Can Dogs Sleep On Bean Bags? – Explained Answer

Where is the favorite sleeping place of your dog? Is it a sofa, a bean bag, or the floor carpet?

Dogs can sleep on bean bags, and bean bags are one of the most comfortable places for dogs. Several other reasons make bean bags are suitable for a dog’s sleep, such as the low height and size of the bean bags. Even there are health benefits for dogs if they sleep on bean bags.

As a bean bag researcher and dog lover, I explain the complete answer to this question. So, read the full article!

Generally, dogs need good sleep. Their sleeping time will vary from 10-16 hours according to age, variety, and health status. However, if they cannot take good rest, they will become aggressive. Thus, if you are an owner of a dog, it is essential to know some facts, especially about their preferable living space.

Most dogs love to lay down in comfortable seats and places. They always try to sleep in your bed, sofa and carpets. However, keeping them on your bed or couch is not a good practice. So, it is essential to give them a different place to enjoy their time.

In earlier decades, people used seats or cushions for their dogs. But most of them are now outdated. Also, they are not matched with stylish home interiors. Because of that, modern households tend to use bean bags.

Can Dogs Sleep On Bean Bags

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Dogs vs. Bean Bags

Yes, dogs can sleep on bean bags very comfortably. The super comfy and adjustable bean beads allow dogs to lay down and relax their whole body. Moreover, bean bags give many health benefits to the dog. It directly helps to reduce joint pains and arthritis. Also, bean bags provide good support to a dog’s spine.

Why do I recommend the bean bag for your dog? Or why is bean bags good to sleep on? There are five primary reasons. Check them here!

Benefits of Using Bean Bags for the Dog’s Sleep

Comfortable Setting

Generally, dogs sleeping spots may differ with their lifestyle. For example, street dogs sleep in the shops or bus halts payments. It is the most comfortable space that they can find.

But this bit differs for domestic dogs.

But if we compare domestic dogs, they also have two different lifestyles. Some owners rear their pets inside the home. But some like to breed dogs outside of the house. So, according to it, dogs’ sleeping spots will change.

Not only them but also some other facts affect this matter. What are those?

  • Dog’s type
  • Breed
  • Size
  • Dog’s preference
  • Available resources

However, like every animal, dogs also love to live comfortably. Whether the street dog or domestic dog, both select the most comfortable place in that environment. That’s why dogs like to sleep on bean bags.


Do you ever see the most common sleeping posture of your dog?

Generally, dogs love to roll off their body and create a full circle while sleeping. Do not confuse your dog will not show the same behavior. This can depend on its variety, preference, and lifestyle.

Moreover, dogs change their sleeping postures from time to time while sleeping. But whatever your dog’s sleeping posture, the bean bag can be adjustable with it. This is how the bean bag gives super relaxation for your loved ones while sleeping.

So, dogs can enjoy various sleeping postures in bean bags.

Low Height

The regular bean bags are specially designed for people. So, its dimensions are a bit different than dogs’ bean bags. Therefore, please do not use them for your dog!

The dog’s bean bags are specially designed according to their dimensions. Also, manufacturers prepare them for dogs’ anatomy.

Is body anatomy similar for every dog?

All dogs have the same structure but with different sizes. As an example, the height of the German Shepard dog is different from that of the Pomeranian dog.

So, you cannot use every dog’s bean bag for each dog. Here, you should select the bean bag that ideally matches your dog’s size. Unless your dog will face difficulties when using that bean bag.

When dogs feel they need a small nap, they can quickly jump on it. They do not need to put massive effort into climbing on it.


The firmness closely relates to the texture of the bean bag. This is the most crucial factor. Why?

The firmness of the bean bag is the prominent feature that keeps the dog’s body stably at the bean bag. If your bean bag has low firmness, your dog sinks into it. Due to that, they may feel uncomfortable while sleeping there.

Let me explain this different way!

Health Benefits

What do you feel if you sink on your mattress while sleeping? It is uncomfortable. Right? Our backbone needs some firmness from the laying surface. This property helps us to maintain healthy postures while sleeping. Especially firmness is essential to keep our spine straight.

This is also applicable to dogs. The dog’s spine has some flexibility. But it also has a tolerance level. If your bean bag exceeds that level, it will no longer give a good experience to them.

Therefore, loose texture bean bags do not suit dogs’ bean bags. This cause can badly affect old dogs too. Why?

Old dogs’ fitness level is lower than younger ones. So, their tolerance levels are lower than younger dogs. Due to this, they will face difficulties when they get off that kind of bean bag.  

Most bean bags are built with expanded polystyrene fillers or memory foam. Can these fillers give enough firmness to your dog’s bean bag?

Yes, if they fill with an adequate amount.

However, most manufacturers consider the firmness of their bean bags. Thus, when making bean bags for dogs, they fill them with adequate filler amounts. Therefore, you do not need to worry about this too much!

But think, you purchase an ordinary cushion for your dog, you are in big trouble. Why? They are not specifically made for dogs. Thus, we don’t know how its texture will change with a dog’s weight.

Perfect Size

There is a range of dog bean bags available in the market. They are prepared with different diameters, sizes, and shapes. So, here you can buy the perfect bean bag for your dog. Then it will allow enough space to sleep your dog comfortably.

For example, buying a Pomeranian dog seat for Husky will not provide enough space to sleep for Husky. Why? Here Husky cannot rest on that small-size bean bag comfortably.

Moreover, the firmness, flexibility, and height also depend on the bean bag type. So here, you should check the best bean bag size for your dog. Then buy it.

Besides these factors, the dog’s bean bags are prepared with stain-resistant, tear-resistant materials. Also, the fabric of these bean bags will give a super smooth and lovely seating experience to your dog.

So, the dog’s bean bag is the perfect furniture to take a peaceful nap, rather than any other alternatives. So, why are you waiting? Buy a bean bag and surprise your lovely dog!

Final Thoughts

Laying directly on rough or hard surfaces is not suitable for your dog’s health. It will lead to health issues like water sacs in joints and arthritis. That’s why you should provide a soft space for them to sleep well.

The bean bag hit the top among the vast number of dog seats. Due to their unique properties, bean bags have become a favorite sleeping space for dogs. So, give them a chance to enjoy the bean bags!

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