Heating Bean Bag Without a Microwave

A heating Bean bag is a small sac filled with specific beans such as rice, corn, walnut shells, clay pits, or dry beans. It is generally used to massage the body joints and muscles, and the warm bean bag has a magical power to relax the body muscles.

Due to these features, this therapy is prevalent among athletes, older adults, bodybuilders, and persons with some disorders. However, before using this magical sac, you should warm it up. So, to get fast heat up, most people use microwaves.

But some people do not have these tools, and some machines do not work when you want them. Whatever the situation, do you still need to heat your bean bag?

So, I am here to share my experiences and knowledge about how to heat bean bags without a microwave!

You can quickly learn some tips and tricks to heat your bean bag in this article. Further, this includes some brilliant methods to do this task easily. Thus, do not waste time if you need to warm up with bean bag therapy. Just try to below methods and enjoy your time!

heat bean bags without microwave

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Methods to Heat Bean Bags Without a Microwave

Method 1: Heat Bean Bag Using an Oven

Besides the microwave, you can use a regular oven to heat the bean bag. An oven is an equipment specially designed to heat and make food.

Most of your bean bags are filled with food-grade corn, rice, and dry beans. 

So, oven heating will not damage their texture or properties.

However, remember that you should use the correct temperatures and timing. If not, your bean bag and filler beads will burn at high temperatures. So, follow these steps!

Step 1: Preheat the Oven to 200 Fahrenheit

However, if you do not like to increase the temperature at this level, it is free to use low temperatures. However, it is strictly advised not to increase the temperature above the mentioned levels. It will end up with a burnt bean bag with a smoking smell.

Step 2: Put Bean Bag Into the Oven for the 25 – 30 minutes

This period is enough to heat your bean bag at a sufficient level. Also, this is the maximum heat that can apply to a bean bag. If you use low temperatures, leave them some minutes more than I mentioned.

Here, keeping the cooking pat or dish with water in the oven is better. You can place this alongside the bean bag. So, it will not let to dry out your bean bag.

Step 3: Then Take Off the Bean Bag and Place it on the Metal Tray

Now you can enjoy the moment with a warm massage!

Method 2: Heat Bean Bag Using a Conventional Oven

Instead of an ordinary microwave, you can use a conventional oven to heat your bean bag. This is a great alternative to warm your heating pad safely and effectively. Moreover, conventional ovens come with glass doors. Thus, you can keep an eye on your bean bag.

Plus, the automotive timer will turn off at the correct time when you operate this. So, it is not a significant matter when you are not around the oven.

Further, the conventional oven prevents overheating. So, it will protect your bean bag or heating pad from burns. To gain this incredible experience, try the following steps.

Pre-Step: Make sure that your bean bag is made with 100% pure cotton fabric and thread

Generally, some synthetic fabrics melt quickly under high temperatures. So, it will get you in trouble and can burn your bean bag. So it is a must to use a heat-resistance bean bag with this method.  

Step 1: Set the Temperature Between 200- 250 Fahrenheit

Step 2: Then, set the timer for 25-30 minutes

Step 3: Place your bean bag in the oven

Here, you can use the tray to keep the bean bag safely. Also, do not forget to put a heat-resistant water pot in the oven.  

Step 4: After this period, take off your bean bag

Now your bean bag is ready for the therapy. Awesome! No? This will be the most beautiful time of the day!

Method 3: Heat Bean Bag Using Aluminum Foil

Besides the above method, you can heat your bean bag using the conventional oven. Both ways are almost the same, and there are only a few different points here.

Let’s see what they are?

Step 1: Preheat the Oven to 175 Fahrenheit 

Step 2: Wrap the bean Bag with aluminum foil

Do not let expose any area of a bean bag to the outer environment.

Step 3: Place bean bag on the center rack of the oven for more than 45 minutes

The heat in the oven will eventually transfer to the bean bag. It will lead to heat the bean bag.

Method 4: Heating Bean Bag Over a Pot

It would be best to acquire a heavy pot with a lid to do this method. Then follow these guidelines.

Step 1: Heat the Heavy Pot With a Lid

In this step, do not add high heat and ensure that heat does not damage the pot. You can heat this pot with a gas cooker or any other hot plate.

After that, heat and take off the pot from the burner. It is the safest method to do this task.

Step 2: Put a Dishtowel on the Bottom of this Heavy Pot

Now you may wonder why we add a dishtowel at the bottom of the pot. Right?

Because it has several benefits, your bean bag does not directly touch the heavy pot. So, it will protect your bag from undesirable burnouts.

Step 3: Taka a Bean Bag and Put it Over the Dish Towel

The dishtowel help to heat your bean bag eventually. So, the heat will spread to every corner of the bean bag.

If not, you may notice some spots of the bean bag get burnt while others are not. Here, you can heat bean bags filled with corn, rice, or any other filler type without any issue.

Step 4: Then, put the lid over the pot

This step helps to keep your pot warm for a long time. So, it will support warming up your bean bag speedily.

Step 5: Let it stay there for 15-20 minutes

During this period, the heat stored on the pot transfers to the bean bag. Then take off your bean bag. Now you may have a heated bean bag without using the microwave.

Method 5: Heat the Bean Bag Using the Double Boil Method

Heat bean bag is not rocket science! You need to think smart. Also, bean bag therapy is not a modern technique. It is derived from the ancient era. During this period, people used different methods to heat their bean bags. 

So, if you need to heat your bean bag, you can try the double boil method. Follow these steps!

Step 1: First, take a heavy pot and fill water into it

Step 2: Heat the water at the boiling point

Step 3: Take another dry to bawl with a lid

This bawl size should be enough to put on a bean bag.

Step 4: Put it in the water.

Here, this dry bawl should have the ability to withstand high heat. Generally, as you know, water’s boiling point is 212 Fahrenheit. So, check whether this bawl can tolerate this temperature. 

Also, this pot should not sink in the water after putting the bean bag. Thus, taking bawl with an excellent floating ability (less dense pot) is essential. 

Step 5: Place your bean bag in the dry bawl

Now you can put your bean bag on the bawl and let it heat. The heat of water transfers into your dry bawl first, which tends to heat. Accordingly, your bean bag will absorb the heat from the dry bawls. 

However, if you use this process, make sure this dry bawl is entirely close when the bean bag is there. If not, the steam may touch your bean bag. As a result, the natural seed can be damaged. So, do not let the bean bag expose to moisture or steam. 

You can entirely cover the bean bag using aluminum foil to ensure this. It will help you to keep your bean bag for a long time. 

Final Thoughts

The hot bean bag gives an excellent feel by easing cramps, and muscle aches, especially in cold weather. So, do not miss this therapy because you do not have some tools. 

I hope you read the whole article and grab every fact I mentioned above. This world is full of many alternatives. So, you can choose an option if you do not have the exact tool or equipment. Sometimes these alternatives will be easier and more cost-effective than the original method. 

However, the inappropriate method can burn your bean bag. Keep in mind that the heat reacts differently with different materials. So, it must align with well-recommended practices when dealing with the heat.

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