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Finding how many bags of beans needed to fill my bean bag was the biggest concern whenever I was going to refill my bean bag. I believe that every bean bag owner has that concern when they refill bean bag.

If you are facing this situation right now, this article will help you. It may assist you in deciding the amount of bean bag filler you need to purchase, according to the bean bag you own, especially when there are no instructions available. 

Here you can see how much bean bag filling need for you.

Bean Bag TypeNumber of Bags of Beans Needed (50L each)
Toddler Bean Bags (Extra Small)2
Bean Bags for Small Children (Small)4
Bean Bags for Teenagers or Small Adults (Medium)6
Bean Bags for Adults (Large)8
Bean Bags for Adults (Extra Large)10
Huge Round Bean Bags (XXL)12
A filler bag of 50L filler volume is considered for this table.

Let’s continue on how to measure the volume of a bean bag and how to calculate the number of bags of fillers are needed for your bean bag.

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Measure the Volume of a Bean Bag

To estimate the number of beans to fill, you must know how to calculate the volume of the bean bag. The volume of the bean bag depends on its shape. There are two basic shapes of bean bags. The first one is square/ rectangular shape, and the other one is round/cylindrical shape bean bags.

Volume of Square/ Rectangular Shaped Bean Bag

volume cube

First, you need the measurements of the bean bag’s length, breadth, and height. After that, multiply length, breadth, and width measurements together.

Make sure to get all the measurements in centimeters or one unit. Then, you will get the volume of the bean bag in cubic centimeters or an accurate unit. 

Note that the square shape bean bags have equal length, height, and breadth measurements so that you need to take only one measure in that case.

Volume of Round/ Cylindrical Shaped Bean Bag

volume cylinder

First, you need to calculate the distance across the bean bag base from one side to the other. It is called the diameter of the bean bag (d). 

Then measure the height of the bean bag (h). After that substitute, the measurements in the below formula and calculate the volume.


The volume of the round-shaped bean bag :

 pi * (d/2)^2 * h

Take pi is equal to the value of 22/7.

The value you obtain is approximately equal to the volume of round/cylindrical-shaped bean bags.

But if this is difficult for you, do not worry. You only need to calculate the diameter and the height of the bean bag and tell it to the shop. They know how many filler bags are required to fill your bean bag.

Determine Number of Filler Bags Needed

There is an easy method to determine the number of filling bags needed to fill a bean bag. For that, you need to know some essential facts.

The first thing is how many beads are there in the bag of filling. For that, we can do a simple calculation.

Usually, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) bean bag refill is the most popular option in bean bag filling. They are selling 1 kg filling bags. That means the average weight of one filler bag is equal to 1 kg.   

But 1 kg of EPS is equal to 50 to 60 liters of volume. We will take it as 50 litter for the calculations. 

Also, you must know that 1 liter is equivalent to 1000 cm3. Therefore, 50 liters should be equal to 50 000 cm3. Hence, we know now that one bag of 1 kg beads is similar to 50,000 cm3.

Number of Bags Needed to Fill Different Bean Bags

Round-shaped bean bags

Toddler Bean Bags

The approximate diameter of a toddler bean bag is 60 cm. In that sense, the volume of the toddler bean bag is 100 liters. 

Moreover, 1 kg of EPS bean bag refill is equal to 50 liters of volume. Thus, usually, two bean bag fillers are required to fill the toddler bean bag.

Calculation: 100 L/50 L = 2 bags

But it is not good to fill the beans tightly to their fullest. Loose fillings may give more comfort and bouncing nature to you. Furthermore, it will protect the bean bag cover. Hence, you can use 1 or 1 ½ bags of bean bag fillers to fill the Toddler bean bags.

Bean Bags for Small Children

The approximate diameter of a child’s bean bag is 80 cm. Also, the volume of the child’s bean bag is 200 liters. 

Calculation: 200 L/50 L = 4 bags

Hence, four filler bags are required to fill the child’s bean bag. But you can use 2 to 3 filler bags for a comfortable piece of furniture.

Bean Bags for Teenagers or Small Adults

The approximate diameter of a teenager’s bean bag is 96 cm. Therefore, the volume of the teenager’s bean bag is roughly 300 liters. 

Calculation: 300 L/50 L = 6 bags

Hence, the amount of 1 kg filler bags required to fill the teenager’s bean bag equals six. But you can use 3 to 5 filler bags for a comfortable filling.

comfortable bean bag

Bean Bags for Adults

The approximate diameter of an adult’s bean bag is 104 cm. Therefore, the volume of the adult’s bean bag is 400 liters. 

Calculation: 400 L/50 L = 8 bags 

Thus, you can purchase eight filler bags to fill average size adult bean bag. Also, you can use 5 to 7 filler bags to have a more comfortable feel.

Bean Bags for Taller Adults

The approximate diameter of a taller adult’s bean bag is 112 cm. Therefore, the volume of the taller adult’s bean bag is 500 liters. 

Calculation: 400 L/50 L = 8 bags 

Thus, roughly eight filler bags are needed to fill these types of bean bags. But you can use 6 to 8 filler bags to obtain the best comfortable feel than using a tightly packed piece.

Huge Round Bean Bags

The approximate diameter of a huge round bean bag is 120 cm. Therefore, its volume is a bit higher than other bean bags. Thus, the volume is around 600 liters. 

Calculation: 600 L/50 L = 12 bags

According to the calculation, 12 bean filler bags are required for a tight fill for a huge round bean bag. But you can use 7 to 10 filler bags to gain a comfortable filling.

Bean Bag Chairs

Beanbag chairs come in all shapes and sizes. However, a standard chair usually requires 300 – 400 liters of filling. Hence, use 4 to 5 filler bags to fill a bean bag chair.

Further, a large bean bag chair requires 450-500 liters of beanbag refill. So, use 5 to 6 filler bags to fill the bigger chair.

designer bean bag

Bean Bag Pillows

Small bean bag pillow has length, width around 135cm x 105cm. Also, its volume is 200 liters. Hence, to fill this beanbag, you will need 2 to 3 filler bags.

Oversized bean bag pillow has a length, width around 180cm x 135cm. Thus, it may require 350-400 liters of beans. So, you need to purchase four bags of filling for it.

Classic Teardrop Bean bags

Classic teardrop bean bag is a popular type. Commonly, 

people use XXXL size, XXL size and, XL size. Hence, the following table contains rough amounts of filler bags required for different teardrop bean bags.

Football/Soccer Bean Bags

These types of bean bags are popular among teenagers and children. According to their requirement, they select different sizes. Here I mentioned a few most popular sizes of football bean bags.

Lounger Chair Bean Bags

Lounger chairs have good demand in the market due to their comfy texture. Also, you can purchase them in different sizes and shapes at the market. 

Casually, XXXL size lounger bean bag needs 3 ½ bags of 1 kg filler bags while a lounger footstool (round/square shape) bean bag requires 0.5 bags of 1 kg filler bags.

Final words

The quantity of the filler depends on the volume, shape, size of the bean bag, and user preferences. You can calculate the filler requirement by self-evaluating bean bag dimensions when no details are available on refilling. Thus, it is more beneficial to know the fillers and their content before purchasing a bean bag chair.

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