Bean Bag Gets Wet – Reasons to Get Wet & Recover

Think about what are the worst things that can happen to your bean bag. In my view, getting my bean bag wet is one of the terrible things. 

It is common for the bean bag to get wet, especially if you have children and pets. Because children always play with anything, whatever it is, including liquids. So, in this case, you should have known to deal with the wet bean bag. If not, I am sure it will be a big headache to your life. 

First of all, let’s see how a bean bag gets wet. Guess! What are the ways? 

bean bag get wet

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How a Bean Bag Gets Wet?

Think, we usually like to spend our leisure time on the bean bag. Further, end of the day we want some relaxation. So, what is the best place in your house? Sure, one is the bean bag.  

How about sitting on a bean bag and having a cup of hot coffee or a glass of wine? But any small failure can wet your bean bag. 

There are many different bean bag types in the market. Almost every outdoor bean bags are waterproof. But indoor beanbags are not.

Just think, for some reason, you are taking your bean bag out. After that, the rain will start, and you forget to take it indoors. Then your bean bag will get wet, right? 

Further, if you have children or pets, I don’t need to tell you how naughty those guys are. So, they can throw anything on your bean bag and wet it. On the other hand, it can also get wet with the kid and pets pee

However, rather than washing, you can use some techniques to dry your wet bean bag. Before that, let’s see what happens when the bean bag gets wet.

What Happens If a Bean Bag Gets Wet?

A Wet Bean Bag is a Suitable Place to Mildew and Mold

The mold and mildews are two fungi types and develop in an area with high moisture. These fungi are the major trouble you face when your bean bag gets wet and does not dry enough. 

Mildew and mold prefer to grow on damp surfaces. For instance, mildew grows in wet fabrics and leather commonly. So, when cotton and leather bean bags are exposed to moisture, there is a high risk of thrive mildews. 

These fungi can give you a bad experience with your bean bag. For instance, it can be an allergy for users.

Wet Bean Bag will Lose the Fluffy Feeling

Think your cotton filler or memory foam filler gets wet with some liquid. Then what happens to your bean bag texture? 

Generally, when bean bag fillers get wet, it loses its fluffy appearance. Consequently, the bean bag loses its comfy feeling. 

Wet Bean Bag is Too Heavy

It is no doubt. Wet bean bags are heavy. Here, the degree of the weight depends on the fillers and fabric of your bean bag

For instance, cotton and memory forms absorb the liquid. On the other hand, if your fabric is velvet, or fur faux, they are heavier than wet linen. As a result, the damp bean bag is difficult to move from one place to another. 

Loss the Noble Look of Bean Bag

When your bean bag is wet from wine, ink, or something, it should cause to make stains on the fabrics. Further, mold and fungus can create nonremovable patches.  

On the other hand, if you use an outdoor waterproof bean bag to enjoy in the pool, it will wet with pool water. So, chemicals like chlorines can shade the color of your bean bag. 

Wet Bean Bags Will Emit a Bad Odor

Wine, juice, or any beverage can cause to make a bad odor. Not only that, but water also can create a foul smell if it is not properly dry.

Wetness Badly Affect Natural Bean Bag Fillers

There are eco-friendly bean bags use in houses. These bean bags are filled with natural filler types like rice, hay, and pebbles. 

Anyhow if your eco-friendly bean bag will wet accidentally, It may be a bad experience for you. Because cleaning some of the natural fillers is not an easy task. 

For instance, wet rice’s durability becomes short. And sometimes, you have to refill your bean bag with new rice. Moreover, damp rice will easily be subject to insect and fungus attacks. Also, it stinks.

wet bean bag

How to Dry a Wet Bean Bag?

There are several ways to dry your wet bean bag. But the method depends on the fabric type and filler type of your bean bag. 

There are a hundred types of bean bags coming with various materials. So, when your dry your bean bag, very first, you should be aware of the materials that associate with it. 

Method 1 – Air Dry the Bean Bag

You can go with the below steps. 

Step 1Choose a sunny day. 

It is good to select a clean outdoor place. But if not, place your bean bag in front of the window.

Step 2Position the bean bag on the surface that the bean bag expose to the air well

If your bean bag fillers get wet completely, open the bean bag at some level and let excess water evaporate. But make sure to keeps bean bags away from your kids and pets. Moreover, keep your eye on it. 

Step 3Fluff the bean bag and turn it in every hour. 

Method 2 – Dry Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Beads

Here the steps are the same as with the air-dry method. But the important thing is you should remember, do not allow the EPS beads to expose to direct sunlight. Allow them to dry totally from the air dry. 

Method 3 – Using a Dryer to Dry Wet Bean Bag

This method cannot use for all materials. So, you should know about the bean bag outer cover, inner cover, and fillers, and whether it can tolerate even the low heat or not. 

It is not recommended to use a dryer for memory foam and EPS beads, and fabrics like vinyl and leather.

But you can try it for most of the bean bag outer and inner covers and fillers like cotton and old clothes.

So, here are the steps.

Step 1: Put the bean bag into the dryer. 

Before this, you can gently squeeze the bean bag well to remove excess water.

I know there are many sizes of bean bags. If you have a giant bean bag, you can do this process several times. It means if you have a large number of fillers, you can dry them several times. 

Do not overload the dryer. Because when fillers dry, they will expand. 

Do not directly put fillers into the dryer. Firstly, put them into the cover and tie. Then dry. Here the cover should tolerate the heat. 

Step 2: Set the dryer to shallow heat 

Step 3Add tennis balls or dryer balls into the bean bag

This will help to enhance the fluffy and keep the fillers from clumping by bouncing the balls. Also, these balls allow the stuffing to spread out for faster drying. If you use tennis balls, you can use clean socks to prevent lint. 

Step 4Dry the bean bag around for 45-60 minutes

Step 5Remove the bean bag from the dryer 

Once you remove it, you should make sure the bean bag is dry well or not. Also, make sure there is not any bad smell. If it emits any bad smell, that means the bean bag does not dry well. 

Step 6: Lay the bean bag flat in the sun and allow it to cool outside of the dryer. 

Method 4 – Dry Memory Foam Bean Bag

Memory foams and some materials like silk and latex do not react well to direct heat. So, please do not put them in the dryer. Moreover, you can use the same method for cotton fillers too. 

You can practice the below method for them. 

Step 1: Squeeze well to remove the excess water 

Step 2: Place flat in a well-ventilated area 

If you do not place it outdoor, you can use a fan to dry it

Step 3: Give enough time to dry it 

Final Words

Bean bag getting wet isn’t a rare thing. Also, dry the wet bean bag is not a hard thing as you think. So, now you know the right way to dry your bean bag. So, follow us to make your life easy. 

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