Baby Bean Bag Buying Guide – 30 Factors to Consider

The baby or an infant is a most precious gift. Therefore as a parent, you may try to give perfect things to your toddlers. The bean bag is a seat that provides a comfortable and soft environment for your babies. 

However, to select an ideal bean bag for toddlers, you should be aware of some essential factors. This article will give a complete guide about how to purchase a bean bag for your baby or infant.

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Reasons to Buy the Best Bean Bag for Toddlers

We name an infant who is less than one year old. Also, we consider babies who are between 1 to 4 years old. 

The infant or babies sleep a long time per day, around 10 to 16 hours. Usually, toddlers take this long period of sleep to develop their brains and body parts. Moreover, your baby loves to lay down or sleep on a soft and comfortable seat.

Hence, as a parent, you should provide a suitable environment for your baby at an early stage of their lives. So, the best choice is a bean bag. However, when purchasing a bean bag for your toddler, please consider the below factors because these will be important for your toddler’s health and safety. 

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Bean Bag for a Baby

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Check Safety Factors

The toddler’s bean bag should be firmer than ordinary bean bags. Also, it must have a flatter surface area. Then it reduces the risk of your child rolling over. 

Because if your toddler accidentally rolled over on a bean bag, they will struggle to breathe. It is dangerous. Thus, when selecting a bean bag, you should highly consider its safety.

Check our guide on Bean Bag safety for toddlers.

Check the Seat Belt or Safety Straps of the Bean Bag

Typically babies sleep and lay in different positions. Also, they try to change their body position. Hence seat belt is essential for the infant, so most toddler’s bean bags are equipped with soft safety straps. It helps to hold your infant on a bean bag safely. 

Check Bean Bag Supporting Weight

First, you should know about your toddler’s weight because bean bags have recommended maximum weight capacity. Then you can purchase a bean bag that is suitable for your baby’s weight. Especially do not purchase a bean bag that does not support your toddler’s weight.

Determine Bean bag Type and Shape

This factor mainly depends on your child’s preference or your preference. Besides bean bags, parents purchase bean bags chairs for their children. Moreover, the shape and bean bag types should match your requirement. 

Generally, small round shape bags are famous for toddlers. Moreover, the following shapes are commonly used for babies.

  • Square shape
  • Pancake shape 
  • Teardrop shape 
  • Pear shape 
  • L shape bean bag chairs

Further, stomach acids can flow back to the food pipe (esophagus) when your baby sits or sleep in the wrong position. But if you select a good bean bag type with safety straps, you can reduce the acid reflux of babies.

Further, bean bags help babies who suffer from colic. Also, a toddler’s bean bag gives benefits for infants that have a flat head syndrome. 

Determine Size of the Bean Bag

Choosing an appropriate size bean bag is essential. The size of the toddler bean bag should not be too small or too large because your child can fall off from inappropriate size bean bags. 

Also, your babies can not climb up on large size bean bags. 

Thus, you should highly consider about toddler’s bean bag size and height. Typically, toddler’s bean bags are smaller in size. 

As an example, these bean bags are 24 to 26 inches wide. Moreover, the height of this bean bag ranges from 7 to 24 inches. Also, this type of bean bag volume ranges from 100 liters to 150 liters. 

Further, if you only purchase a toddler’s bean bag, you should need 2-3 kilograms of beans to fill it.

Bean Bag Designs, Color, and Patterns

There are plenty of designs and different bean bags available in the market decorated with cartoon characters, animals, and other attractive elements. 

But some bean bags could contain unpleasant objects. Also, some dark and luminous colors do not suit your toddlers. Therefore, you should avoid buying these designs of bean bags.  

Usually, light colors use for toddler’s bean bags. Among them light blue, pink, green, creamy color is famous. Moreover, you can buy a bean bag with printed fabrics. 

When you purchase a bean bag, you can allow your baby to select the design they love. It will be a great way to shine their personality too. 

Inner and Outer Covers

The quality toddler bean bags have inner and outer covers. It gives double stitched seams and enhances durability. 

The inner net or lining secures the beans in place within the outer cover. Hence, if you can purchase a toddler’s bean bag with an inner net, you will have an additional advantage.

Also, the bean bag outer cover is an essential component to protect the bean bag from moisture, dust, danger, and other circumstances. Also inner cover helps to avoid bean bags fillers spilling out.

Moreover, you should check whether this inner liner and the outer cover are removable or not. If these fabrics are washable, it is better. The covering material directly impacts the comfy feel. Additionally, cotton, suede, and twill are best for bean bags’ outer covers.

Skin-Friendly Fabric

Pure cotton is commonly using for bean bags’ outer layer. These are super soft, non-allergenic, and recyclable. Moreover, these breathable natural covers allow healthy airflow. Thus, It will keep your baby cool in summer and warm in the winter season. 

Furthermore, faux fur, velvet, faux suede, and microsuede are the best fabrics for toddler’s bean bags because these materials give a more comfy feel for users. 

Number of Babies Using the Bean Bag

Sometimes you may have twins. Then it would be best if you considered it too. Because if you wish to have one bean bag for both babies, the bean bag size should be enough for them. 

Select Waterproof Bean Bag

Babies can dirt their bean bag seats within a short time. Thus, you should select a bean bag with a hydrophobic layer to protect it against the rapid absorption of liquids. 

Then waterproof bean bag will condense the liquid substances on the surface of the material. It gives time to use a soft cloth, paper, or towel to wipe and remove liquid from the bean bag gently. 

Select Double and Overlocked Stitching Bean Bags

It means every stitch is done twice over to enhance the strength of the bean bag. Therefore, you should check whether it is easily torn or stitching. Because it is the primary factor that identifies the bean bag has enough safety and strength. 

Further, the double stitching is ideal for toddlers’ beanbags. 

Also, you should check whether the toddler’s bean bag has overlock stitching or not. It is also vital to the safety and strength of the bean bag.

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Double Zipped or Childproof Zippers Bean Bag

Generally, all toddler’s bean bags have two zips for safety. If not, they provide childproof zippers. It is crucial because the protective zippers prevent spilling out of bean bag fillers. 

Anyhow if your baby unzips the bean bag, these beans can be inhaled or digested to the baby. Also, your baby may enter into the inside of the bean bag after it is open. It’s dangerous.

Thus, before you purchase a toddler’s bean bag, you should be aware of these factors. Most toddler’s bean bags producers display childproof zipper tags on their packages. 

Select Highly UV/Fade Resistant Bean Bag

As a parent, you need to give the best products for your child. Also, You try to purchase a quality product that does not lose its properties with time. 

Therefore you should select a bean bag that is highly resistant to UV and fade. 

Choose Mold-Resistant Bean Bag

Mold is the primary fungus variety that grows on bean bags. They can create black and green spots on the bean bag and a nasty smell. Therefore these molds can completely ruin the bean bag experience. 

Infants and babies have sensitive skins. Thus, it can be a reason for skin allergies. Therefore you should buy a bean bag that has good resistance against mold. 

Bean Bag Filling Material

Some bean bag fillings have a rough texture, while others have smooth scenes feel. When you buy a bean bag for your infant or baby, you should consider this factor too.

Moreover, you should select a non-carcinogenic foam filler. Also, if you can purchase a bean bag that crates with environment-friendly fillings, it is better for your kids.

The polyurethane memory form-filled bags are suitable for babies. Moreover, infant bean bags often fill with dried beans or expanded polystyrene (EPS). 

These fillers are ideal for toddler’s bean bags because of lightweight. You can move them easily around your home.

These filling materials can mold your baby’s shape and size. Hence, it makes them feel comfortable and snug. 

But you can select another comfortable filling material according to your preference. For fire safety, you should choose the best bean bag filler that is slow-to-ignite. 

Comfort Level of the Bean Bag

You can check the comfort of the bean bag by doing a small practice. You should apply some pressure on the toddler’s bean bags. First, try to sequencing your hand another part of your body onto the chair. Then you can observe how this bean bag adjusts to the setting object. 

Check Cushioning Effect of Bean Bag

If your bean bag has an excellent cushioning effect, it will automatically adjust to the baby’s body shape. Thus, it provides a more comfortable feel to your babies. Therefore when you are selecting a bean bag for your kid, you should consider this factor too. 

Choose Lightweight, Portable Bean Bag

Generally, babies are not living in the same place. They always walk around the home. Hence, when you purchase a bean bag for your baby, you should consider its weight and portability.

The toddler’s bean bags should be lightweight. Then it is easy to move and transport. Also, you can prevent the damages while dragging them over the upstairs and home by selecting a lightweight bean bag. 

Usually, a toddler’s bean bag weight ranges from 0.5 Kg to 2 Kg. You can select the best weight according to your requirement and easiness. 

Bean Bag Handle

Some bean bags have a convenient handle on the top. Then your babies can move it smoothly from one room to another room. Also, if you are purchasing a bean bag for an infant, you can easily carry it by using this handle. 


Every well-loved bean bag goes flat after using for a long time. Thus, after it compresses, you should have the ability to remove these beans and refill the bean bag with beans.

If you purchase a refillable bean bag, you can buy bean bag filler packs separately from the market and refill your baby’s bean bag.

Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair

Easy to Clean

Generally, babies love to eat and drink food while sitting or sleeping on the bean bag. Then they will create a huge mess o a bean bag within a short time. 

Moreover, personal hygiene is a significant thing for every human being. Hence you should select a toddler bean bag that can wash and clean the surfaces.

Otherwise, your toddler bean bag should have a removable outer layer. Then you can easy to clean it when your baby creates a mess.

Read our guide on how to get pee and pee smell out of a bean bag in case you need.

Furthermore, you can reuse this type of bean bag cover. You can lay flat for drying after washing the bean bag cover with water. 

Machine Washable

You should check whether your bean bags cover can wash using a washing machine. Because most people have limited time for cleaning works.  

Fire Retardant

As we discussed, safety is a primary concern. Therefore your toddler’s bean bag should pass relevant fire safety regulations. Hence, before selecting a bean bag, you should check the relevant certificates.


If a toddler’s bean bag has a warranty, you can purchase it with confidence because the seller assures the quality of the bean bag by warranty. Then you can have faith in the quality and durability of that type of product.  

This warranty period will be 30 days, one year, five years, or lifetime. It will depend on brand and company. Further, try to purchase a bean bag that has a reasonable warranty period. 

After Service

The after-service is an essential factor. Therefore before you purchase a bean bag, you should check whether that company provides after-service or not. Then you can buy a toddler’s bean bag from the best company.

Purchase Bean Bag from a Reputed Brand

It is important. Infants or babies are a significant part of our life. Also, toddlers have an immature backbone. Thus, if the bean bag does not produce specific quality standards, your baby’s spine can damage because of poor sitting habitat. 

Therefore, it is better to purchase a bean bag from reputed brands with quality certificates. Then you can ensure the factors as mentioned above too. 

Read Customer Reviews

You can purchase bean bags from the market or online stores. But before purchasing it, you should do a little research about that bean bag.

By reading the customer experience and reviews, you can better understand a particular bean bag and can decide whether it is good or bad to use. 

Then you can select a suitable bean bag that tally with your budget. 

ECR4Kids Toddler Classic Bean Bag Chair

Check Package Details

Some bean bags packages include the traveling bag. It facilitates carrying your toddler’s bean bag from one home to another home easily. Hence, before purchase a bean bag, carefully check the package details.


The price is a primary concern when we buy anything. Toddler’s bean bags prices change with design, fillers, fabrics, and size. And the price changes with the brand and manufacturer company. 

If you order bean bags from online stores, sometimes you must pay additional shipping costs too. Hence, you must be aware of these things. Generally, you can purchase a good quality toddler’s bean bag after spending 20-40 dollars. 

Moreover, if you are looking for premium quality, you have to spend around 40-60 dollars on a toddler’s bean bag. 

Shipping Method

If you order bean bags online, you should check whether packing material and transport method. Generally, most manufacturers pack bean bags with PE bags and carton boxes. It prevents damages during transportation.


Overall, selecting and purchasing are two significant steps that interconnect each other. Moreover, when choosing the best bean bag for your toddler, you should consider some crucial factors. 

Because babies have immature bones and organs, the furniture they use directly affects the relocation or destruction of their structure. That’s why you should pay more attention when buying a bean bag for your baby. I hope this article will help you to select the best bean bag for your toddlers. 

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