How to Use Sofa Bean Bags? – Newbie Guide

Most sofa bean bags come in giant sizes. Using and maintaining a sofa bean bag is tricky, so many households think using sofa bean bags is a headache. But if you use it correctly, you will be a top fan of the bean bag sofa! 

Do you want to know the correct way of using sofa bean bags? Then follow these Tips.

how to use sofa bean bags

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Choose a Suitable Place to Place Your Sofa Bean Bag

Generally, these bean bags are giant. Thus, it isn’t easy to move them from one place to another place every time. Therefore, when placing your sofa bean bag, consider the below factors. 

Choose Dry Clean Surface/ Floor

The clean, dry surfaces reduce waste contaminations. So, it is better to keep them on these types of surfaces.

Besides direct floor surfaces, you can place your bean bag on a carpet. It will give considerable protection to your bean bag.

Maintain At Least One Feet Distance from Walls

This is not a mandatory requirement. But if you keep it at least one feet distance, it is easy to clean, especially with a vacuum cleaner. 

However, some people placed their sofa bean bags just near the walls. It is also okay. But do not forget to clean these areas regularly. If not, rodents and pests can accumulate there.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

If anything is exposed to direct sunlight over time, they will shade and lose their beautiful appearance.

So, if you placed your sofa bean bag near a window or area with intensive sunlight, it may get shaded and get off-color. Hence, place your sofa bean bag in a shaded place of your room.

You can move them near the balcony or window when you want to feel the fresh air!

Protect Your Sofa Bean Bag from Rain and Mist

The rain and mist can wet your bean bag. Do you like to sit on a sac-like wet kitty? Thus, keep your sofa bean bag away from window and door openings. 

Fill Your Bean Bag Sofa with Appropriate Fillers

Manufacturers sell empty sofa bean bags and bean bags filled with balls. Due to the low cost, some people tend to buy only the cover.

In this situation, fill your sofa bean bag cover appropriately using the beanballs. There are easy ways to fill bean balls into the sofa bean bag. To know what they are, click here.

Place Your Sofa Bean Bag on the Selected Place

The bean bag sofa is the most significant piece of furniture in any living room. It decorates and gives an overlook to your living room. 

Because of that, the bean bag sofa should be facing the focal point. To do this task successfully, consider the following factors.

Balance the Sofa Bean Bag with Other Interiors

If your room has heavy things on one side, the entire space looks unbalanced. Since the bean bag sofa is quite large, they acquire massive space in the living room. Therefore, use other interiors to balance the area. 

Do Not Block Walking Paths

When placing your bean bag sofa, do not block walking paths. It will create unnecessary traffic.

In Front of Windows and Doors

You can place the sofa bean bag face in front of the window. Then the users can get a super fantastic experience by enjoying the environment while sitting on a sofa bean bag.

Also, do not place a sofa bean bag in front of the door. It will disturb user relaxation. 

Enjoy Your Bean Bag Sofa

People use different seating and lying postures to relax their bodies. It is a very subjective matter. In addition to that, sofa bean bags can use for various purposes. What are those?

How to use sofa bean bags to fulfill those requirements?

Let’s see one by one.

Sofa Bean Bag is a Perfect Bed

The typical bed helps us lay our whole body on a comfortable mattress. Due to its comfort, our body muscles get to relax. Physical relaxation directly affects our mental peace too.

Here you can use a sofa bean bag as an alternative for blow-up beds. It accommodates your entire body and gives a super relaxing experience to your muscles.

Rather than a typical bed, the sofa bean bag perfectly confirms your body shape. Also, it provides enough back support.

We all seek a comfortable environment to spend our lives in. So, it is the primary reason people buy sofa bean bags to get a good sleep.

Accommodate Many People

Due to its giant size, many people can comfortably sit or lay on a sofa bean bag. Therefore, this chair is ideal for a family or group of people.

Comfortable Chair

You can use a sofa bean bag as a comfy chair. It is the best place to read books, enjoy your cup of tea and spend your leisure time. Also, it can use as a gaming chair or movie chair.

Due to its coziness, it will give a super fantastic sitting experience to the users. This portable and versatile chair is ideal for cuddling time.

In addition to these usages, if you feel any muscle pain, a sofa bean bag will give good relief to your body!

Carry your Sofa Bean Bag to Your Next Home

Are you going to change your home or living space? Then you should need to carry all of your furniture and other equipment with you. However, it isn’t easy to take heavyweight sofas and traditional furniture.

But if you own a sofa bean bag, you can vacuum and easily pack it. It will take less space and save money. Use sofa bean bag handles to move them quickly.

bean bag sofa cleaning

Clean Your Bean Bag Sofa Regularly

How many times do you clean your room for a week?

Most people swipe their floors and clean dust every day. However, I know it is challenging to wash or deep clean your sofa bean bag daily.

But it would help if you surfaced clean them regularly. You can use a damp cloth or brush to remove the dust when cleaning your floor. Also, you can use a wet cloth to clean a bean bag made with waterproof fabrics like vinyl.

Rather than the above ways, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean your sofa bean bag and surroundings speedily.

If there are any markings or patches, use a proper spot cleaning method to remove them. This will vary with fabric type and dirt level.

However, it is easy to clean bean bag sofas made of waterproof fabrics, like vinyl. You can clean most of the wine, food, or pee patches using a towel and liquid detergent.

But if your bean bag sofa is made with fabric like cotton, linen, or silk, you have to wash them deep clean. You can use a bristle brush or eraser to remove patches from suede bean bag sofas.

Safely Store Your Sofa Bean Bag

Do you plan to go on a vacation? Or else, do you have an idea how to store bean bag sofa when it is not in use?

You can cover your bean bag sofa using its shield in this situation. Or else you can cover it using a blanket or polythene.

Vacuum the bean bag and reducing free spaces are excellent ways to store the bean bag sofa. But you should have proper knowledge about it. So, click here to know it completely.

Keep Your Body Clean

This is the essential factor. Whatever your furniture, you are the primary source that causes to dirt them.

Therefore, before sitting on a bean bag sofa, make sure your body is free from excess sweat. Also, keep your legs free from dust and mud when you lay on the sofa bean bag.

It is good if your hair is free from dandruff. So, always maintain good personal hygiene. Then, you can keep your bean bag long with a refreshing look.

Final Thoughts

If someone asks how to use a Sofa Bean Bag, you may get confused. So, when you buy this fantastic chair, your mind will ask the same. It is a broad question. However, I hope you have found the most relevant answers now!

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