Are Bean Bag Chairs Tacky?

These days’ people are confused about why do experts consider bean bags are tacky furniture? And why do interior stylists say bean bag is not suited for high-end home? But do you really believe your favorite piece of furniture is a tacky one?

Quality bean bags are not tacky. However, there are some exceptional cases. You may find some low-quality and cheap bean bags in the market which are tacky.

Interior stylists reveal seven interior signs that you should avoid in your living room. Sports trophies and medals, awkward family photos, tiny rugs, old newspapers, fake plants, word arts, and bean bags.

They also explain any pieces of the living room can elevate family status. Hence, any of the things included in their list make a living space look instantly tacky.

Sometimes, you may hear these types of negative vibes several times. 

So, let’s look at the reason why some people consider bean bags are tacky furniture.

Are bean bag chairs tacky

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Reason 1: Overtime, Bean Bags Lose Their Appearance

Wooden furniture does not lose its appearance for decades. But bean bags are different as they are prepared with fabric and fillers. Over a few years, these fabrics may shade and tear up the seams.

Also, bean bags fillers get flattened with usage. Therefore, its unique shapes and appearance may disappear after a few years.

Rather than that, what about stains? If you do not clean them properly, the pee strains, liquid strains may remain on the bean bag for years.

Thus, what about your feelings when you see dirty, flattened, and shaded bean bags in a nicely arranged room? Is it tacky, no? So, eventually, users should replace bean bag fillers and bean bag covers to overcome this issue.

Reason 2: Bean Bag Cleaning Process is Complicated

Generally, like other furniture, bean bags also get dirty with dust, liquid, liquor, and stains. But when compared with wooden furniture, the bean bag cleaning process is complicated.

So, it needs regular wash and cleaning. However, if you do not maintain it properly, it may look like a bunch of dirty clothes after years.

Reason 3: Cheap Bean Bags

Why are some bean bags considered cheap ones? Because some manufacturers only focus on their market share. Anyhow they want to increase their customers. Thus, they do not think about the standards level of fabrics, fillers, and zippers much.

Hence they use very low-quality fabrics and fillers to reduce their production cost. Moreover, these types of bean bags do not have fire retardant properties, double seaming too. However, people consider this stuff as a bean bag.

But within a short time, these bean bags are subject to tear up, loose fluffy feel, and discolorations. Then people think all bean bags are the same as this. This negative vibe encourages them to believe bean bags are tacky furniture.

Reason 4: Unmatched Designs and Colors

Home interiors are the significant part that constantly deals with us. Also, the appearance, colors, patterns, and combinations of these interiors should match each other.

These are not just home accessories, and these are equipment that has the magical power to maintain peoples’ peace of mind.

Thus, if anyone purchases a bean bag that does not suit home interiors, the whole house looks tacky. Not only that, but also the low-quality fabrics damaged the appearance of a stunning home. That’s why some people say bean bags are tacky.

Reason 5: Difficult to Get up from Bean Bag

Bean bags give good relief to the back by reducing pressure spots. Thus, pregnant women and old persons are love to lay there.

However, some of them face difficulties when they get up from bean bags. Because bean bags have no armrest or supportive rigid structure that assists them in lifting their weight, therefore some of them said bean bag is tacky chair.

However, this matter is highly subjective. Also, the cozy structure is a unique property of the bean bag.

Reason 6: Some Believe Bean Bags are Dangerous

There are some records available about accidents related to the bean bags. Some kids and toddlers opened the sipper of the bean bag and inhaled tiny beans. These cases have severely affected some kids.

Therefore parents have fear using bean bags as a toddler’s furniture. However, most of these incidents are associated with cheap bean bags and the careless activities of parents.

Don’t expect premium quality with low prices. Always buy standard bean bags to overcome these types of issues. Especially, try to purchase a bean bag that has safety zippers.   

Reason 7: Some Bean Bags are Not Fashionable

This world comprises a massive number of products. Also, there are plenty of bean bags available in the market. However, some of these bean bags are very tacky.

These low-end products destroy the good impressions of bean bags. Then people think all bean bags are the same and have this type of cheap look.

Moreover, people have used bean bags for decades. Thus, over time, trends, fashions are changed. Consequently, it becomes out of date and does not match with modern furniture.

Reason 8: Mislead Information about Bean Bags Fabrics

Do you have a bean bag? So, what type of fabric is used for it? It may be cotton, linen, leather, or fur faux. But there is a whisper about vinyl bean bags. People believe vinyl bean bags are carcinogenic. Or else they think vinyl bean bags are toxic.

Also, some bean bags contain a “California warning” tag. Thus, there is confusion.

The carcinogenic compound is vinyl chloride. That is mainly used for vinyl fabric manufacturing. However, after a few days of production, this vinyl chloride evaporates and does not remain in the bean bag cover. So, after a few days, vinyl covers are pretty safe for use.

But according to some laws, if vinyl chloride is used for the manufacturing process, that good should include a California warning.

Because of these things general public thinks vinyl bean bags are tacky. But it is not valid!

Final Words

Now you have a better understanding of why interior experts think bean bags are tacky. But actually, bean bags or any other interior can get tacky when it is not maintained well.

However, the standards bean bags do not have a tacky appearance. Leather, velvet, far faux bean bags can add a luxury look to the home.

The misunderstands mainly began because of the usage of a bean bag. If you can use it with proper care, it will give better results.

Moreover, the bean bag is not just furniture. It is the most charming place that you love to lay on. Indeed, you cannot obtain that comfortable level from other furniture.

So, Is removing bean bags from home a good choice?

Besides that, you can buy a standard bean bag and add extra color to your home. The well-maintained bean bag will create heaven in your home! Don’t put a piece of heaven into the dustbin because of myths!

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