Can You Sleep On Bean Bags? – 6 Facts to Consider

These days, people tend to take a small nap in the bean bag in their free time. However, can you sleep on a bean bag?

You can sleep on a bean bag if it has enough space to occupy your entire body. Also, it should have enough firmness and consistency to withstand your body weight. Further, if your bean bag supports correct sleeping postures, that is ideal!

Now you may have questions like what are those correct sleeping postures, and how do bean bags support them? 

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Bean Bags And Sleeping Postures

Generally, we all have sleeping postures. These depend on our body height, weight, personal preferences, and habitat. 

However, when selecting bean bags for your usage, like sitting and sleeping, their dimensions should match the above factors. 

For example, if we consider a mature person’s body size, most are 4-6 feet tall. So, to have a good sleep, the bean bag diameter should have at least 7 feet. 

Can this person sleep if the bean bag diameter is just 4 feet? 

Yes, he can sleep 4 feet bean bags by curving his body. But if he wants to sleep straight pose, this space is not enough. The expected comfort level is not to fulfill these minimum requirements. So, to take good sleep, that man must have at least 7 feet bean bag. 

Further, a 110 lbs weighed person will require different properties than a 160 lbs weight one. Why? 

The bean bag sinking level and up-trust level will differ with body weight. Thus, these factors are also essential to take good sleep. Moreover, this will depend on people’s flavors. 

Let me give an example! What is your favorite sleeping posture? 

It may be side-to-side posture, upper side, or any other. So, I hope now you will understand my point!

Because just lying on a bean bag will not give a comfortable sleep. Here, your bean bag should have some properties to support your favorite posture better.


Consistency is a critical factor that keeps your spine and backbone healthy.

Some bean bag manufacturers do not think about the firmness and consistency too much. Then if customers use this type of bean bag for sleep, they will end up with back pain. 

If the sleeping surface cannot provide enough support, your spine tends to curve. Sleeping on these surfaces for a long time can lead to having back-borne and spine disorders. 

The spine is a crucial organ that connects the nerve system. It is the most sensitive part of your body that makes you alive. That’s why you should pay great attention to this matter!

Can you sleep on any surface? Definitely No! 

More rigid or softer is not good to sleep. Your backbone needs some consistency and support from the sleeping surface.

So, if your bean bag has enough firmness, you can sleep there very comfortably. If not, your back borne have to face big trouble!

You can check the consistency of the bean bag using a simple step. Just push your bean bag by your hand. If your hand sinks quickly, it does not have enough consistency. But when you press the bean bag, if you feel some resistance or bump, it is good to sleep. 

However, some other factors influence this matter. Let’s look at them a bit deeper!

Weight Tolerance

This factor is closely related to consistency. We all know people have different weights. It can change from 100 lbs to 300 lbs. So, bean bags should have the ability to withstand these weights. 

Think, if you are going to buy a kid bean bag, then generally, kids’ weight range from 25 lbs to 90 lbs. So, your bean bag should have the ability to tolerate and consist with this weight. If not, your baby will sink into a bean bag while sleeping. It is not a good practice.

The sinking property of the bean bag relates to bean type, bean density, and filled amount. Moreover, the leading theory associated with sinking property is; up-thrust. Up-trust means the pressure that forces to the upper direction. 

Let me explain this with an example!

Think, your weight is 140 lbs. Then you are trying to sleep on a bean bag. This bean bag is filled with enough amount of beans. Also, the manufacturer mansion the maximum tolerate weight as 200 lbs. Here, if bean bag diameter is okay with your body height, you can sleep well.

This bean bag can maintain its consistency until 200 lbs. Thus, we can assume this bean bag can give good up-thrust to your body. So, you can maintain the correct postures here and take a sound sleep. 

However, do you think the 250 lbs weighted man can sleep there? Then the bean bag could not provide enough consistency and up-trust to his weight. So, automatically bean bag will sink more than the optimum level. Because of that, this person cannot take peaceful sleep!

Enough Space

What is your most comfortable sleeping posture? Spread hands and legs into corners? Or else curve your body and keep warm? 

Sufficient space is an essential factor in taking sound sleep. However, this will depend on sleeping posture and your body height. 

If you are looking for a bean bag for kids to sleep in, at least it should have 4 feet diameter. If you are looking for a bean bag for personal usage, buy a bean bag at least 7 feet in diameter. 

Can you sleep on any bean bag with the correct postures? No! You cannot! To maintain the proper posture, you should have enough space.


Comfort cannot define with one word. It is a broad subject. However, if your bean bag isn’t provided the expected comfort, you cannot sleep or sit there for a long time. 

What type of comfort do you expect by you from the bean bag?

The bean bag fabric and filler type are doing a great job here. Think your sleeping bean bag is made with vinyl fabric. As you already know, vinyl does not absorb heat. So, in the summertime, you may feel sweat while sitting on a vinyl bean bag for a long time.

But imagine when the winter season starts, you have a fur faux bean bag to sleep in!

Therefore, before buying a bean bag for sleep, check the fabric and filler comfortably. If you buy the correct bean bag, definitely you may expertise the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. Don’t you like to feel this at least one time per life?

Please read our guide on the comfortability of bean bags here.


Whatever you want to sleep on or sit on your bean bag, check its properties align with ergonomics. If not, more extended usage may result in back pain, neck and muscle pains. Therefore, it is essential to check whether your bean bag ergonomics are suitable for sleeping purposes. 

I hope you all grab the answer to the question of the sleeping perspective of the bean bag. The softness is not enough to use a bean bag as a sleeping pad. It should have some other factors to give good and comfortable sleep! So, check them and buy your favorite bean bag!

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