Does a Bean Bag Need a Liner? – 9 Advantages Explained

When you go to the shop to buy a bean bag, one of the main questions that come to your mind is, “Does my bean bag need liner or not. Or else, is it necessary to purchase a bean bag that has a liner? 

Having a liner for a bean bag is essential for protecting the inner filling and the outer bean bag cover. The inner liner of the bean bag is made with lightweight mesh fabric, and it is an inner cover that contains the bean bag fillings independently from the bean bag’s outer cover. 

Let’s see how the bean bag with liner makes your life more comfortable. 

liner for bean bag

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Easy to Wash the Bean Bag Outer Cover

Although using a bean bag can make your life easier and comfortable, cleaning or washing a bean bag can be a bit bothersome. Usually, when we use something, over time, it gets dirty. Most probably, the outer cover is the one that gets the most trouble due to this. 

As the same, the bean bag outer cover is dirt over time. Especially the toddler bean bag, or if you have a pet, you often have to clean the bean bag. So, think a bit if your bean bag does not have a liner. You have to face many troubles to manage the fillings when you remove the outer cover. 

But with a liner, you can easily remove the outer cover of the bean bag and clean or wash it without any spills out of the beans. 

Easy to Clean Bean Bag Filler Beads

On the other hand, if you want to wash bean bag fillers, you can easily do that if you have a lining layer.

For instance, if you have a bean bag with expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads and want to wash out fillings, you cannot wash them directly. It means when you wash EPS beads, you may have to fill them into a separate bag.

So, if your bean bag is not with the liner, you have to use another cover or a big pillowcase to wash EPS. But if your bean bag has a liner, you can remove the outer cover. Then wash the beans with an inner cover. 

However, if you want to discover more details about washing bean bag fillers, read our guide.

Easy to Change the Cover

The general rule is, over time, our preference will change. So, if you want to change the outer cover of the bean bag to go for another design, color, or fabric, you can easily do that. 

You just have to remove the outer cover from the inner liner with fillings and insert it into the new cover. Then you can experience a refreshing feel with your wonderful-looking furniture. 

Provide Extra Protection for the Bean Bag

Typically, we like to do our works sitting in a comfortable place. For instance, we love to read, drink a cup of tea or a glass of wine, apply nail polish or eat snacks while sitting on the bean bag. Yes, of course, the bean bag can fulfill all of our requirements.

However, at that time, imagine that your wine glass is spilled on the bean bag. Moreover, your bean bag is not waterproof and does not have an inner liner. So, what will happen next?

No doubt, both the fabric and fillings absorb the wine. So, you have to clean both or refill them. But if your bean bag has an inner liner, you can remove the outer cover immediately and prevent further distribution of wine. 

Provide Extra Safety for Your Kid

In addition to that, a toddler’s bean bag with an inner liner is the one that is most suitable for your child. Because not like adults, the child always tries to do experiments and play with all they have. 

So, if they open the bean bag’s outer cover accidentally, the inner lining will prevent the bean beads spills out. In this type of incident, if your bean bag has no inner lining, there is a risk of inhaling and blocking your kid’s respiratory track with lightweight beans. 

Further inner liner slightly protects your fillings by pee of not only child but also your pets. 

In addition to the above importance, there are two covers of your bean bag. So, it gives extra protection to the fillers from dust and other foreign matters. 

Less Mess When Cleaning

The bean bag’s outer cover can be a tear, torn, or slashed. But if your bean bag has an inner liner, you do not worry about these types of incidents. 

Under these circumstances’ fillings do not tend to spill out. Because of inner liner holds the fillings. So, you do not have to face the trouble of spilling out on your lounge room floor.  

Enhance the Comfortability of the Bean Bag

In this era, most people like to go with environment-friendly products. as you already know, bean bag manufacturers also accept this concept and introduce bean bags with natural fillers like rice, hay, pebbles. 

If you want to discover more about bean bag filling alternatives, read our guide. 

These fillers can have sharp and pointed edges, especially in rice and pebbles. Thus, when these edges touch the user’s skin accidentally, it feels a bit uncomfortable. 

But if your bean bag has an inner liner, it prevents or reduces the sensation of sharp edges. Ultimately it will help to eliminate an uncomfortable feel. 

Protect Natural Fillers From Insects

Not like artificial fillers, insects can damage natural fillers like rice and hay easily. Generally, bean bag covers produce to restrict the insects’ entering.

But anyhow, the outer cover may damage. It allows the insects to enter into the bean bag. However, if your bean bag has an inner liner, it will prevent the insect from going to the inner filler.

Protect the Shape for a Longer Time

The inner liner can help your bean bag maintain its original shape for a longer time than bean bags without a liner. Inner liner prevents bean bags from going flat for a more extended period.

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