Bean Bags With Back Support

Back pain is the most frustrating feeling ever. Also, it can entirely or partially affect our lifestyle and efficiency. However, most people only talk about discomfort and pains. But they do not identify the exact reasons for back pain.

Generally, our wrong habitats cause to have back pain. These are regular sitting, sleeping, and way of weight lifting behaviors. Furniture has a significant influence on human back support.

However, If you ask the most critical part of the human body, I will definitely say spine and backbone.

Thus, it is the most sensitive structure that helps us keep our body upright and pass every sensation throughout the body. You cannot imagine life without a backbone.

Thus maintaining back health is essential. However, after bean bags become typical furniture in every household, there is a question: Does bean bags provide enough support to my back? And how am I selecting a bean bag with the back support?

Hence, this article is totally based on it. Before selecting a bean bag, read this. Then you can save both your money and back.

Being comfortable is a dream of anyone. But here I suppose to say bean comfy with a healthy way is better than anything.

Bean bags with back support

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Buying Guide for Bean Bags with Back Support

Before you read the back-supported bean bag buying guide, let’s clarify your requirement. Take a sheet and answer the following questions.

  1. Why do you need back supported bean bag?
  2. Which type of activities will you want to do while sitting on a bean bag chair? This can be studying, writing, working with a laptop and computer, or any other usage.
  3. How many hours do you want to sit on a bean bag?

After answering these questions, you may know which type of bean bag you need. According to the bean bag shape and filler type, the bean bag’s back support may differ. Keep it in your mind!

Not only that, the back support requirement is a subjective matter. It will mainly depend on person and purpose.

Hence, follow this guideline and think of these parameters according to your requirement.

Select a Bean Bag that is in Adequate Size for your Body

When you sit on a bean bag that reshapes according to your body shape, so, to provide good back support, that bean bag should have enough back seat.

If you are an average person, most bean bag seats and back support sizes may fit with you. But if you are a bit fat person, you should consider the seat and back support spaces. Make sure that bean bag can facilitate their service to your entire body.

Check the Back Support Angle

According to your purpose, you should select the best one that supports it. For example, if you need to sit bean bag while working on a computer or laptop, that bean bag back support area should have an upright back that angles 90 degrees with the seat. If not, it isn’t easy to sit for a long time on a bean bag chair.

Think your selected bean bag has back support with more than a 90-degree angle. Is it easy to sit there for a long time during work with the computer?

No, it isn’t easy. That type of chair is better for lying on and reading books and novels.

Check the Height of the Back Support

Generally, bean bags manufacturers have considered adults’ height from hip to neck is relatively the same. Thus, they design back support height according to it. However, it may not fully support your hip-to-neck height.

If it is higher than your height, it is okay. But back height is smaller than your hip to neck height; it is a problem.

Thus, check the bean bag back support height. If it is matching with your height, purchase it. Moreover, it is better if your bean bag has a headrest too. Then your body can get fully relaxed postures.

Check Filler Type and Amount

Bean bag fillers can play a significant role in back support. Whether your bean bag is filled with expanded polystyrene balls or memory form, check it is filled with enough volume and amount.

In general, fillers add 2/3 of the bean bag’s volume. However, if any bean bag does not have enough beanballs, it cannot provide firm support. Thus, this is the most critical factor.

Furthermore, fillers also lose their properties over time. The flattened fillers can deform the bean bag’s original shape. So, after years that bean bag cannot provide good support to your back.

Therefore, when you are selecting filler type, consider bean beads durability too. Click here to know more details about bean fillers’ durability.

Check Ergonomics of the Bean Bag

The human body has curves, and if bean bags can give better support for them, it is good. The bean bags made with ergonomics are better for users. Specially, who want to spend hours on the bean bag.

However, not only back support, before purchasing a bean bag, check the below factors too.

  • Head support
  • Shoulder support
  • Armrest
  • Height of the bean bag.

If these factors of bean bag match with your requirement, purchase it. Most ergonomics and standards bean bags come with these features.

Further, before purchasing a bean bag, check the basic facts, such as safety zipper, fire-retardant properties, and double seaming. It will protect your time, money, and also your health.

As an independent researcher, I deeply study bean bags. So, according to my experience, I recommended below mentioned bean bags chairs, which have a back-supported feature.

Thus, let’s see the pros and cons.

Best Bean Bags with Back Support

Big Joe Warp Black Spandex & Smartmax Chair

Size Variety

These bean bags come in 3 different dimensions. These are

  • 36 “ D x 29 “ D x 25 “ H
  • 35.5“ D x 29.5 “ D x 26.5 “ H
  • 30 “ D x 30 “ D x 25 “ H

So, Big Joy Wrap Black Spandex is ideal for both kids and adults. But this product is famous for kids about 6 to 14 years old.

Good Back Support

The Big Joe Wrap Black Spandex bean bag has good back support. Also, it is filled with enough amount of cushy “Megahh beans.” Thus, it facilitates upright posture and gives mind-blowing comfort. 

Multi Choices

The Big Joe Wrap Black Spandex comes in three different colors. Also, each design comprises bi-color Smartmax & Spandex fabrics. It adds a luxurious appearance to the bean bag chair.


The weight of this bean bag is 4.35 pounds. Thus, this super light weighted bean bag is easy to move. 

Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

Well-Fit with Body 

Big Joe Milano bean bag chair comes with 32” W x 28” D x 28” H. So, it can be ideal for both kids and adults. 

Good Back Support with Armrest

The Big Joe Milano bean bag chair has back support and an armrest. The back support can directly touch the lower part of your back, and it has a 90o angle with a chair seat. Therefore, it is easy to sit there for a long time. 

Perfectly Filled

This bean bag chair is filled with the exact right amount of fluffy, lightweight beans. Thus, these beans perfectly facilitate upright posture.


The weight of this bean bag is 4.75 pounds. Thus, both adults and kids easy to move Big Joe Milano bean bag chair.


Over time, beanballs may lose their properties. Thus, this design comes with a refillable facility. 

Big Joe Dorm Bean Bag Chair

Good Back Support

The Big Joe Dorm bean bag chair has good back support, and especially it is directly touching the lower back. Generally, it looks like a sofa. But the experience is much better than a sofa. 

The angle of the seat and back support is around 90o. Hence, it can give good relief to your back. 

Good Armrest

This fantastic bean bag chair has a proper armrest. If you are a person who uses laptops or computers, this bean bag is ideal for you. You can prevent arm pain and back pain with a Big Joe Dorm bean bag chair.

Well fit with Body

This bean bag ideally adjusts for both kids and adults. The 31.5” W x 29” D x 27” H dimensions are even well suited for fat persons. 

Perfectly Filled

This bean bag chair is filled with the exact right amount of fluffy, lightweight beans. And also support an upright position. 

Stain-resistant, Water-resistant, Spot cleaned

These facilities make them easy to use and maintain. 


Over time, beanballs may lose their properties. Thus, this design comes with a refillable facility. 

Final Words

A healthy life is a blessing. Maintaining healthy life or not is your choice. However, when you are buying a bean bag, not only look at physical appearance and comfortable. Think that design is suitable for your back and body. Also, try to go for a standard bean bag that has well-organized features!

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