17 Reasons to Get a Bean Bag

Ever wondered why you should get a bean bag instead of a wooden chair? It was the same for me. I had that confusion before buying my very first bean bag. So I research it.

Do you have any idea about how many trees are cut down to prepare wooden furniture? If you know the exact amount, you will indeed be shocked. There are 15 billion trees cut down annually, and most of them use for furniture.

I have another question. After this massive destruction, are you satisfied with the feeling of sitting on wooden, traditional furniture?

Satisfaction is the ultimate result of anything! Thus, without reasonable satisfaction, why are you sucked in the same things?

So, this is the primary reason most people search for alternatives to traditional furniture. As a result of this, in the 1960s, manufacturers invented a new chair called the bean bag.

From that era to the present, people are still searching why I should get a bean bag? Or, what are the primary benefits of bean bags?  

So, let’s check why people should get a bean bag.

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Why Should you Get a Bean Bag?

Higher Levels of Comfort

The soft interior of the Bean bag adjusts to the body shape of people who sits in them. So there’s no doubt and bean bags are incredibly comfortable for sitting and sleeping. 

That’s why people are saying that bean bag has zero gravity bean bag effect. It means bean bags give a sitting feel like you are sitting and relaxing on a cloud! 

So, you can sit and enjoy the bean bag in several ways. You can sit upright, lying on your stomach, lying on your side, or sitting cross-legged. Whatever your posture, a bean bag will support your spine.

Bean Bags Reduce Pressure Points

You already know bean bag is super comfy furniture. But how does it happen? This answer comes back with the theory that vendors use for bean bag preparation.

Generally, the conventional chairs have spring and foam to support the body. So, when you sit on a traditional chair, these springs and foam are compressed and spread your body weight over a wider area.

So, bean bags also work with a similar principle and give a much better sitting experience. Let me explain this further.

When you sit on a bean bag, what happens to the beans? You may feel they will freely move in other directions.

Moreover, when you change your body postures, beans move according to it and create seating shapes that fit your body perfectly. So, it will directly impact reduced pressure points.

Great for Posture

Unfortunately, many adults and children experience back pain and neck pain due to bad postural habits. It includes day-to-day activities like watching TV, sitting in front of a computer, or playing video games for extended periods.

The bean bag chair overcomes all these issues. If you are using a bean bag, there are no limitations or rules for your body placements.

Thus, you are free to shift your seating postures according to your preferences. Whatever your posture type, tiny micro beans are always ready to serve you by automatically conforming to the new pressure pattern.

Bean Bags Built with Ergonomics

People believe that they need to sit in a straight, hard-backed chair to maintain good posture.

But when we consider a chair with ergonomics, sitting straight in the hard-backed chair is not enough. It must include an armrest, headrest, footrest, comfortable seat, and good back-born support.

However, the standard bean bag chairs have ergonomic designs. It allows maintaining good posture when placed in an upright position. Also, the bean bag provides full support for your back, neck, shoulders, hips, and head.

Not only for adults, but these ergonomic designs are also suitable for kids. It helps to position kids with limited mobility functions. 

Moreover, some toddlers cannot hold themselves upright. The bean bag chair can give good support to these kids to sit upright.

Bean Bag Good for Muscle Pains and Joint Pains

Are you suffering from joint or muscle pain? Sitting on the regular rigid chair will be even painful. The lounge chair can give a comfy feel, but it doesn’t always fit the body.

So, no wonder why doctors recommend bean bag chairs to people suffering from pain in joints and muscles. Further, doctors recommend bean bags for people with back injuries or surgery. Because bean bags can help soothe aches and give you optimal support from head to toe.

Bean Bags Can Reduce Tension Headaches

Furniture plays a significant role in having headaches. Rather than it, poor sitting posture also can contribute to shoulders and neck tension.

That’s why you should get a high-quality bean bag to ensure your good health. It can prevent unwanted pain in the muscles quickly and also relax and diminish the tension. 

Multi-Purpose Use

Bean bags work better than traditional floating loungers in the pool. Therefore, relaxing in both the poolside and in the swimming pool using a beanbag chair is possible. Also, bean bags are more comfortable than typical mesh loungers and dry out fast.

Rather than that, you can convert a bean bag into a coffee table in a minute. You just need to place a small board across the top of the bean bag.

Suitable for Home Theater or Gaming Room

Do you have a home theater room? If you are looking for a perfect seating option? Then select a giant bean bag chair. 

You do not need to arrange them in uniform, straight rows. Also, if you are not satisfied with the viewing position, you can simply move them around to get the best view.

Not only that, if you are a game player, a bean bag will give super comfort to your fast-moving body postures.

Read our guide on best bean bags for home theater.

Fire Retardant

Most of our traditional furniture does not have fire-retardant properties. Thus, any small firework can burn the whole furniture and spread it over the home.  

But, standard bean bags are prepared with retardant fire materials. Therefore, they can tolerate heat and fire at a reasonable level. It not only save your favorite furniture but also save your home. 

Easy to Clean

Bean bags do not require much maintenance as other furniture like upholstery. Also, cleaning procedure of the bean bags is straightforward. 

You can simply unzip and remove the bean bag’s cover. Then, wash it or clean it according to the manufacture’s guidelines.

Rather than washing, you can practice spot cleaning for bean bags with non-removable covers. Further, click here to know more details about bean bag cleaning

Lightweight and Easy to Move

The portability of the bean bags is one of the crucial reasons that become famous worldwide. Because of lightweight, even children also can move it without damaging your floorings.

Moreover, it can use as indoor furniture as well as outdoor furniture.  

Fun, Stylish, and Flexible

We all love to live with stylish things and update with the world. Hence, a Bean bag is not only a chair; it is an element that represents our living standards and status.

It gives a super fun experience to kids. Not only them, but adults also love to lay on a cozy bean bag and spend their time.

The flexible shape can provide an ultra-sitting experience for any person. So, why do you not select bean bags?

Bean Bag Chairs Reduce Accidents at Home

If you have a kid, you will surely experience rigid chair accidents. Kids always try to do experiments, and their activities are unpredictable.

So, they always hit their head, hands, legs on wooden furniture. Not only that, traditional furniture has considerable height. So, there are many accidents records about kids falling while sitting on the chair and getting out from the chair.

But the bean bag does not have any rigid corners, and it allows perfect sitting space, especially for toddlers. On the other hand, bean bags do not have much height. Therefore kids can easily climb on it and get back.


As a piece of modern furniture, bean bags have good durability. They are prepared with premium quality fabrics and fillers. So, if you maintain it properly, you can keep it for three to five years.

Different Shapes and Sizes are Available

Selecting the perfect seat is very subjective. Moreover, there are different types and shapes of bean bags available in the market. Further, you can choose the best bean bag size among them.

Unlike traditional chairs, you can select bean bags that perfectly fit your body, arms, leg height, and sitting position.


Bean bags are available at a range of prices. So, today anyone can buy a bean bag according to their budget.

Good for Environment

Deforestation is a major global issue, and world tree cover influences global warming. As I mentioned earlier, you can contribute to saving our mother nature by purchasing a bean bag. Let’s see how it happens. 

Manufacturers use fabrics and fillers like shredded memory foam or Polystyrene filler beads (EPS) to make bean bags. Thus, the bean bag is wood-free furniture.

So, purchasing a bean bag is not a simple thing. It represents your contribution to saving green on the earth.    

Final Words

Why should we move from regular chair to bean bag? Simply, it is just because of the benefits. Bean bag is a premium quality product that makes under regulations. 

So, do not fear to try new things. We all have only one life. Enjoy it at your level best!

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