Best Newborn Posing Bean Bags + Buying Guide

Babies are the most precious gift on earth. So, parents want to collect their baby’s first moments with beautiful captures. That’s how newborn photography becomes a trending topic. Newborn photography is a sort of art that captures the most natural poses of babies. 

We all know that babies can change their mood within a second. Hence, you have to do newborn photography without disturbing their internal peace. That’s why you need a newborn posing bean bag as a supporting tool. 

Best Newborn Posing Bean Bags

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Buying Guide for Newborn Photography Bean Bags

To purchase a newborn posing bean bag, you should have a good idea about its selecting criteria. Whether a beginner or a professional photographer, this article will help shine your knowledge!

Newborn Bean Bag Size and Seat Diameter

Newborn bean bags come in different sizes. So, here you have good knowledge about the ideal size that suits your studio or room. 

On the other hand, the bean bag size should match a newborn baby’s body size. Also, It should have enough space to occupy the baby’s whole body. 

Thus, when selecting a bean bag for newborn photography, they should have at least 40-45 inches diameter. 

As an example, if you visit a client’s place to take photographs, you need to carry your tools and equipment in your vehicle. So, your bean bag size must match with space of the vehicle too.  

If you want a portable newborn bean bag, select a bean bag with 25-30 inches diameter and 12-14 inches height. 

Height of the Newborn Bean Bag

To take beautiful shots, photographers use different angles. Among these angles, a bird view is the most common type.

If you are a photographer, you may know how vital bean bag height is for photography. However, do not worry if you are a beginner at newborn photography. I will explain this.

Suppose your camera and lens height is around 10 inches. How do you position your camera?

If you want to take the baby’s bird’s eye view photo, you should place your camera vertically. So there should be enough space between the camera and the bean bag. That space helps to focus and take nice shots. 

Think, if your bean bag has a relatively higher height, then you have to stand on a stool or chair to position your camera. Or else you have to use a camera stick. 

Therefore you should think about the camera height first. Then decide what the best bean bag heights to take newborn photographs are. 

The ideal height for newborn photography is 13-15 inches. Therefore, purchase a bean bag that is close to this height.  

Newborn Posing Bean Bag Shape

There are different shapes of bean bags available in the market. Teardrop shape, cylindrical, ball or chair shaped bean bags are most famous. However, you cannot use all of these shapes when selecting bean bags for newborn photography. Why? 

  • Some bean bag shapes do not match to lay down a newborn baby, and they may slip from the bag.
  • Several bean bags create shadows, so these are not suited as a photography tool.
  • Some bean bags can destroy the beauty or calmness of the captures.

You may have a better idea about how vital bean bag shape is for newborn photography. Besides the above factors, bean bag shape is also essential for other factors.

Here, you deal with a baby. They have very soft body structures and postures. In addition to that, keeping a baby most safely is essential. So, bean bag shape is a critical factor directly influencing bean bags’ safety.

Therefore, it is better to purchase a cylindrical-shaped bean bag to keep your baby girl or boy in the safest postures.

The Firmness of Newborn Posing Bean Bag

Why is the firmness of the bean bag essential to take newborn photographs? 

The typical bean bags are made to sink our bodies when we sit there. Its beans can disperse into the free spaces and confirm users’ body shape. 

But this theory does not match newborn bean bags. It should have a firm surface to lay down the babies. Now you may have a bit confused about this. Keep reading! 

Newborn babies have very soft bones and structures. Especially their backbone and spines are very sensitive to pressure. 

Suppose you lay baby on sinking sac, what happens? Can you imagine?

A large portion of the tiny baby’s body will sink in the bean bag. So, it may directly influence their natural postures. Not only that, there is a risk of destructs their soft structures. 

Rather than it, if a portion of the baby’s body will sink in the bean bag, you cannot capture their natural postures. Thus, the whole photography session will be unsuccessful because of this. 

Therefore, check whether the newborn posing bean bag has enough firmness and is filled with a sufficient amount of filler before purchasing them.

How to Check Firmness of the Bean Bag?

Here, there is no indicator to express the required firmness of newborn bean bags. However, you can check it physically using your hand.

Let’s check how.

Use your palm area and press the bean bag seat. This pressure should be relatively the same as the baby’s pressure to the bean bag. 

If your hand easily sinks on it or your bean bag conforms to your palm shape, these bean bags are unsuitable for newborn photography. 

Bean Bag Fabric Type

We all love to sit comfortably. So, what do you think about babies? Did you see the clothes and wraps that parents use to wrap their newborns?

Usually, parents use soft clothes to keep them warm and comfortable. Also, this fabric should not have any toxic or harmful effects on the newborn. 

So, the bean bag fabric should fulfill these requirements. Therefore, bean bags made with linen, cotton, velvet, or faux fur fabrics are suitable for newborn photography. 

Newborn Posing Bean Bags

Easiness to Clean

However, there is one other important factor that comes with fabric type. It’s easy to clean. When working with these beautiful creatures, many unexpected things can happen. You cannot predict their behaviors. Thus, if they pee or poop while you shoot, it can dirt your bean bag. 

In this kind of situation, you should remove them. So, easiness of cleaning is a crucial factor that you should consider when purchasing bean bags for newborn photography.

Newborn Bean Bag Filler Type

Bean bag filler plays a significant role in its level of firmness. Therefore, when purchasing a bean bag, you should check the main three factors. 

These are;

  • Comfort level
  • Level of firmness
  • Does the manufacturer use any health hazard material or toxic compound to make it?

Rather than these factors, keep checking the below aspects when selecting a newborn posing bean bag.

  • Weight of beanballs
  • Easiness of clean
  • Flattering level 
  • Availability of refilling beads
  • Cost of bean bag fillers

Why should you be concerned about the above factors? 

Generally, bean bag filler replacement is a bit expensive work. But when it dirt, what should you do? 

Rather than throw away your bean bag fillings, you can wash them or clean them using the appropriate method. That’s why you should select the filler that facilitates these benefits. 

However, you have to replace your newborn bean bag fillings after a particular time. Therefore, it is essential to select readily available materials in the market. 

The polystyrene beads can fulfill almost all the parameters and benefits mentioned above. Thus, a bean bag filled with polystyrene balls is good for new bone photography. 

Weight of Newborn Bean Bag

You may know how bean bag weight is vital for photography if you are a photographer. Here, the newborn bean bag is not only a seating chair. It is a part of a photography tool. Thus, it is vital to buy lightweight bean bags. 

Because newborn photography is not only done in the indoor studios. The outside areas like gardens, parks, or beaches are also used as a shooting location.

So, in that type of situation, you should carry all your photography equipment and tools with you, including bean bags. But if your bean bag has a heavy weight, you have to put massive effort into carrying them.

 There are two options to prepare your bean bag. 

  • Buy a newborn posing bean bag cover and fill it with beanballs.

You could purchase only a bean bag cover if you choose this option. Generally, bean bag covers’ weights range from 2-4 pounds. Then you can fill them with preferred material. 

  • Buy a newborn posing bean bag with fillers.

The filler type can significantly influence bean bag weight. However, if you buy expanded polystyrene balls, this weight will range from around 12-14 pounds. 

Noise Level of the Bean Bag

Do you like any seat-producing noise while sitting on it? 

We all love to sit comfortably in smoothly adjustable seats. Babies also have very profound sense systems. Therefore, if your newborn posing bean bag produces noise, it can disturb the inner peace of your baby. 

As a response to this noise, they can cry. Could you capture delightful shots while babies crying? That’s why you need a very calm seat to lay the newborn babies. 

Hence, before purchasing a bean bag, shake it and listen to its noise. It will give a good idea. But, if you buy a newborn posing bean bag online, how could you check this?

Simply check the bean bag filler type. Generally, cotton shredded memory form does not produce considerable noise. Also, the noise made by the expanded polystyrene balls (EPS) is not at a significant level. Thus, all these filler types are ideal for filling your newborn posing bean bags. 

The Safety Level of Bean Bag

Safety should be a primary consideration, especially when buying a newborn posing bean bag. Your client is an immature baby, and you have to deal with them very carefully. So, when purchasing an infant posing bean bag, keep in mind to check the below factors.

  • Fire retardant properties of bean bag fabric 
  • Fire retardant properties of bean bag filler
  • Bean bag height
  • Slippery level 

Some bean bags have safety belts for kids. So, if you buy them, you can keep babies stably on the bean bag. 

Package Details

Some sellers offer blankets and pillows with newborn posing bean bags. These come in matching colors. 

These supporting accessories help to keep the baby more comfortable. Also, it helps to maintain the baby’s body postures.

Thus, if any product is available with these supporting gears at an affordable price, it is better to go for them. 

Price of the Newborn Posing Bean Bag

Price is a primary factor that limits our buying ability. So, check that bean bag’s price for its quality and features.  

Best Newborn Posing Bean Bags

As an independent reviewer, I compared the best newborn posing bean bags? So, with my years of experience, I can recommend the following bean bags are great as a newborn posing bean bags.    

Pose Baby Pro Newborn Photography Bean Bag

What we like

Ideal Size

Pose baby pro newborn bean bag has professional studio size. It has 40 inches in diameter and 12 in height. Also, consist of a large & flat surface area for classic newborn poses. Thus, perfect to grip and keep blankets & fabrics in place. 

Premium Quality Materials

This bean bag is made with premium quality durable vegan faux leather. 

Large Impressionable Surface

This bean bag provides a moldable and comfortable seat area to work with newborns with different poses. Also, it gives plenty of space to shoot wonderful captures of twins or triplets. 

Easily Wipe Clean 

Photographers can clean them easily with a damp cloth. Also, the 100% spill-proof material is okay with sanitizers. 

Great for On Location and Home Studio Set-ups

The Pose baby pro bean bag remarkably matches indoor or outdoor photo sessions—the “Easy Carry Handle” helps move and transport the bean bag between photo sessions effortlessly. 

Bonus Offers

Didn’t you love a bonus offer?

Here, if you buy this bean bag, you will receive an “Essential Guide To Newborn Photography” e-book, absolutely FREE! 

It includes a 30-page pdf guide to help you learn the basics of Newborn Photography. Mainly it contains the different types of classic poses and the right equipment! Knowing this information is essential to take beautiful captures! 

Send It Back Facility

The Pose baby pro newborn bean bag is offered to send it back to their users. Hence, if customers are not satisfied with their bean bags, they can simply return them. They guarantee the replacement or refund!

Safety Precautions

The pose Baby Pro brand makes its bean bag under strict Newborn Photography Safety Guidelines. So, they use a unique safety zipper on the outer beanbag cover. 

You can pull the zipper away after closing. Hence, the infants can NOT access the inside. 


The bean bag cover weight is 3.14 pounds. Thus, it is easy to use.

What We Don’t Like

The pose by pro brand offers only the bean bag cover. Thus, customers should purchase 3 to 4 bags of 3.5 Cubic Feet Polystyrene Bean Filling separately. 

So, I recommend a pose by pro bean bag for photographers to capture lovely photos with newborns. Click here to buy this fantastic product. 

First Landings Newborn Photography Props

What We Like

Handmade Crafts 

These premium newborn photography prop pillows are designed to properly support your newborn’s postures. It can give proper support for their head, neck, back, and body during every type of photoshoot, including indoor and outdoor. 

Quality Materials

These handcrafted and carefully woven bean bags are used high-quality cotton. Thus, they’re gentle on sensitive skin and help highlight the beauty of your baby.

Unique and Fun Bean Bag

This bean bag comes with a props pillow set. It helps to take unique and beautiful photos of newborns.

Complete Set 

This product includes Photo Donut Prop and 3 Posing Pillows. So, photographers do not search for other supporting tools for their newborn posing bean bag. All instruments come within the same product. Also, the donut shape helps to keep the baby in the safest postures.

Hence, the First Landings Newborn Photography Pillow Set is ideal for newborn photography.  

4PC Newborn Photo Props Baby Photography Basket

If you want to buy a newborn posing bean from a well-experienced manufacturer, 4PC Newborn Photo Props Baby Photography Basket is available. 

Premium Quality Fabric

The manufacturers did 50 skin tests to choose the best quality fabric for their newborn posing bean bags. So, they realized cotton is the safest fabric for preparing these bean bags. Not only safety, but cotton can also ensure the stability and comfort of babies when shooting.

In addition to that, these bean bags and pillows are filled with ultra-soft cotton. 

Offer a Complete Pack 

The product includes Donut shape bean bag and three posing pillows. These pillows come in 3 different sizes and shapes. 

So, photographers do not search for another supporting tool for their newborn posing bean bag. All instruments come within the same product. Also, the donut shape helps to keep the baby in the safest postures.

Perfect Size

The donut shape central unit has 15 inches in diameter. It provides 9.5 inches of seating space for babies. The height of this newborn bean bag is 11.8 inches.


This product has a 14.4 ounces weight. Thus, the weight is suitable for newborn photography.  

Hidden Zipper

To enhance safety, the manufacturer used a small zipper that can hide. That does not cause to scratch the baby when shooting. 

Unisex Design

Therefore, you can use this bean bag to capture unique shots of both baby girls and boys. 

If you want to capture natural postures of a newborn’s tiny little hands, feet, and movements, click here to buy 4PC Newborn Photo Props Baby Photography Basket.

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