Steam Clean for Bean Bags – Complete Guide

Do you ever use steam to clean your bean bag? What is your experience? Most people ask whether I can steam clean my bean bag or not. So, firstly, I will answer.

Of course, you can use the steam cleaner for your bean bag under particular conditions because bean bags are prepared with different fabrics and fillers. Also, the physical and chemical properties of these materials differ.

Steam is a vapor status of water. When water temperature increases more than 212 Fahrenheit (100-degrees of celsius), it starts to evaporate as steam. Most manufacturers use this steam to produce tools like irons, steamers, spa equipment, and cleaning purposes.

Steaming is a healthy, effective, very hygienic, and chemical-free cleaning process. The disinfect ability of steam makes it ideal for cleaning many surfaces.

The 212 Fahrenheit hot steam can kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Moreover, steam can fix the fabric’s wrinkles firmly. Due to these unique benefits, people tend to use a steamer for their daily works.

Rather than clothes, people want to use a steamer for their bean bags. But, you cannot follow the same method for every bean bag. However, if you’re going to clean your bean bag with steam, pay attention to the below factors.

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Read Manufacture Guidelines

Manufacture is the main person who is well known about your bean bag’s chemical and physical properties. So, first, read their guidelines.

If they did not allow you to use the steam clean for your bean bag, do not use this method. Anyhow some manufacture permitted to use a steam cleaner for bean bags they manufacture. So, keep reading to know how to clean your bean bag with steam.

Remove Bean Bag Outer Cover

Generally, the bean bags are filled with expanded polystyrene beads, shredded memory foam, and cotton. Rather than that, some bean bags filled with eco-friendly bean fillers such as rice, hay, and some seeds. These fillers are differently reacting with the steam.

Most bean fillers will get wet with steam. So, if they do not dry well, it will produce a bad smell. Moreover, the heat of steam can damage bean bag fillers. Further, some organic filler types, such as rice, may deteriorate after steam.

Therefore, it is recommended to remove the bean bag cover before steaming.

How to Steam Clean Different Bean Bags

Leather Bean Bag

In general, steam and leather are incompatible. Also, some people have doubts whether water and steam give the same results or not. Yes, spraying water directly onto a leather bean bag is different than carefully steaming.

However, you can use a steam cleaner to clean your leather bean bags. The heat and moisture can be effective at lifting dirt and oil from the leather.

But if you misuse it, it may cause damage to your bean bag. Thus, practice the below steps with caution.

Step 1: Remove leather cover from bean bag

Step 2: Take a microfiber towel

Step 3: Wrap that towel around the nozzle of the steamer

Step 4: Turn on the steam machine and clean the bean bag cover

Here, you can lift deep stains from leather by steamer. The microfiber towel reduces the effect of high heat. Also, keep appropriate distance with steamer and bean bag. Keep the steaming machine 1 or 2 inches away from the leather cover.

Step 5: Repeat this process until the leather clean

Now your bean bag is free from germs.

Step 6: Finally, apply leather conditioner

This step is vital for keeping your leather with a good look. You can buy good leather cleaners from online stores.

Vinyl Bean Bag

Vinyl is an affordable, waterproof synthetic material. Because of that, most manufacturers use this for bean bag preparation. Also, it is the world’s most versatile plastic, that known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

But it is not recommended to practice steam cleaning for vinyl bean bags. Because the high temperature and moisture of the steamer can melt and damage the vinyl cover. That’s why manufacturers are saying do not steam clean vinyl bean bags. So, first, read their guidelines.

Cotton and Linen Bean Bag

Cotton fabric can stand around 400F. Thus, you can steam clean your cotton bean bag. However, the heat tolerance level of cotton fabric depends on its weight. The lightweight cotton cannot take much heat as medium and heavyweight cotton fabrics.

Also, linen is a lightweight fabric that can take very high heat. Therefore, you can steam clean linen bean bags too. The moisture and heat of the steam will not damage linen bean bag covers.

To ensure the steam reaction with your bean bag fabric, first, do the spot test. Then, follow the steps to clean bean bags prepared with cotton or linen fabrics.

Step 1: First, remove the outer cover of the bean bag

Step 2: Steam one side of the bean bag cover

When steaming, keep steamer 1 or 2 inches away from bean bag fabric.

Step 3: Allow a few minutes to dry it 

Step 4: Then steam clean the other side of the bean bag

Step 5: Air dry the bean bag cover before filling beans into it  

This step is vital. Because if moisture remains in the fabric, it will produce bad odors after a few days. Also, it may encourage the growth of microorganisms.

Suede Bean Bag

Regular brushing and vacuuming are not enough to clean suede bean bags. To get rid of germs, bacteria, mites, and molds, you need a practice effective cleaning method such as steam cleaning. It is a perfect way to keep your suede bean bag with a luxury appearance.

The moist heat can sterile and deep clean the whole surface of the suede bean bag cover without any harmful chemicals.

So, do you want to obtain these benefits? Then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Remove suede bean bag cover

Step 2: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove large debris

Step 3: Pre-treat stains and spots by spraying mild stain remover

Here, you have to brush the suede surface and clean it.

Step 4: Add steam cleaning solution into the steamer

You can skip this step if you do not want to. But, the steam cleaner solution can give good results. However, if you use a cleaner solution, read manufacture guidelines carefully.

Step 5: Set steam cleaner at low-vapor mode 

The suede is a sensitive fabric. Hence, set the low vapor mode to regulate temperature.

Step 6: Steam clean the bean bag

Step 7: Let it air dry before fix as a bean bag

Special Note

  • Some bean bag emits a pee smell. Or else some others emit some bad odors. To avoid these types of unpleasant smells, add 2,3 drops of white vinegar into the steam cleaner. Then do a spot test at the hidden corner of the bean bag. If spot test it okay, use this solution to clean your bean bag.
  • Steam cleaning is not a technique that is frequently used for bean bags. It is better to use the steam clean after six months or one year.
  • Moreover, if you do not have skills for steam cleaning, take support from experts.  
  • Do not steam in one place of fabric for too long a time.

Final Words

Steam clean is a famous cleaning method that was used from the ancient era. Now, it is used for furniture that is made with fabrics too. Yes, you can use a steam cleaner for bean bags.

The main thing you should keep in mind is to follow the proper guidelines. Now you know the best method to do steam cleaning of a bean bag. Anyhow, do a spot test first and then apply these methods to your bean bag. This is the best time to take a break with your well-cleaned bean bag!

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