Using Dryer for a Bean Bag – Is It Safe?

When it comes to cleaning a bean bag, the hardest part is drying a bean bag. As the first option, most people go for a dryer to make a bean bag dry.

Do not put a bean bag in the dryer, and do not use a tumble dryer for your bean bag under any circumstance! It can ruin your whole bean bag. However, you can use a tumble dryer for some bean bag covers. But make sure it does not consist of any beans inside.

Moreover, the manufacturer guidelines can highly influence your decision. So, do not practice any drying method which manufacturers do not allow.

However, if we discuss this subject further, you can use a dryer for several types of bean bag covers. Let’s check what those are.

using dryer for bean bag

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Affect for Bean Bags with The Heat of Tumble Dryer

A tumble dryer is a tool that helps to dry our fabrics and clothes. It works with a simple principle. When it operates, the electric motor rotates the drum-filled wet cloths. Simultaneously, the dryer releases hot air through the drum. There is a heater to produce heat air, and a thermostat helps to maintain its temperature.

So, now you know the tumble dry releases hot air to the fabrics. However, it comes with temperature-regulating settings like as follows.

SettingTemperature (F)
Air DryNo Heat

Thus, if you set the tumble dryer at the low setting, it will release 125 Fahrenheit. Also, if it increases to a high level, the dryer may come to 145 Fahrenheit of temperature.  

So, can your bean bag fabrics withstand these levels of temperature? According to the cover fabric texture, the tolerance level is varied.

As an example, the vinyl fabric sensitive to heat differs from linen fabric. So, let’s check this further.

Manufacturer Guidelines for Tumble Dry

Every standard bean bag comes with tags that are mentioned in its cleaning guidelines. It includes signs of tumble dry. So, before using the dryer for your bean bag cover, check these signs. Then you can practice these processes without any fear.

Mainly, the manufacture included the following warning messages in the bean bag tag.  

  • Tumble dry
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Tumble dry: No heat
  • Tumble dry: Low heat
  • Tumble dry: medium heat
  • Tumble dry: High heat
  • Gentle cycle: No heat
  • Gentle cycle: Medium heat
  • Gentle cycle: Low heat

Different Bean Bag Covers in a Dryer

Leather Bean Bag Cover

Generally, bean bags are prepared with two different leather types. These are synthetic leather and natural leather. Among them, synthetic leather is widely used in the bean bag industry.

Moreover, there are different kinds of synthetic leather available in the market. So, its chemical properties may duffer.

Ordinarily, most leather bean bag covers can withstand 200 Feherenhite. But this tolerance level will vary according to the heat sensitivity of leather.

But it is not recommended to use a tumble dryer for leather bean bag covers. Because many people have bad experiences with fabric shrinking, burning, and discoloration, due to these issues, after tumble dry, they are unable to use that cover for their bean bag.

In addition to that, you already know the natural leather is made with animal skins. So, due to hot airflow, these bean bag covers also can get shrink and be damaged.

Vinyl Bean Bag Cover

Vinyl is made with polyvinyl chloride, and it is not a heat-resistant material. Hence, vinyl bean bag covers also have low thermal stability. That is why if vinyl bean bags are exposed to some high heat, the cover tends to melt.

Typically, the vinyl bean bag covers can stand at 150 – 185 Feherenhite. So, if you add it into the tumble dryer and set high heat, what happens next?

That is why vinyl bean bags manufacturers don’t allow to use of dryers for their bean bags.

Additionally, vinyl covers do not absorb water, and it is not difficult to dry. So, do not take a risk. Allow them to dry at normal conditions!

Cotton Bean Bag Covers

The cotton comes in different weights. According to it, the dryer requirement will change. Usually, the heavy cotton bean bag cover can tumble dry with high heat. 

However, it is recommended to use medium settings 135 Feherenhite for heavy and light-weighted cotton. Your bean bag cover will be safe with moderate temperatures.

Denim Bean Bag Covers

Denim is a bit heavy fabric. So, it can withstand temperature. Therefore, you can set the tumble dryer at high for denim bean bag covers. That heat does not cause damage and shrinks your bag.

Linen Bean Bag Covers

The linen is a solid and absorbent fabric. Also, it can dry faster than cotton. That’s why linen bean bags are ideal for hot climates. 

Other than that, linen can withstand high temperatures. Hence, you can use a dryer for linen bean bag covers. Also, you can use a tumble dryer at medium or low heat for linen bean bag covers. 

However, this dryer is not very practical for linen. So, if your linen cover is not fully dry under it, allow a few hours to air dry. 

Silk, Satin, and Wool Bean Bag Covers

These bean bag covers are made with susceptible fabrics. Thus, never use the high setting for them. Because the high temperature can shrink and deform your bean bag cover.

Use the dry flat setting for them.  

Stretch Fabric Covers

Rather than above typical bean bag covers, there are some bean bags made with elastic fabrics. Use low heat setting at tumble dryer for them.

Alternative – Air Dry

Besides tumble dry or any other mechanical method, you can practice the simple way to dry your bean bag. It is air dry.

Air dry is the safest method for many bean bags. Here, you can set your bean bag cover on a shaded area and let it dry naturally. No fuel. No energy. Let the sun do this task!

Essential Facts on Bean Bag Drying Process

Rather than dryer heat, there are some key factors that you should consider before adding a bean bag into the dryer. Those are;

  • Seam strength of bean bag cover
  • Fabric strength of bean bag cover
  • Zippers of the bean bag cover

While drying the bean bag cover, it rotates in the dryer. So, if your bean bag cover may have loose seams, it may break. Also, the low-strength fabrics may damage under high rotating speed.

Further, when you put the bean bag cover into the dryer, enclose the bean bag zipper. If not, the zipper may entrap with the dryer.

Final Words

Drying bean bag fillers using a dryer is a difficult task. Hence, people use the air-dry method to dry bean bag fillers. It is the safest method.

However, most bean bags consumers do not like to spend hours on the bean bag cleaning process. Thus, they search most fast method to dry their bean bags.

Now, you will have a better understanding of this matter. If the manufacturer is allowed to use a dryer, why are you wasting your time? Try it!

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