Wrong Ways of Using Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bags are like big pillows that can function as chairs or decorative furniture inside your house. Having bean bags around gives comfort and relaxation to the one using since it’s so soft and goes well on how you sit on it or how you use it. It can be a pillow, a chair or anything you want it to be. Since it has a lot of uses, there are still people who misuse the most comfortable chair on earth. So, here are some wrong ways of using bean bags.

Stuff n Sit bean bag chair


· People invented a lot of games with bean bags. They can be the Hacky sack, bean bag toss, Bean Bag Baseball or other games. It’s improper since bean bags’ bean can fall from the bean bag or it can be broken apart. Doing these things won’t make your bean bag lasts longer.



· I know that you love your pets, but you can’t allow them to sit or even sleep in your bean bags. First, our pets most especially cats and dogs are territorial, they mark their territory using their urine. In short, they might urinate in your bean bags thus making it hard to bring to the laundry lady. Also, people will visit your house they might sit on your cat’s bean bag bed.



· It might be a great thing, but bean bags are made of small beans inside, thus it can take the shape of whatever is on top of it. Because of this, this can’t be used as a camera stand since the shot won’t be stable. 



· Don’t be easily fooled by the water resistant feature of some bean bags. The fabric use in bean bags is not good in water. Thus, making it hard to float. It will also be heavier once water entered its fabric. But there are special beanbags which can use them as a pool float.



· Some companies are making helmets that use cushion. But, bean bags or other soft things are not advisable as a helmet. Remember helmets shout lessen the impact on the head. If you use a soft one, it might not lessen the impact since the insides are the hard.



· Even though bean bags are great furniture, it is not advisable to put a bean bag in the office as formal furniture. But you can use them as informal furniture. Bean bags invite your body to sit on it and be a lazy employee. Not unless, you allow your employees to sleep and relax, then you can put this.



When you use your furniture in a wrong way, it can break easily. Bean bags are great to help most especially for families and friends to gather around and relax plus have a bonding together. Washing or keeping bean bags is hard. You need to call to your nearest laundry shop to get a better-looking bean bags. I hope that this article will help you what you can and can’t do with bean bags.

Sarah Williams

I’m Sarah Williams. A true fan of Bean Bag Chairs. The story of Bean Bags Expert goes to beginning of 2016. At the mid of 2016, I have planned the web site and bought this domain. Slowly this grew up like a little kid.

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