Complete Guide to Surface Clean a Bean Bag

Surface cleaning a bean bag is the easiest way to clean a bean bag. Rather than washing a bean bag entirely, it only takes several minutes to surface clean it.

The surface cleaning methods of bean bags are different for different bean bags. You can not follow the same techniques and surface cleaning procedures for every bean bag you have.

We have listed different surface cleaning methods for different types of bean bags.

Surface Clean a Bean Bag

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How Do Bean Bag Covers Get Dirty?

Whatever your bean bag type, it gets dirty with the different kinds of foreign substances over time. Do you know how your bean bag gets dirt?

Think you walk around home and garden barefoot and then lay down on a bean bag. When you walk, dust, sand, and mud particles accumulate in your legs. Then after you lay down, these are in contact with the bean bag.

On the other hand, we all experience sweating in hot weather. So, if we lay down on a bean bag with sweat on our body, it will absorb into the bean bag.

Dust, mud, sweat, hair, dandruff are the key factors that make bean bags dirty. Moreover, food and beverages may spill out on your bean bag.

So, it is essential to surface clean bean bags from time to time. It not only maintains your bean bag but also helps to protect your hygiene.

However, you can clean bean bags by surface cleaning rather than washing them. It is easy! Also, it does not take much time, and it can do regularly.

Surface cleaning of bean bags differs with bean bag shape, bean bag fabric type, strain type, and level of dirt. There are some techniques to surface clean bean bags. Let’s check one by one.

Different Methods to Surface Clean a Bean Bag

Surface Clean Suede Bean Bags

It is impossible to wash suede bean bags using a washing machine or hand wash. Thus, you must follow special tips to surface clean suede bean bags.

Tip 1 – Rub dust or mess with a damp terry towel.

Tip 2 – To deep clean, use a vacuum cleaner. It will take off dust and crumbs.

Tip 3 – If your suede bean bag has persistent stains, mix one-part vinegar with two parts water. Then use it with circular motions to clean with a metal suede brush.  

Tip 4 – To spot-clean, use damp terry cloth that soaked in warm water and a mild detergent

Tip 5 – Spray the water-resistant protective solution on your chair the moment you bring it home. It will make cleaning more straightforward and safer.

Tip 6 – A suede brush or suede eraser is ideal for removing strain on the bean bag surface. It is easy to remove patches from fabric like erasers remove pencil lines. This is an effective way of tackling minor scuffs.

Surface Clean Vinyl Bean Bags

Cleaning vinyl fabrics are the easiest than other fabrics! Try the below tips.

Tip 1 – Rub dust or mess with a clean cloth.

Tip 2 – Add mild detergent to warm water. Dip a clean cloth and surface clean vinyl bean bag using that. Use a circular motion to get the best results!

Tip 3 – Use this method if your vinyl bean bag has some spots.

First, create a paste using a spoonful of baking soda and drops of warm water. Apply it on the spot and scrub out the stain gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Surface Clean Plush Bean Bags

Everyone likes to snuggle into the softness of plush. However, it also needs some refreshment to keep clean. So, apply below surface cleaning methods to plush the bean bag. Moreover, unless necessary, skip the use of soap and water.

Tip 1 – Remove surface dust with a dry paper towel.

Tip 2 – Vacuum bean bag regularly with a brush attachment.

Tip 3 – Use a soft-bristled hairbrush to remove any crusty stains.

Surface Clean Faux Fur Bean Bags

Faux fur bean bags look luxurious! That fabric contains long hair-like treads. So, if you wash them, it will look like a wet kitty!

Therefore, it is not recommended to wash it unless there are no other options. So, use the below tips to surface clean faux fur bean bags.

Tip 1 – Vacuum bean bag regularly with a brush attachment.

Tip 2 – Remove dust using a terry towel.

Surface Clean Cotton and Linen Bean Bags

Cotton and linen materials absorb a lot of wear. Because of that, it can absorb your sweat easily. Also, its porous structure can grab more dust. Because of that, you should clean them regularly.

Tip 1 – If there are no stains or markings, vacuum cleaning is the best way to remove dust, food particles, and other foreign matters. So, vacuum your bean bag regularly with a brush attachment.

Tip 2 – Is there any stain? To surface clean, you have to remove them. So, mix four drops of mild detergent with warm water. Then dip a dump cloth into it and clean the dirt spot.

Tip 2 – Take a bristle brush and remove dust from the bean bag using it.

bean bag surface clean

Surface Clean Leather Bean Bags

Leather is one of the most versatile fabrics used in the bean bag industry. Due to its durability and rich look, it has been famous from the beginning till today. Moreover, leather has delicate surfaces.

Because of that, it reduces the possibility of dust accumulation in the outer cover. However, over time, it also gets dirt with sweat and dust.

Also, this foreign substance may react with this natural fabric. Thus, it is vital to keep your leather bean bag clean. Apply the below methods to surface clean it.

Tip 1 – Run a damp cloth over the leather bean bag weekly.

Tip 2 – Vacuum bean bag regularly with a brush attachment.

Tip 3 – Are there any stains? Mix a mild detergent with warm or cool water. Then remove stains using a circular motion.

Are stains available? Use a soft bristle brush to remove more stubborn stains.

To keep your leather bag in tip-top condition, apply leather conditioner once every three to six months.

Surface Clean Velvet Bean Bags

Velvet is similar to suede. So, it is not recommended to wash velvet covers in bean bags or dry using a tumble dryer. Generally, velvet bean bags add a glamorous look to the home.

However, you have to put a bit of effort into keeping them clean. But if you can keep it away from stain, surface cleaning is easy.

Tip 1 – Vacuum your velvet bean bag regularly as part of your household cleaning.

Tip 2 – If there are any spills on your bean bag, deal with them immediately. If they dry, it is difficult to remove.  

Warm water and mild detergent can use to spot cleaning. Use a circular motion to remove them. Please do not use any stain remover unless you’re confident that it won’t discolor the fabric.

Tip 3 – Use a velvet brush once a week to clean. It is not an expensive item, and you can buy it from the market or online.

Or else you can use a clean cloth to dust out the dirt.

Surface Clean Lice Exposures

Generally, School-aged children often come home with lice. So, when they lie on a bean bag, these tiny creatures transfer into it. Also, they can survive a few days on nonliving surfaces.

So, whatever your bean bag type, you should pay attention to this matter when surface cleaning. Hence, follow these tips to get rid of lies.

Tip 1 – Vacuum every surface of the bean bag chair. Especially zipper area and edges. Also, keep the floor area clean.

Tip 2 – Add warm water and a few drops of tea tree oil to the spray bottle. Then spritz it on the entire chair. But not soak bean bag chair in this solution. Spraying is enough.

Final Words

As We all are busy with our tight schedules, we do not have much time to spend on our furniture. Also, it is not recommended to wash some types of bean bags. On the other hand, you cannot wash your bean bag every week.

That’s why we all should practice surface cleaning methods to maintain our accessories. It can remove foreign materials that are attached to bean bags easily.

However, you cannot use the same technique for every bean bag. Hence, here I mentioned how to conduct it correctly. I hope you guys are happy with these simple tips!

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