Get Pee And Pee Smell Out Of Bean Bag

If you have a pet or toddler, your bean bag may get wet their pee. Then, as a parent or adult, you have to clean the bean bag for continuous use. Now do not scratch your head and wondering what to do. Removing pee from bean bags is not complicated as rocket science. So, let’s look at how to get pee out of the bean bag from simple methods.

You can get pee out of the bean bag either with water or stain remover. To get the pee smell out of the bean bag, you need to use Vinegar, Baking soda or other enzymatic cleaners.

The bean bag cleaning method mainly depends on the fabric type and filler type. Moreover, you can choose a method according to your budget and resources availability. 

Hence, follow these steps to get pee and pee smell out from your bean bag.

get pee out of bean bag

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How to Get Pee Out of Bean Bag

Clean Pee Using Water

Step 1: First, take out bean bag from the pee spread area

The urine of your kid or pet may spread to the surrounding area. Hence, to prevent further contamination, first, you take out your bean bag from that area. 

Make sure to place your bean bag on a surface that can clean easily. If not, the pee may spread all over your home when it is moving and cleaning. 

But in some situations, moving bean bags is a bad idea. Because it will cause to mess up all area with pee, hence, according to the problem, you should decide the best possible method. 

If your bean bag is prepared with waterproof fabric, it is easy to clean because they do not absorb the pee and prevent pee leakage into the fillers.

Step 2: Gently Blot the Excess Pee

Sometimes pee may be remaining on the bean bag. Thus, you can use highly absorbable material like paper towels or toilet paper towels. Then gently blot the pee. Anyhow if pee is already dry, you can skip this step. 

Generally, bean bags are filled with expanded polystyrene fillers. It slowly absorbs the pee. But if you see toddlers or pet peeing activity, you can limit the contact by flipping the bean bag cover. If not, you can use bolting papers to remove pee quickly from the bean bag.

Step 3: Read the Manufacturer Washing and Drying Guidelines

Read the manufacturer tag to check whether bean bag fabric can be washable using a machine or not. If they are not allowed to use a washing machine, you have to hand wash the bean bag cover. 

If not, you can put the fabric bean bag cover to the washing machine and easily clean it like a cloth. Moreover, you can practice this method for cotton, linen, velvet, and suede fabrics. Further, you can use 2 cups of white vinegar to getting better results. 

You can wash a waterproof bean bag, either removing the cover or not. However, if pee is not leaking inside, it is recommended to clean without removing the bean bag cover. Generally, leather and vinyl fabrics are waterproof. Hence, you can practice this method for them. 

Further, some bean bags have a waterproof lining. Thus, you can remove bean bag filler beads with lining easily from that type of bean bag

Step 4: Drying or Vacuum the Bean Bag Cover

You can use either air dry or a mechanical dryer for this purpose. Also, you can use a tumble dryer. But read manufacturer guidelines first. Most of them are not allowed to use a tumble dryer for bean bag fabrics.

Do you have any wet/dry vacuum cleaners? Then you can use it to remove excess liquid from bean bag fabric. However, do not use iron to dry your bean bag fabrics.

Soak the Bean Bag Fabric in Oxiclean

Step 1: Fill Oxiclean in the scoop to line 4 and dissolve it in one gallon of water 

Step 2: Soak bean bag fabric in there for 1-6 hours

Step 3: Wash bean bag fabric as usual with detergent 

In this method, you can remove the pee and its stain from the fabric. Please read the bean bag manufacturer guidelines first. And make sure that your bean bag fabric is washable in the washing machine or not. 

Further, you can spray Oxiclean on the area that dirt with pee. After that, you can wash it using detergent. Oxiclean helps to remove pee stains and smells from the bean bag. 

get pee out of bean bag filler

Get Pee Out of Bean Bag Fillers

Are you going to trash your bean bag fillers that contaminate with cats’ pee? Please don’t do it. 

First, try to clean it and get out pee from fillers. The pee removing method depends on the filler type. Because some fillers have better absorption properties and others have fewer absorption properties. 

Also, some bean beads can clean using water. But some fillers may get dissolve in the water. 

Therefore first, you should read the manufacturer guidelines.

Phase 1: Air dry

If you cannot wash your filters, you can add them into a separate container. Also, add a blotting cloth at the bottom of the container. Then allow them to air dry for few days. 

Phase 2: Use antibacterial cleaner

Generally, most bean bags fill with expanded polystyrene fillers. Thus, get out pee from them is a bit challenging. Hence you can clean them using an antibacterial cleaner. 

First, mix half a cup of white vinegar in three cups of water. Then add 10-15 lavender to it. Now you prepare the antibacterial cleaner solution. Hence, fill this solution into the spray bottle. After that, shake the bottle and spray the solution to the bean bag fillers. 

You can do this when fillers in the bean bag or taking bean beads to a separate container. However, shake and mix the fillers to gradually apply the solution. 

get pee smell out of bean bag

How to Get Pee Smell Out of Bean Bag

Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

Moreover, you can use an enzymatic cleaner to remove pee and its smell from bean bags, especially cats pee. Cats pee have an exceptional level of odor. Hence, enzymatic cleaner helps to remove the pee smell at a molecular level through a chemical reaction. 

Also, different types of enzymatic cleaners are effective against various kinds of stains. Therefore you can select the best type to clean the bean bag. Nature’s Miracle is one of the famous brands that you can purchase from the market or online. 

However, the enzymatic cleaner can clean the pee that spread on the surface of the bean bag. But if the pee penetrates the middle area of your bean bag, you may have to go for the below options. 

Dip the Bean Bag Cover in a Vinegar Solution

Add two cups of white vinegar into the water tub. Then soak bean bag fabric in the solution. Allow them to dip for 10-30 minutes. 

Then again, wash the bean bag fabric using detergent and let it air dry. Sometimes you may smell vinegar odor until few days. But do not worry. It may fade with time. 

Use Baking Soda

Generally, most bean bag fillers cannot wash. Thus to remove the pee smell, you can sprinkle the baking soda on them. After adding the baking soda shake the beans to mix well. 

Then let it dry for few days. Usually, baking soda has the ability to absorb the pee smell. 

Use Sachets of Smell Absorbing Materials

There are different kinds of substances available in the market. They are specially designed to absorb the odor. Hence you can try them to get rid of the pee smell from your bean bag.

Is your bean bag still have a bad smell? Is it emits from the fillers? Then you have to buy new filter beads for the bean bag. 

Mainly bean bag covers easy to clean than fillers. But if your bean bag fabrics do not positively respond above methods, you have to get rid of the old bean bag

Final words

Bean bags can dirt with the pee of pets and toddlers. However, unlike other furniture, bean bag cleaning is a bit challenging. 

Thus, it consists of lots of filler beads and different kinds of fabrics. But, every problem comes with solutions. 

I believe now you can get out of pee from your beautiful bean bag. Just lay on your bean bag with a refreshing feel. 

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