walking Paths

Living rooms are connected with other rooms and outdoor areas. So, when placing a bean bag, check whether it will block your walking paths or not.

Sometimes, you may add a fantastic overlook by placing your bean bag in the walking spaces. But over time, indeed, you will punch the bean bag. So, to do day-to-day activities smoothly, keep bean bags away from walking paths!

Balance the Interior

How many pieces of furniture do you have in your living room? I know you will make a list including tables, stools, chairs, TV stands and many more!

So, when you are placing a bean bag, you should consider the room’s balance.

Do not place every piece of furniture on one side of the room. Moreover, do not block the spaces. Arrange your room interiors, including bean bags, while balancing the area.

Here, I cannot say the exact way. Because the furniture arrangements should match your preferences and requirements, keep in mind to arrange them in a balanced manner!

Color of the Bean Bag and Other Interior

Color can directly influence our mental status. That’s’ why people use cool and calm colors for their interiors, especially their living and bedrooms.

Also, you may have different kinds of tools, furniture, and accessories in your living room. So, when you are placing your bean bag, check whether it blends with your surroundings.

Shall I say a life hack?

Do you have light color bean bag? And do you feel a spot that is darker than other places? Then place your bean bag there. The light appearance of the bean bag will brighten the dark space of your living room. Fantastic No?

However, blending the colors of the interiors is a highly subjective matter. So, feel free and do it with your creativity.  

Balance the Wall Arts

Wall arts add extra beauty to our rooms. But when you set up the wall art, you should balance other interiors with it.

You can place your bean bag just below the wall art. If not one side of the wall art. A giant bean bag or bean bag sofa is perfect to set below the wall art.

But you already have any other furniture there, do not worry. Check the most suitable place while balancing other interiors. Then place your bean bag on that spot.

Incorporate Bean Bag with Frameless Furniture

Are you looking for furniture for a newly built house? Or are you going to renovate your home and add new furniture? Then definitely you may look after comfortable and stylish things.

The frame-less accessories and furniture will give a seamless experience to you. These modern accessories are easy to arrange and blend. So, they will add a fabulous outlook to your living room.

Final Thoughts

Arranging interiors is a bit tricky task. Also, it will highly depend on personal preferences and requirements. However, to put your living room ideally, you should know some facts. I hope now you are on the right track!

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