11 Tips to Avoid Bean Bag Sweating

These sweat and other oils create stains in bean bag fabric over time. Then you have to spend hours cleaning them. Besides cleaning, you can avoid bean bag sweating.

Hot weather is one factor that causes sweat. However, many reasons can generate a sweaty feel. So, to find the solution, first, we should identify the problem.

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Why Does Body Generate a Lot of Sweat?

  • When you are doing an activity while sitting on a bean bag
  • If a person sitting on a bean bag after walking, running, or doing physical activity work
  • When the weather is too hot
  • Wearing rough cloths

If we look at the theory, sweating is a natural and biological process. It helps to regulate body temperature. 

Due to the reasons mentioned above, your body heat will increase. When your body temperature increase, it evaporate moisture. So, using this method, our body releases excess heat with sweat.

However, this natural process can negatively impact our soft furniture, such as bean bags and sofas, because they are very susceptible to moisture and sweat. 

However, we cannot change this natural phenomenon. But, we can control some incidents. 

Avoid Bean Bag Sweating

So, here I include the best methods to avoid bean bag sweating. Find how? 

Methods to Avoid Bean Bag Sweating

Using an Air Conditioner

using an air conditioner

Now you know the different reasons that cause to increase in your body temperature. However, you cannot avoid most of them. 

But, you can use equipment to cool down your body heat. Air conditioners can perfectly cool down the surrounding environment and our bodies. So, using an AC is an excellent solution to avoid bean bag sweating. 

Lay External Pebble Sheet on the Bean Bag

Using Pebble Sheet

Do you ever experience heat when you sit hours on a bean bag? It happens because your body heat transfers into the bean bag. 

However, after a particular time, it will not feel comfortable. You may feel sweating. How is it happen? 

There is no space to release body temperature when your back touches with bean bag surface. Then it causes heat and increases our body temperate. It results in sweating. However, you can resolve this issue by applying a pebbled sheet to the bean bag.

Pebble sheets create distance between our body and bean bag. Also, its pores structure helps to release body heat quickly. Pebble sheet is a commonly available tool that is used with many chairs.  

Have a Bath

take a bath

If you do not have an air conditioner, you cannot essentially control the environmental factors. Then you have to change your lifestyle. It is simple. You just have to wash before laying on the bean bag. What do you feel after having a bath? You will say, Super cool! 

Yes, it releases a relatively massive amount of excess heat while you wash. Then, your internal body functions get slow, and body temperatures cool down. 

Rather than that, you can protect your bean bag from dust, mud, and other hazardous microorganisms by using the best hygienic practice. 

Lay Towel, Bed Sheet, or Any Other Cloth on the Bean Bag

Cloth on Bean Bag

Do you feel sweaty? And want to sit in a comfy place like a bean bag? But still, worrying about the bean bag getting sweaty? 

In this situation, you can prevent sweat contact with the bean bag by laying down a towel or another cloth on it. Then if your body is covered with sweat, this towel will absorb sweat and prevent contact. 

Open the Window and Allow Air to Enter

open windows

Rather than very advanced techniques, you can avoid sweating bean bags by using simple things. Here, you just have to open your window. Then allow the wind to cool down your surroundings. 

The surroundings and wind can also cool down your body temperature by evaporating the excess sweat. Then you will feel better.

The best method to avoid bean bag sweating is, minimize sweat generation. Wind and ventilation work perfectly. 

Apply Protection Cream on the Leather Bean Bag

Protection Cream for Leather Bean Bags

Most people love to have leather bean bags because they look luxurious and classy. But users complain that leather furniture gives an excessively sweaty feel.

Also, leather bean bags are more susceptible to sweat. They can discolor and decay the leather fabrics. So, as a safety precaution, apply leather protection cream at least four times per year.

It will give relatively good protection to bean bags by sweating.

Clean Your Sweat Before Sitting on the Bean Bag

clean sweat

Sometimes, you may be unable to bathe every time. In that kind of situation, you can use a small towel or cloth to remove excess sweat from your body. It will prevent the contamination of the sweat on your bean bag.

It is better if you can use a wet cloth to remove your sweat. Because damp cloth can cool down your warm body thus, it helps to reduce sweat production.

Rather than these methods, are there any tips to avoid bean bag sweating? Let’s dive deep.

Use Fan and Bucket with Water

using a fan

If you have a traditional chair, you may know it is structured. Generally, there are pores backrest consist most of them. That pores structure help to release our excess temperature into the atmosphere.

Think, when you use the seat that does not have that kind of pores structure?

Then, your heat gets stuck between your body and seat cover. So, it will feel warmer and cause to generate more sweat.

This can happen in bean bags too. Generally, our body temperature is a bit warmer than room temperature. Thus, that heat is transferred into the bean bag. 

Bean bags also do not have pores structures. Consequently, the body generates more heat and produces more sweat.

That’s how bean bag dirt with your sweat. However, you can reduce the sweating generation by using a fan.

The fan is equipment that blows the airflow. The airflow can evaporate sweat and cool down your body. So, it will help to avoid bean bags from excess sweating.

You can keep a water basket in your room to get the best result. It will help increase the room’s humidity and cool down the atmosphere.

Use Bean Bag in a Cool Shaded Area

Shaded Environment

Avoid direct sunlight and keep your bean bag under a shaded area. Because if your bean bag gets heat, that temperature will transfer into the user’s body. Then it will cause to generate more heat.

Also, if you sit under sunlight, your body gets heat and starts sweating.

Use Bean Bags Made with Porousness Fabric

Porousness Fabric

The bean bag fabric and filler type directly affect sweating. For example, if you have a leather or vinyl bean bag, you will feel more sweat. How is it happen?

The leather and vinyl fabrics lack breathable and porous properties. Hence, there is no way to release your body heat when sitting on them. So, that excess heat accumulates between your body and the bean bag. Then, it will cause to generate more sweat.

So, it would be best if you could consider the fabric’s breathable and porous properties before purchasing the bean bag.

Generally cotton, linen fabrics have good breathable properties. So, if you buy cotton or linen bean bags, it will give you a better solution for sweating than leather bean bags. 

Apply Antiperspirant Before Going to the Bean Bag


Antiperspirants can block sweat ducts. Therefore the sweat can’t reach the surface of our skin. Here, sweat is still produced at the gland. But it can’t get to the surface.

So, if you apply antiperspirants, you can protect your bean bag from sweat. Here, ensure your skin is clean and dry before using it.

Moreover, shave under your arms because hair can block antiperspirants from doing their job. This hair holds moisture, and shaving underarms can reduce excessive sweating. So, it is suitable for your hygiene too.

Deodorants don’t prevent sweating. It aims to avoid the smell produced by bacteria when we sweat. Moreover, some antiperspirants contain deodorants. Thus, you can use that kind of deodorant to keep your body fresh.

Final Words

Rather than moisture, sweat contains salt, which is a natural acid. They can easily absorb into your bean bag and eventually damage it. So, you should know how to keep your bean bag clean and fresh. I hope, today onward, sweat is not frustrate your comfy feel.

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