Remove Static from Bean Bag Filling – 17 Proven Methods

Static in bean bag fillings is a nightmare a person can have while filling a bean bag chair. You need to learn how to remove the static from bean bag filling if you need to clean your floor after filling your bean bag.

To remove the static from bean bag filling, do one of the following, 

  1. You need to increase the humidity in your home environment 
  2. Use antistatic spray 
  3. Use equipment designed to remove static

There are several ways you can achieve this. So, let’s dig deep into this to know how amazingly science has explained things about static.

Remove static from bean bag filling

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Bean Bag Spillage

If you have ever experienced accidental spillage of bean bag fillers, you will understand how difficult to clean them. If you use a dustpan and brush to clear things up, it will worsen the spillage and take longer to remove everything. 

What is Static?

This motion is due to the particular thing they have, and it is called “static.” Statis is the biggest problem in the cleaning up process. 

These bean bag fillings produce a significant amount of static electricity. It will cause the bean bag filling to move all over the place and stick to your clothes. But there are methods to remove the static from beans. Before that, we need to know how static electricity forms within one of the popular bean bag fillers, polystyrene balls.

static example

Static electricity is an imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. For example, polystyrene creates static electricity when it rubs up against another synthetic material with an opposite charge. 

As a result, these balls create a charge opposite to synthetic materials. Polystyrene balls are the most vulnerable filling type for static. They easily get attracted to each other polystyrene balls. 

Therefore, it isn’t easy to clean and brush them together. But there are several steps you can take to get rid of this and collect beans more comfortably.

Remove Static by Increasing Humidity of the Home


Humidity means the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere. In that sense, increase humidity refers to more moisture in the air. Hence, the amount of water content in the air should go up.

We all know that water is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, electrically charged bean bag fillers remove their electric charge when the air is humid. This phenomenon decreases the statistic charge of the bean bag fillers.

There are many methods to increase the humidity of the air to remove the static from bean bag fillings. Some examples are given below.

Use a Room Humidifier

A humidifier is an electronic device used to increase the humidity in a single room or an entire house. It adds moisture to the air and prevents dryness.

Most people buy smaller models that are not able to humidify larger rooms. But when you buy a humidifier, make sure to buy a powerful one to cover a large house area. 

Check Prices for Room Humidifier

humidifier and houseplant

Add Houseplants to the Room

Adding houseplants increase the humidity of the air inside the house. However, this process happens due to the transpiration of the plant. 

Transpiration is one of the biological processes that take place in plants. It exhales water vapor through the plant leaves. As a result, the moisture content increases in the atmosphere. Then, high humidity expels static electric charges.

Open the Bathroom Door when Showering

It is a more affordable method if you cannot spend more money on humidifiers. Open the hot shower for a while and keep the bathroom door open. 

The moisture will slowly spread throughout the home. Thus, it increases the atmospheric humidity and eliminates the static charges.

Place Water Dishes Near Heat Sources

HVAC stands for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. This system provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings.

If you have the HVAC system in your house, put a water ball near to them. It will cause water to heat up and evaporate. As a result, the moisture content of the air will increase. A high level of humidity is a barrier to static charges.

Set up Vases of Water on Sunny Window Frames

This method is helpful to people who are having large windows. Put a tub of water on the window frame during sunny days. Then, the water will heat up and evaporate. The amount of moisture in the air will increase eventually. 

High humidity encourages the removal of static from the bean bag fillings. But this method will take a long time to increase humidity.

Boil Water and Cooking on the Stove

This method is beneficial if the bean bag is in the kitchen. Nothing must do additionally. The kitchen has more moisture content by nature. 

The reason for this is, water is evaporating during water boiling and cooking on the stove. Hence, the atmospheric moisture content of the kitchen is always high. Therefore, if the beans accidentally spill over at the kitchen, it is easy to collect and refill the bean bag fillings.

Cooking on the Stove

Equipment to Remove the Static Charge

Our atmosphere is a mixture of various particles, gases, and molecules. These molecules can be converted into ions. This process is called ionization.

Ionization converts an atom or molecule into an ion by adding or removing charged particles such as electrons or ions. Hence, the atmospheric air can be ionized using the air ionization method.

Air ionization needs a high voltage of electricity to produce ionized air. These ions are of positive and negative charges. Hence, these charges can neutralize the static charges of the bean bag fillings. 

The positive charges can neutralize the negative static charges. Also, positive charges can neutralize the negative static charges. 

There are many electrical appliances produced using this theory. Hence, you can purchase these tools in the market to remove static from bean bag filling.

Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are air ionizers that remove particles from the air. Moreover, a standard air purifier can do the job more efficiently. 

A fan of the air purifier significantly improves ionizer performance. But it needs some time to purify the entire space. For example, if you try to remove the ionic charge from a much bigger area, such as the living room, you may have to leave it some time to clean the air inside.

Check Prices for Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic Hairdryers

Ionic hair dryers are very similar to typical hairdryers and remove any static charges. Place the hairdryer at the bean bag filling, and it will remove the static. But do not blow the bean bag filling everywhere using a hairdryer.

Ionic Pet Brush

Ionic pet brush can use in the same way as the hairdryer. It is handy to remove static from the bean bag fillings.

Removing Static from Bean Bag Filling with an Antistatic Spray

The antistatic spray is one of the fastest ways to get rid of static in beans. It eliminates static electricity by preventing static cling. This can be done by making the bean surface bit conductive.

On the other hand, some antistatic sprays absorb moisture from the air and break the static charge. 

Further, antistatic spray can get from any shop or can prepare by yourself. To prepare antistatic spray at home, you will need a fabric softener. It helps to reduce the static cling of the cloths. 

Mix 1 cupful of fabric softener in a spray bottle, add some water and shake it well. Then spill the mixture over the bean bag fillings lightly. But be mindful of spaying them evenly, holding the pump 30 cm away from you. 

The reason is allergies may occur due to chemicals. So, finally, wait until the spay dries out completely. After that, collect bean bag fillings with a dustpan and brush slowly and carefully.

Antistatic Spray

Use Metals to Reduce the Static Charge of Bean Bag Fillings.

Metal is a beneficial material to reduce the static electrical charge. It is something that many people do to reduce the charge on their clothing. 

For example, when a metal hanger runs over the bean bag, electron charges are transferred to the metal hanger. So, it will give you enough time to brush up on the remaining bits.

 It is good to keep some piece of metal with the person who is cleaning up. Metals such as a coin, a thimble, or a keychain can use in this regard.

Removing Static from Bean Bag Filling with Bi-Carbonate Soda

Bicarbonate soda is commonly known as baking soda. Concerning its immense uses, bicarbonate soda can also work as a handy static neutralizer. It acts as a barrier between positive and negative charges and neutralizes the effect.

First, sprinkle a small amount of bicarbonate soda over the bean bag filling. Then it will remove the static of the beans. So, you can use a dustpan, brush, or vacuum cleaner to remove the fillings easily.

Furthermore, this is a more cost-effective method to remove the fillings of the bean bags.

Removing the Static Using Dryer Sheets

It is one of the oldest methods of removing static from clothes. In the past, dryer sheets were used to get rid of static from clothes. 

A dryer sheet prevents the build-up of static electricity or reduces its effect on the materials. Dryer sheets make the surface of the fillings slightly conductive. Therefore, it gets rid of static cling.

When you use a vacuum cleaner to collect the bean bag fillings, you can rub a dryer sheet over the vacuum cleaner. So, you can vacuum up the bean bag fillings more quickly than before.

Another method is the make use of wool dryer balls or purchases some from the shop. Dryer balls are more efficient in removing static than using the dryer sheets.

Removing the Static with Vinegar

It is also a simple method of expelling static from bean bag fillings. All you need is some vinegar and a washcloth. First, put some vinegar into the washcloth and then apply it to the bean bag filling. 

But this may cause everything to smell like vinegar. Therefore, vinegar application is not a popular method. Hence, consider this method when all other options are not available.


Removing Static with Water

Another simple method uses to remove static from bean bag fillings is applying water. Put a small amount of water into a spray bottle and lightly apply to the beans. 

But do not spill too much water. Otherwise, beans may run away from you. Instead, a droplet of water sprayed evenly over the beans will do the job correctly.

 If you do not have any other methods, you can very easily apply water to the beans.

Use a Balloon to Remove the Static of Bean Bag Fillers

It is an easy way to attract the spilled beans onto a dustpan. First, grab a balloon. Then rub your hands as fast as you can over the balloon. 

Next, hold the balloon over the dustpan, and the static created will draw the beans to the pan. In this method, the charged balloon attracts the beans to the dustpan.

You may need to top up the static formed on the balloon over time by just giving it another rub.

Use a Lint Roller to Remove the Static of Bean Bag Fillers

Lint rollers use to take small spots of material off your clothing. However, they can apply for the bean bag beans as well. Be sure to use slow sweeping movements over the beans on the floor and roll over them.

The link rollers made up of adhesive materials work much better than soft fabric material. Therefore, make sure to get that kind of roller to do the work efficiently.


Sometimes, it may feel like a burden to clean our house after a spillage of beans. But there are simple methods that we can practice to get over it. All we need to know is to understand the principle behind the static of bean bag filling. After that, we can come up with solutions. The article explains such easy and homemade solutions to collect and refill the beans after a spillage.

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