Are Bean Bag Chairs Worth It? – 9 Facts to Prove

When I was buying my first bean bag, I worried whether I’m wasting money or are these bean bags worth the money I invest. Hence I did a significant research before purchasing my first bean bag. So I believe every person who is going to buy their first bean bag should have this concern in their mind.

Bean bag chairs are worth the investment. You will get an ample number of advantages from them. There are several different uses of bean bags you won’t get from other types of furniture. Different uses of bean bag chairs make them more worth than the money you spend.

This article aims to look into the many facts which make bean bags the greatest among their equals and why it’s worth our investments in them.

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Bean Bags are For Every One

bean bag chairs used by everyone

How much furniture is out there in the world which one can brand as furniture for all? Bean bags are for you no matter whether you are old or young. 

There’s no age restriction when it comes to bean bags. Anyone of any age can enjoy the comfort of a bean bag the same. 

Toddlers enjoy climbing on the bean bags in their playrooms as much as the young who enjoy relaxing on them while reading a book or adults who sit on them through their lengthy and tedious zoom meetings. 

Even the elderly find them comfortable as for their remarkable ability to support your body no matter in which position you sit on them.

Bean bags chairs are also for you whether you are rich or poor. Anyone can afford the comfort of a bean bag and the enjoyment it brings to life because of the cost-effectiveness of this beautiful creation. 

However, being cheap has not stopped them from climbing to the top hierarchy of human society. 

Bean bags are also for you whether you are healthy, sick, or even pregnant. Bean bags are also for you whether you are looking for a place to relax or get your work done. 

You can sit for long hours on a bean bag without getting any back pain, and that alone is enough reason to make it the best choice for seating when you are busy with your work on your laptop.

Bean Bags Support your Posture

posture support bean bags

Supporting your posture is among the most prominent facts about bean bags, making them one of the world’s most fabulous seating options. 

There is indeed much furniture in the world which promises you that they support your backbone or your entire body in a positive manner, but they also come with a set of instructions on how you should sit or lay on them to get those benefits. 

However, when you are seated on a bean bag, you do not have to maintain a specific posture named the correct one. Any posture you are in is the correct posture with a bean bag.

This support happens because of the soft filler materials used in the bean bag, which shapeshift according to your body’s shape and provide your spine the support it needs to be comfortable. 

But it is not just about giving support to your spine. A bean bag supports your whole body simultaneously in the same way it supports your spine and keeps your entire body in the best comfortable manner in a way only a bean bag could do so.

When your body is comfortable and supported, your body becomes more efficient in the things it is intended to do. So, while you are seated on a bean bag, you will be able to continue with your work for periods much longer than usual and still be fresh. 

It is also said that the correct posture increases the life expectancy of a person and reduces many risks of diseases and illnesses that could come within the body. So, in other words, you can increase your life expectancy and reduce risks of diseases just by sitting on a bean bag.

Bean Bag Chairs are Affordable

bean bags affordable

Bean bags are one of the most economically friendly furniture types or perhaps the most affordable furniture type you can buy in the market, which is also comfortable to sit on. 

There are some bean bags with higher price tags attached to them, but you can also get a cheaper version of the same bean bag, which will be as effective as the one with the higher price if you look hard enough. 

This cost-effectiveness is also among the main reasons it has become the most famous seating option in dorms and hostels of colleges and teenager bedrooms. However, they have moved way beyond college dorms in the modern world, and you can see them anywhere from playgrounds and classrooms of community schools to luxurious apartments and million-dollar office rooms concurrently. 

We always link the price of the merchandise with the quality it holds. It is common sense that something is way better if it is expensive and vice versa. However, bean bags are among the few goods out there that don’t follow that same rule. 

Being affordable doesn’t mean it is lesser than any of the other furniture out there. The reason for its affordability is the cost-effectiveness of the material used to create it. After all, a bean bag is just a simple shell with fillings. 

So, you can spend more and get an armchair or a couch to relax, or you can spend smart and buy a bean bag chair to get a much effective relaxation with added advantages. 

Bean Bags Makes you Comfortable

bean bags comfortable

Comfort is the utmost thing anyone looks for in any furniture when they are going to buy it. The vendors who manufacture these furniture use many tricks to make them as comfortable as possible. 

The most common mechanism used in any chair that is comfortable to sit on is a combination of spring and form used to support the body of the person who sits on it. They also manipulate the shape of the piece of furniture to provide the best support it can give.

Bean bags also use the same principles, but in the best possible manner. The most significant difference between a traditional chair and a bean bag is the freedom a bean bag has to mold its shape to suit its user’s body shape. 

This freedom is because the filling form in the bean bag or the beans inside the bean bag can move in any direction. The only limitation for their movement is the cover they are filled with. 

You no longer have to worry about the pressure points you had with the fixed-shaped furniture when you are with a bean bag as it can mold to support your body perfectly, as said before.

This ability of bean bags has, a blessing to individuals such as pregnant women and the elderly as this is the only option they can sit in any position they want and still get good back support. 

Use Bean Bag Chairs in Outdoor

outdoor use bean bags

The popularity of bean bags as outdoor furniture has outgrown the popularity of using them indoors in the past. Experts say that the market for bean bags as outdoor furniture grows almost 5.2% every year compared to its counterpart

Whether you are sitting under a tree, near the pool, or even on the pool, you can get the same comfort from various types of bean bags that have flooded the market. Those uncomfortable plastic sun loungers are becoming a thing of the past with these waterproof, heat-resistant bean bags with hardcovers. 

Bean bags also have the benefit of being light and movable when in comparison with other furniture, and that is a huge advantage when it comes to outdoor use. 

The popularity of bean bags outdoors has even opened new paths to a secondary market of products that goes along with bean bags, such as specific tables and specific laptop stands made for bean bags.

Bean Bag Chairs are Easy to Clean

bean bags easy to clean

Wood and plastic chairs in our household are difficult to clean without practice, and the ones with cushions are almost impossible to clean. It’s not like we can put them in the washing machine with the rest of our laundry whenever we want. 

They are required to be spot cleaned with specific tools or cleaning materials, and most of the time, we have to ask for a professional to do this for us. A professional cleaning will cost you some amount between $50 to $200 for a seat without any doubt. 

However, the process of cleaning a bean bag saves you much money and time in comparison with your regular furniture, and it is also such a simple process that even a child could do it successfully.

With most of the bean bags, you do not have to spend on anything other than the electricity and water you use for your washing machine. When cleaning a bean bag, you have to unzip the bag’s outer cover and follow the instructions given with it after putting it into your washing machine.  

Even some waterproof bean bags, especially the ones used outdoors, can easily be cleaned by just holding a water hose toward it. 

In this sense, bean bags are indeed an investment in the future. 

Bean Bags are Durable

Bean bags may seem like simple soft objects, but they have several qualities that make them more durable than many furniture in the market today. 

A bean bag chair can go through heavier stress than many plastic chairs, stools, or even wood or metal chairs. Because it can change its shape according to whatever is on it and spread the pressure of weight throughout the whole bag instead of taking it in one place. 

Whether it is made from vinyl or leather, the cover of a bean bag would also stand for a long time without being damaged as it also can move freely inward or outward when met with pressure or a pull. 

The memory foams or polystyrene beads that make the inner filling of a bean bag are almost impossible to get damaged by any pressure they feel.

Then, there is the ability to change or replace the outer layer or the inner bean bag filling whenever you want for an economical price, unlike most furniture, which cannot get repaired without a considerable sum if a part of it is broken.

In this sense, your one-time investment in a bean bag is an investment in a product that would last a lifetime. 

Bean Bags are Fun and Stylish

fun bean bags enjoy

Bean bags can change any dull atmosphere into a much more fun and exciting setting than before. It greatly has to do with the fact that we associate bean bags with the concept of fun and freedom because they have been a symbol of an era associated with the same qualities. 

But it is not just the symbolism of the bean bags but also the knowledge of their function which gives us the freedom to be creative in a comfortable position of our choice.

The stylishness of bean bags is also as limitless as the freedom it creates. The imagination of oneself only limits the variety of sizes, colors, and patterns of bean bags. 

You could always find a bean bag suit for any surrounding you hope to keep it in if you look for it hard enough. The uses of these bean bag chairs are also as varied as the sizes and patterns they are made. You can easily find a bean bag used as a bed for two or more or a small bean bag you can use to keep your laptop for work. 

The stylishness of bean bags isn’t simply limited to households or office rooms. They are an excellent addition to your outdoor pool or the garden too. Another remarkable fact about bean bags is you can change the outer cover to suit the background.  

In this way, you will never have to replace your bean bag when you are remodeling your house but change its cover. 

Use Bean Bags in Office

bean bags for work

Bean bags have been a part of our society since the mid of ’90s and have proven themselves an excellent place to get once work done without the usual back pain given by regular chairs. But it was around 2012 when bean bags came into the eyes of society in a manner it has never seen before, thanks to the workplace changes done in the office of Google. 

They introduce bean bags to their head office. This decision was one of the first successful attempts that shows bean bags’ actual effectiveness in creating a worker-friendly environment where the work seems more like play than a burden they have to complete within a targeted time. 

Google put the first famous step, and many followed after seeing its effectiveness, and it’s them who you should thank if you are one of the lucky ones who have the luxury to feel the comfort of a bean bag chair while working in your office.

Both employees and employers agree that bean bags are a better addition to the office or the home office alike as it helps the employees get their work done without being exhausted in the process.

Bean bags are indeed the best and unparalleled seating option in the market, whether you are trying to be relaxed in your living room, by the pool, or getting your work done in your office or the workroom your house. So, don’t hesitate to invest in a fun and healthy future through a bean bag.

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