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Since 1970, bean bags have acquired a considerable market share in the furniture industry. So, today it has become a favorite piece of furniture for everyone. Due to its cozy texture and excellent appearance, toddlers, kids, adults, and pets love sitting there. On the other hand, these bean bags are designed for different purposes such as indoor, outdoor, pool, and many more usages.

However, everything has pros and cons. Sometimes, the advantages and disadvantages of bean bags will differ from your purpose. So, it is essential to know the pros and cons of the bean bag.

As a bean bag researcher, I have studied this subject deeply in the previous decade. So, this is the best time to share my experience and knowledge with you. Keep reading. Indeed you may find some exciting facts here.

Let’s move to the topic!

bean bag pros cons

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Pros of Bean Bags


One of the most significant advantages of bean bags is that they are available in a diverse price range. So, people can decide the best suit bean bag according to their budget.

On the other hand, the bean bag is luxury furniture. But the price is not too high, like a couch. Due to the affordable prices, it isn’t far from the general public.

Comfortable, Flexible

The soft and squishy interiors of the bean bag mold themselves according to the user’s body shape. This is a unique feature of the bean bag. And this is the secret of its comfortability.

Users can enjoy different body posturers here, including sitting upright, lying on your stomach, and lying on your side. Also, you can use the sitting cross-leg position.

Moreover, pregnant women can take great relief using a bean bag. They can easily accommodate their bump and enable them to lie on their stomachs. They cannot take this relief by lying on a regular bed or couch.

 So, when someone sits on the bean bag, they can enjoy an incredible sitting experience.

Lightweight and movable

Typically bean bags come in giant sizes. But the weight of them is not that big. How does this happen?

Every bean bag is filled with super soft materials such as memory foam, EPS beads, cotton, or beans. Generally, these fillers have lightweight. Due to these features, they can move quickly from one place to another. Even kids can move them.

So, it is easy to maintain and use as home furniture. Also, it will not damage your floor while slipping from one place to another.

Easy to clean & sanitize

Most bean bags come with a removable cover. Also, they work better with washing machines and mild detergent. So, when your bean bag cover gets dirt. You can easily unzip and remove them from the inner cover.

Because of that, the bean bag usage is much easier than some other furniture like upholstery. You can only do a spot cleaning for upholstery.

Even if the bean bag cover cannot remove, you can clean it using spot cleaning. On the other hand, most bean bags are made with water-resistant fabric and are very easy to clean. Due to these features, you can clean bean bags and refresh them from time to time.

Fun, stylish

The primary purpose of any seat is to provide space to sit. However, the bean bag overcomes this purpose and gives users an incredible experience.

Every bean bag is made by using luxurious textile with stylish designs. So, they add a glamorous look to home interiors. Also, kids love to jump on it and enjoy their leisure time due to its fluffy texture. Whatever, If you are an adult, don’t miss this experience; jump on it and keep your life full of enjoyment.

Medical benefits

The root cause of most health issues is wrong postures. So, it includes terrible sitting postures too. Think, when you sit in a wooden chair, your body must adjust to its shape. The leg space, leg height, the back support vary from chair to chair. Thus, sitting in different chairs gives a different experience to you.

However, if they ignore ergonomics while preparing the chair, the user will indeed feel uncomfortable and pain within a short time.

Bean bag overcome this issue. The supersoft beans adjust with the user’s body curves and give good back support to them. So, people can sit there more comfortably for a long time. Moreover, you are free from back pain when using a bean bag with the correct postures.

Also, if you consider baby bean bags, they are suitable for head flattening and acid reflex. Moreover, this flexible seat helps to relieve joint pains. Due to these medicinal benefits, most people love to sit there.


Most manufacturers offer customized products for their clients. So, here you can select your favorite color, textile, size, and shape. Then they will deliver the product that perfectly matches your perception.

Indoor and outdoor use

Bean bags are not limited to indoor spaces. You can use them outdoors and even on pools, beaches, and camping sites. How amazing, No?

Yes, the bean bag is a pack of beautiful features.

Cons of Bean Bags

Like every product, bean bags also have some cons and facts. However, some of them are not at a considerable level. Also, you can minimize these adverse effects with proper usage. So let’s move into it!

Difficult to get up from it

Bean bags are so soft and close to the ground. Also, the sinking property is high in some bean bags. Sometimes, pregnant women and elderly persons struggle when getting up from it. So, if you have a mobility problem, selecting a less sinking bean bag is better.

Bad for your postures

Some cheap products are made with low-quality materials. So, if you use that product, you cannot use the correct body postures. Thus, always use standard products that align with the ergonomics factor.

On the other hand, if your weight and size do not match the bean bag’s maximum capacity, it can’t maintain correct postures.


Most bean bags ha a 3-10 years lifetime. So, bean bags have a short lifespan compared to steel and wooden furniture.

Difficult to dispose

As you already know, most bean bags are filled with low-density EPS beads. So, these are not subjected to disposal naturally. It means these products are not biodegradable.

Therefore, after the lifetime of your bean bag is finished, you must dispose of these millions of tiny balls properly. If not, the environment and wildlife may suffer because of its bad influences.

Also, keep in mind that they can quickly inhale. So, when you are disposing of them, keep your kids away and cover your mouth and nose using a mask.

Potentially dangerous for infants

Because bean bags provide a super cozy space for your infant, they love to sleep there. However, it exposes your kid to suffocation risk. Hence, it is better to keep them on a firm surface.

Can tear and spill out

A Bean bag is a sac that is filled with millions of tiny balls. So, if any circumstance happens, they can tear up and spills these beans. So, mainly if you use bean bags for your kid, you should keep away sharp items such as scissors, nuts, and knives. If not, just a second is enough to mess up all things.

Too comfortable

Really? How too comfortable is becoming a disadvantage?

The Bean bag is the main seat of the smart classroom concept. However, some teachers said some kids fell asleep while teaching because it was too comfy. So, bean too comfortable also becomes an advantage for this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Here I explain the most common pros and cons of the bean bag. However, according to your purpose, they may affect you differently. So, you have to use the correct bean bag for the relevant purpose. Then you do not worry about these cons too much!

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