Future of Bean Bag Chairs

We all remember flopping down into our favorite bean bag chair as a child. Feeling the sides conform to our bodies and it was like a big, comfortable hug. For a while, they sort of fell from fashion as designers tried to tell us what we should put in our homes. Now, the future of bean bag chairs looks bright as we are finally starting to take back our desire for comfort over what they tell us is trendy.

Sofa Sack-Bean Bags

Showing us What They are Made of

In the past, the choices for bean bag material was a bit limited; you could either get cotton or cloth or the vinyl. These days the sky is truly the limit for these amazing pieces of furniture. They come in all types of medium to heavy fabric in an array of colors.

-Comfort and Durability

For those looking for a more durable, child friendly option of outer material there are several choices. Denim is a great choice for the look, who doesn’t love jeans, and sturdiness. Corduroy and cotton are a great selection for the feel and they come in many more colors and designs than denim. You could also go with the classic vinyl which comes in many colors and is easier to wipe clean then the other fabrics.

-Fashion Forward

The fashionable styles bean bags now are offered in highlight the fact that they are no longer just for children. Though they still come in the traditional styles you remember, manufacturers have worked to make them more fashion friendly. Going as far as to offer such chairs as vinyl on the bottom and faux fur on the seat area for a stylish twist for the modern room.


What Matters is on The Inside

The “beans” on the inside of the bean bag chair is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity. They allow the chair to conform to your shape offering the optimum amount of comfort. However, the stuffing that’s inside can be as varied as the outer material.


Most bean bags today are filled with a material known as polystyrene. They are small, foam-like plastic pellets that have taken the place of beans. They are inexpensive to make so the ideal filling for modern day chairs however they do tend to become compressed which is what causes your chairs to become flattened.

-Foam Pieces

Some of the higher end bean bag chairs skip over the polystyrene in favor of actual foam pieces or shredded foam. These last much longer than its less expensive counterpart but are just as comfortable. The upside to these is that it doesn’t compact as easily, making re-fluffing your tired bean bags more cost effective and much less of a hassle.


New and Exciting Shapes and Sizes

Offering more shapes and sizes is one way they are adapting to society’s refined design tastes. The typical circle form is still an option but they have taken it to the next level of comfort. By experimenting with the different forms and dimensions, most people can find a choice that works for them.

-Form and Function

While the classic circle puff is still popular with many people, their discerning design pallet is always looking for something new and exciting. Manufacturers have answered this call by creating varied shapes that offer different styles and functions. You can now get your chairs as triangles, squares and even with a pre-formed back and arms for more of a traditional chair look.

-Size Does Matter

As more adults are enjoying the benefits of having a bean bag chair, the sizes have needed to adapt as well. The typical child, medium and large are still out there but now they’ve gone a step further and have made them larger then ever. They now come in an extra large size that allows you to run and jump into the chair, sinking down into it and giving you a sense of luxurious comfort.

Every Home Needs at Least One

With all the different options available in bean bag chairs nowadays there is no reason not to have one in your own home. Even with the leaps and bounds they’ve made in the production of these chairs there is no telling what the future of bean bag chairs will offer. No matter what your style or comfort requirement there is a perfect choice for you so keep it comfortable and fashionable with the not-so-retro bean bag chair.

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