Attractive Shaped Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bags are an awesome addition to your house. They are great as seats for your entertainment room so you can give the room a comfortable cinema vibe.

You can also add them to your bedroom so that your friends can hang around and relax in the room.

But you do not have to settle for plain bean bags, you can always have uniquely shaped ones that can fit the overall design of your house, or at least the room it will be put in.

For this reason, here is a rundown of some of the most attractive shaped bean bag chairs you can purchase to add comfort and a splash of quirkiness in your home.

MAXYOYO Plush Toy Bean Bag

The MAXYOYO Plush Toy Bean Bag features cute animals like a brown giraffe, monkeys, and dinosaurs. This is the perfect bean bag to get if you have kids in the house because they are not just cute, they are enormous and comfortable.

It is made of high-quality cotton plush fabric, and has used state-of-the-art embroidery technology to create the 3D animal pattern.

It is suitable for children 1-7 years old, but that does not mean the adults cannot enjoy its softness. You would not have to worry about your kids being swallowed by its soft seat because the MAXYOYO Plush Toy Bean Bag does not collapse after it has been sat on.

In fact, the bean bag chair is made with the baby’s safety in mind, they can sit completely unassisted with their feet still touching the ground.

Washing the MAXYOYO Plush Toy Bean Bag is really easy, too. You can just gently wipe the stain with a brush damp with water, and then it will be clean.

The coat of the plush toy cannot be removed, so you would really need to have at least a dedicated brush used exclusively for the plush toy.

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Stephan Baby Plush Horse Chair

If you are still looking for furniture or any fixing that would immediately catch people’s attention, an object that becomes the focal point of the baby’s room, the Stephan Baby Plush Horse Chair is the perfect choice.

When visitors come in, the first thing they will is a plush horse chair that is at least 22 inches in height. Not to mention, the design of the plush horse chair is inviting, with its bright eyes and attractive color.

It is made of 100% polyester, which means it is made of sturdy yet comfortable material. Then for an added texture, its feet and tummy are lined with cushy bumpy fleece.

The Stephan Baby Plush Horse Chair can be placed in the middle of the room or at the corner by the baby’s crib so that visitors can also benefit from it soft seating.

This plush horse chair is spot clean only, which means that if it has a stain, you only need to clean it by hand. There is no need to remove any coating for dry cleaning or hand washing.

So it is convenient to have if you or the baby spills something on it, like milk.

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Stephan Baby Plush Giraffe Chair

Another bean bag from the Stephan company is their Stephan Baby Plush Giraffe Chair. It also stands in at least 22 inches high, so you can definitely use the giraffe design as the focal point of the room.

The plush giraffe chair is made from 100% polyester, lined with cushy bumpy fleece for added texture and softness. And just like the Stephan Baby Horse Chair, the plush giraffe chair is spot clean only.

It seems the signature Stephan design for their bean bag chairs are the inviting expressions of their characters. Because the Stephan Baby Plush Giraffe shows plenty of personality with its attractive colour and smile.

Even the little tuft of hair on its head seems to give it a very cool vibe.

Because of its unique design, it does not have to be in the baby’s room, you can use the plush giraffe chair in almost any place in your house.

Maybe one of the older kids would like a comfortable computer chair instead of normal ones, or just a soft bean bag where their friends can sit on when they come over.

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Milton Greens Stars Hot Lips Bean Bag

Now this is a bean bag that the adults can definitely enjoy. The Milton Greens Stars Hot Lips Bean Bag sports a novelty red lips design. It is made with microfiber fabric, which means it is well-built, durable, and even light weight.

Microfiber is also a bit water repellent, which is why this material is used normally when making wallet or shoes.

The Miltons Greens Stars Hot Lips Bean Bag is big enough to sit two people. So you and your significant other can definitely cuddle on the lips bean bag without worrying about squishing each other for space.

It is stuffed with uniform polystyrene beads which gives the bean bag a consistent and comfortable feel regardless of your sitting position.

If you are worried about kids unzipping the bean bag and releasing all of its content, you can push that thought off your mind.

The Miltons Greens Stars Hot Lips Bean Bag has double safety zipper to prevent that from happening. You do not have to remove the beads to clean the bean bag, you only need ti wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap.

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Football Shaped Bean Bag Chair

If you have someone in your home who is obsessed with football and watching the Superbowl, this is definitely a good gift to give them. The Football Shaped Bean Bag Chair is will a football fan’s best friend during game season.

To fill it, you will need 2 bags of beans which will be sold separately from the bean bag. It is comfortable and will fit any room, whether it is a dorm or if they want it in their very own entertainment room.

So come game day, they can cheer for their team while they are snug on the Football Shaped Bean Bag Chair, with fistfuls of popcorn and chugging on soda.

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Elliott the Elephant Bean Bagimal Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag chair that offers ultimate comfort for toddlers in your home while looking like an inviting animal friend — that is what the Elliott the Elephant Bean Bagimal Bean Bag Chair is like. Its fun and friendly appearance makes it the perfect addition to your little kid’s room.

They can choose to play with it like any of their stuffed animals, or sit comfortable on it while enjoying your storytelling time. In fact, it can also be perfect for kindergarten schools so that kids can be cosy during break time.

It is made of UltimaX polystyrene beans which gives it ultimate comfort. And you do not have to worry about the beans spilling. Because it is equipped with double locking zippers so it is safe for children to use.

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Consider these uniquely shaped bean bags the next time you go shopping for something cool to add to your home.

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