How to Use a Bean Bag for Newborn Photography?

Newborn photography is one of the most sensitive art. To do it successfully, you have to know many factors, including lighting techniques, working with different kinds of cameras, and relevant tools. 

Moreover, newborns’ bones and structures are not fully stabilized. So, it is essential to lay them without putting pressure on their neck or back. Also, be careful not to wake them up. That’s why photographers need a soft, cozy chair that adjusts to babies’ body shapes.

Photographers use different types of bed baskets to lay them. However, with technological developments, innovative cozy chairs are getting famous. 

Bean bag is one of the vital equipment well worth newborn photography. Why do I say so?

Newborn babies have super soft skins and are very sensitive to the external environment. So, if photographer disturbs their inner peace, they cannot take perfect shots. 

On the other hand, you cannot take hundreds of shots with them as adults. Therefore, taking newborn photographs is a bit tricky task. However, you can achieve this successfully with several tips. 

Newborns always search for warm and comfortable surfaces that replicate their mom’s womb. Also, the external environment should be calm and peaceful. 

Whatever you are going to shoot studio or home, you can succeed with special techniques. I thought it would be great to explain how to use bean bags for newborn photography. Indeed, these fresh concepts help to boost your mind!

bean bags for newborn photography

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Newborn Bean Bag Photography Setup

Step 1: Firstly, Select the appropriate bean Bag.

Your bean bag should not be too soft because it allows the baby to sink too deep in it. It is not suitable for both child and adult photography. So, select a bean bag that has a soft and firm surface. 

Also, you should consider the size and space of your studio or room. Generally, most photographers use cylindrical shape bean bags. 

However, you can choose the best shape according to the photography type. If I consider the size of the bean bag for newborn photography, it should have at least 40-45 inches in diameter. The 13-15 inches height is ideal. 

However, if you are going to take photographs of newborn twins, you should go for a relatively higher size than I mentioned above.

If you are going to a client’s house for newborn photography;

Then, you can not carry large bean bags. You can use a bean bag with 25-30 inches diameter and 12-14 height in that type of situation. 

Step 2: Select a room that has enough lighting.

If your room has windows, you can use direct sunlight to take photographs.

Do not worry if you can not take enough natural light. There are many alternatives. 

You can use Continuous LED light or strobe with a large softbox to diffuse the light source.

Step 3: Keep your bean bag 2 meters away from the light source with a 45-degree angle to the light source.

You can change the distance from the window according to your light source. If you received relatively low natural light, keep your bean bag a bit closer to the window. 

You have to be careful about flattering, daylight controlling, and artificial light usage here. 

Step 4: Prepare a floor surface.

If a slippery surface is finished with tile-like material, add a rubber sheet to the bottom. Then you can place your bean bag on it. Because safety is a primary factor, especially when working with newborn babies. 

Step 5: Lay the blanket on the bean bag.

Most photographers lay different kinds of blankets on bean bags. But these can slide from the top. 

To avoid that, lay a thin rubber layer between the blanket and the top of the bean bag. It will improve the safety of the setting. 

Step 6: Placed heating pad on the blanket.

Newborn babies are susceptible to heat. They constantly search for warm surfaces to sleep comfortably. 

So, to keep them calm, many photographers use a heating pad. Here you can keep it on the blanket placed on top of the bean bag. 

If you do not like to use a heating pad, keep your air conditioner at 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you can use portable heaters to keep your room warm. 

Step 7: After that, place another blanket on it.

Step 8: Use a backdrop stand.

Are your blankets have any wrinkles? Or else do you need to smooth the bean bag surface without going advanced editings?

So, you can use a backdrop stand to get rid of wrinkles. It is the most accessible gear in newborn photography. The backdrop stand straightens the blankets after you fix them all around whit clamps.

Step 9: Use posing beans to get support.

Usually, posing bean bags or posing pillow is an essential part of newborn photography. It can use to support the baby’s body during the photoshoot.

Here, you can use different sizes of curved pillows. Generally, photographers place them underneath the layers of the backdrop.

According to the baby’s pose, you can use specific pillows to support their head, neck, and back in the safest way. 

Step 10: Your bean bag setting is ready for the newborn shoot!

Now, capture your perfect shoots with ideal exposure, aperture, and shutter speed. 

Ideal Time for Newborn Photography

What are the best days for taking newborn photographs?

Many parents do not know the perfect time for newborn photography. If you want to get new and fresh photos, go within 5-8 days after the baby is born. 

But if you feel it is too early, go at the first 14 days of their life. Because, after ten days, they do not sleep well and do not show original poses. Therefore to take adorable wrapped shots, capture the baby as new as possible. 

Are the Typical Bean Bags Suit for Newborn Photography?

Generally, these are made with fine beans. So, when we sit there, these beans are dispersed and allow us to sink our bodies in the bean bag. This is how it gives a comfortable seating experience to us.

But newborn photography is a bit different than it. Because if babies sink on a bean bag, it is a bit harder to take photos of them. It would be best to go for the bean bag specially designed for newborn photography. 

The bean bags used for toddlers and newborn photography also use the same theory. But the level of the sinking and comfy is specially designed for newborns. So, they are a perfect match for your requirement. 

Final Thoughts

Newborn photography is a kind of art that needs special skills. Rather than skills, you must know some tips and tricks to do your task successfully.

The bean bag is a piece of magical equipment that can closely replicate mothers’ softness. Therefore, most photographers use it to capture newborns’ photographs. 

I hope my experience gives you a good understanding of it. If you are a beginner, you can follow the above steps. 

Doing anything is worth it than doing nothing! So, keep it in your mind and begin your newborn photography life here. Don’t forget to share your beautiful photographs and experience with us!

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