Using Bean Bag Chairs for Meditation

A few days ago, my friend asked me whether she could use a bean bag for meditation. Even though I hadn’t used a bean bag for meditation, my first impression was like, “Why Not?” But later, I researched this.

You can meditate on a bean bag, and bean bags are perfect for meditation. You should focus on several factors like the size and shape of the bean bag. But you can have lots of advantages if you choose a bean bag for meditation. 

Most people do meditation to relax their intrinsic state of mind and body. It gives complete relief to the whole Soul. However, people sit in the same position for hours when they are meditating. Do you have any experience of meditating on the floor or hard surfaces? You might have felt discomfort.

Thus, people search for a comfortable seat to prevent any physical discomfort during meditation. Some special seats are designed for meditation. But most of them do not give enough comfort while sitting a few hours in the same position.

That’s why people are looking for bean bags. However, they have doubts whether bean bag chairs are good for meditation.

Meditating on a giant, comfy bean bag is great, but you may ask why bean bags are suitable for meditation. And what are the benefits of using bean bags for meditation? 

Check the below facts. Indeed you may wonder!

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Benefits of Using Bean Bags for Meditation

Bean Bags Relax Your Body

Meditation is not just for your mind; it is the best treatment for your body as well. Do you know meditation can lower your blood pressure?

So, to take full effects from meditation, you need to make sure your body is also in a relaxed state as your mind.

Most people hold lots of stress on their jaw, shoulders, face, neck, and back. To feel good, they should let these muscles get relaxed. The bean bags can give support for the muscle relaxation process. So, it is an excellent soft piece of furniture for meditating.

It Gives a Firm Base

Bean bags are a piece of super comfy furniture, and it gives a firm base seat. Usually, it is filled with micro fillers, memory foam, or cotton. These fabulous fluffy fillers can provide excellent support for your whole body. 

Bean Bag Makes a Comfortable Seat

If you are a beginner, you may know how difficult to concentrate your mind on one thing for 15 minutes. Also, people of different ages do meditation. So, all of them need a comfortable seat to sit on while meditating.

If your meditating chair gives discomfort and a scratchy feel to your skin, then you will probably lose your focus.

Most meditation chairs do not give perfect comfort. When compared with other meditation chairs, bean bags provide super comfort to the whole body. Also, relax body tissues and keep your mindset cool. 

So, a bean bag chair helps to solidify meditation as a habit.  

Bean Bags Help to Maintain Body Postures

Have you ever done meditation on hard surfaces? Indeed, after several hours, you may feel pain in your back and numb legs. Also, it may give a stiff and creaky feel.

Well, most people struggle with back pain while meditating. No matter how you sit, keep your spine straight as possible. It will be essential to have a good respiration cycle too. So, the bean bag help to sit upright and awake. 

So, having good postures is strongly important to focus and reach your mind flow state and intrinsic spirits.

Moreover, energy cannot flow more beneficial way if you have a terrible postural alignment. That’s why you should select a chair that is specially designed for meditation.

A Bean bag is one of the best choices for meditation. It comes with back support too. So, if you want a back support chair, go for a bean bag sofa. It can eliminate back pain and encourage you to meditate for much longer.

Bean Bags Provide a Flexible Seat for Meditation

When we sit on any furniture, our body transfers heat into it. Eventually, the furniture gets warm. So, the same thing happens when you sit on any surface or chair.

However, besides other furniture, bean bags have super flexibility. So, when your butt feels warm, unconsciously, muscles can change their postures on the bean bag.

After you change postures, the bean bag automatically adjusts for your new posture without disturbing meditation. So, that’s why bean bags are ideal for meditation.

Bean Bags Make Less Noise

Meditation is not a simple task. It needs a pretty calm environment to focus on intrinsic spirits and mind state. That is the reason most people do meditation in quiet settings like forests and near waterfalls.

So, if your meditation seat produces noise, is it good? No, it will disturb your mental peace. Bean bags are prepared with standard materials and fillers.

So, these quality materials give an excellent experience to users. Thus, it does not produce noticeable noise while the user changes their postures.

Bean Bags Keep your Body Stable and Balance

When you are meditating, you mostly sit in an upright and crossed-leg position. The hands rested on the lap, and shoulders slightly pushed backMoreover, your chin is slightly tucked in. So, to maintain these positions stably, your seat should adjust for them. 

Generally, bean bags are directly in touch with the ground. Also, it is well established in cracked surfaces and hard surfaces too. So, it never lets you down and keeps your body stable for meditation. 

But traditional chairs do not have this feature, and they cannot adjust according to the ground surface. Hence, they cannot use on cracked or unleveled surfaces.

Bean Bags for Indoor and Outdoor

What kind of places do you select for meditation? Probably it may be the calmest place of your garden, rooftop, or under the tree.

Sometimes, you may go woodland or such a quiet environment for meditation. So, this may differ from person to person. It can be a place indoor or outdoor.

Bean bags come in different types. Hence, according to your usage, you can select the best indoor or outdoor bean bag.

Then you may not need to worry about the bean bag getting wet or dirt when using outdoors because they are specially designed with waterproof materials for outdoor usages.

Bean Bags Reduce Pressure Spots

When you are sitting on a hard surface or traditional chair, what would you feel?

Undoubtedly, your butt area and backside may feel pain. It is just because these surfaces hold up whole body weight.

But when designing bean bags, manufacturers could overcome this issue. Bean bags are designed to adjust to every corner of your back.

So, it facilitates the distribution of body weight through ample space. Hence, any person can meditate hours on a bean bag without any discomfort.

Customized Sizes and Heights of Bean Bags

Our sitting requirement is highly subjective. It will depend on our weight, size, legs height, and body height. So, any furniture that ideally fits someone will not work for another one. Due to that, customer requirements will differ.

However, there are plenty of bean bags types available in the market. So, you can select the best bean bag that ideally fits your body.

meditation bean bags

Quality and Reliability of Bean Bags

If you compare the basic sitting pad and bean bag, bean bags will get the highest marks because they are made with quality fabrics and fillers. Moreover, bean bags are easy to clean and maintain.

Not only that, it’s made with ergonomics. So, if you sit on a bean bag with good postures, it will not negatively affect your health.

Bean Bags are Lightweight

Due to its lightweight, it is easy to move to different meditation locations.

Bean Bags are Multi-Purpose

If you purchase a bean bag for mediation, you can use it for multi-purposes. You can read novels, newspapers while sitting there.

Also, users can lay on the bean bag and watch television and movies. Thus, spending money on a worthy multi-purpose item is always best.

Final Words

Meditation is not a simple task. It needs both mental and physical balance. Also, maintaining your body with different meditating postures is a challenge. But if you have good patience, you can achieve it.  

Most people use some cushions, seats for meditating. But most of them do not give good relief to them. Due to discomfort, some people tend to stop their meditations. That’s why we recommend a bean bag for meditation. 

Bean Bags will help to keep your meditation for a longer time. It is your turn to develop your mind-spirits while sitting on a comfy bean bag! 

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