Bean Bag Tapping – Everything You Need To Know

Bean bag tapping is a strategy that uses to stimulate our sensory system. Here, it helps to add deep pressure input to our whole body. This technique can use to tap along legs, arms, lower back, and upper back. The bean bag is a significant component that can do this enormous task.

This is a rough answer that describes what bean bag tapping is. However, there is some scientific clarification for this. I know now you may wonder, can this small sac give great relief to my body? Or else, how do bean bags stimulate the sensory system? 

Here I share the essential facts about bean bag tapping. Please read it and add value to your life!

bean bag tapping

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Brain Functions And Bean Bag Tapping

Our brain always catches up with the sensory information from the environment. They are called environmental inputs. What are those environmental inputs? These are also referred to as sensory modulation. Sound, touch, smell, and taste belong to it.  

When our brain catches up with these environmental inputs or sensory information, it organizes them. Here, the brain helps us to identify and be aware of the physical world and our presence in the physical world.

On the other hand, it is an awareness that a person has about his physique. However, the capacity of this process will vary from person to person. Sometimes, now you may be a bit confused. So, let me describe this further!

Suppose when a person gets stimulated. Then his brain helps him concentrate on a particular stimulus while filtering out the rest. However, some people lack this ability. Or else, this ability is not well developed. 

So, is it normal? 

No! These types of conditions are not standard. The ordinary person should filter the other stimulus while concentrating particular stimulus. However, what should you do if you or your kid lack this ability? Is there any way to enhance this?

Some people have behavioral and development challenges. So, it is pretty tough to process sensory input. As a solution for this, experts have introduced bean bag therapy for these persons.

It is scientifically proved that bean bag therapies are the best method to improve the sensory system and environmental awareness. 

Who Needs Bean Bag Tapping Therapy?

  • Kids with autism
  • Adults with borderline personality disorders
  • Victims of trauma and abuse 

Why Do These People Need Bean Bag Tapping Therapy?

Generally, these people could be under-responsive or over-responsive to stimuli. As mentioned above, stimuli can be an odor, motion, sound, pain, sight, or taste.

However, when an ordinary person receives these stimuli, they respond accordingly. But that situation is slightly different if your kid suffers from the above disorders.

Their nerve system faces difficulties when judging the stimulus’s amount, intensity, and nature of the stimulus. Because of this cause, these people cannot show optimal performance and adaptations to these stimuli. 

So, it is challenging to deal with the ordinary world with these types of disorders. It affected their interpersonal skills, learning, and self-worth. 

That’s why bean bag treatment is worth this much to them! If you already have a kid with the above conditions, you may know the value. 

How Does Bean Bag Tapping Help Us?

Now you know what type of people require this bean bag tapping treatment. In this section, we will discuss how bean bag tapping works?

As you already know, bean bag tapping is a method that helps people to organize their senses and obtain awareness of their bodies. It ensures their versatility and safety. 

Generally, bean bags are filled with tiny beads. The beans and shredded memory foams are the widely used filler types to fill this small sac. 

Moreover, these tapping bean bags are available in various sizes and shapes. You can easily buy them from the market or online stone. So, if you want the new one, click here

How Do Bean Bags Work?

You can use this small sac to massage the body, including legs, feet, arms, hands, lower back, and upper back. The uniform pressure and hugging effect will give great relaxation and therapy. It causes them to realize that touch is good. Also, deep pressure therapy can apply to the kids that are suffering from autistic.

The bean bag fillers have a unique ability to adjust to the child’s physique. It makes them conscious of every move.

You can carry out the bean bag tapping process as a routine at certain times throughout the day. Here, you should keep in mind one important point. When you apply pressure to some area, it is tapped there for one minute. Then shift the bean bag to the next region.

These tapping motions help people to concentrate on different areas of their bodies. And also, it is a method to enhance body awareness. So, this process is ideal for trauma and abuse victims who may have grown fearful of touch.

This therapy is not only for people who have special needs. This therapy is suitable for everyone. The tapping input is exceptionally restful and grounding to the sensory system. That’s why bean bag topping has become a favorite hobby of most kids. 

I hope now you have a good idea about bean bag tapping and its health benefits. So, if you don’t have a bean bag already, definitely now you want to buy one. So, here I include a review of the best product that can be used to bean bag tapping. If it matches your requirements, buy them and enjoy the day!

Bean Bag Tapping Product: TalkTools Sensory Bean Bag

This tactile bean bag is designed to provide massage and expose clients to various playful and non-threatening experiences. You can buy them in various silky, bumpy, furry, and scratchy textures. So, you can feel a different touch when tapping a bean bag on your body.  

Moreover, these bean bags can stimulate hyposensitivity and hypersensitivity in persons. So, it is suitable for the people who have under-response and overresponse.

Not only the body, but you can also use this bean bag on your face. It is suitable for those who do not have adequate facial symmetry or midline orientation.

The TalkTool sensory bean bag comes with a small guidebook. So, you can use it very easily with these guidelines. On the other hand, this small bean bag has 11.5 x 5.1 x 1.3 inches in dimension and has a 3-ounce weight. So, it is easy to use.

To buy this, click here!

However, you can create this small bean bag at home. This is a normal bean bag, and only the purpose will change. So, click here to learn how to create a bean bag at home.

Final Thoughts

Bean bag tapping is a simple technique that uses to stimulate our sensory system. This technique is used for adults with borderline personality disorders, kids with autism, and victims of trauma and abuse. 

This process helps them to filter out these sensations through other environmental inputs. So, it will enhance body awareness. Moreover, bean bag tapping will give great relief to your body muscles of the face, legs, arms, and feet. 

I hope now you are well educated on this topic. Until we meet with another informative article, let’s take a small break!

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