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If you own a dog as your lovely pet, you must have come to notice certain rituals that the four-legged creature does every night. If you already have a furry bed assigned with extra layers of soft rugs, then surely the dog would slowly curl on it by circling and sniffing first.

Dogs scratch their bed for two main reasons. The main reason is to mark their territory. It means the dog keeps a mark that the bed is occupied and belongs to him. And the other reason is to get rid of insects like bed bugs. The scent in the gland of their pow helps to get rid of bed bugs.

Scratching is something that the dog prefers not just while going to bed but also in digging scenes in the garden too. Whatever the breed is, there is a particular science that is attached to the bedtime story of all dogs and therefore, let’s ponder over the fact as to why do dogs scratch their bed.

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Reason For Dogs Scratching Their Beds?

Pet dogs likely have a small cozy corner of their own, and therefore, whatever the size of the bed is, you can probably catch hold of the animal circling around before sleeping.

A dog scratching his bed signifies the fact that he is checking the bed for two reasons:

●      There are special glands that are attached to the paws of all dogs, and this likely there are scent glands attached to it. These scents help to get rid of all bugs including bed bugs and other pests and unwanted insects so that the animal can lie down peacefully.

●      Apart from getting rid of insects, the paw is able to mark the territory of sleep, and this leaves the message that the place is occupied and cannot be taken by anyone else.

Digging is a common phenomenon of all animals, and owners must not worry about it at any point in time. Let the dog comfortably settle in so that they can feel comfortable in their own beds.

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Is Digging Common With Dogs?

Digging and scratching are considered to be two different actions. The reason as to why do dogs dig before they lay down are depended on several factors.

Apart from the bed in which the animal can comfortably relax, there are various shady areas in which the dog can dig a hole with their paw and use it to warm up themselves completely. Usually, the animal does so to keep the body temperature safe and make way for better communication as well.

Apart from dogs dig before lying down on the ground and other outside areas, they also dig in their pillows too.

There is no point of difference between small pups too, and puppy digging bed is likely available to invite some comfortable sleeping scenarios.

Digging is nothing unusual!

The answer to the question as to why do dogs dig in blankets and even scratch them, and the owner must likely not get frustrated if the animal happens to destroy that beautiful garden of yours, do not panic and be harsh on the animal.

Digging is a stage of the animal developing itself, and therefore, it is a natural, normal response that the animal tends to display from time to time.

What are the common dog scratching responses, and what do they try to convey?

When dogs start to dig in outside areas and scratch their beds, the common responses that are conveyed are as follows:

Utmost comfort-

My dog scratches my bedsheets, and the primary reason for doing so is that they try to convey their level of comfort. If the bed is soft and is layered with quilts, then surely the animal circles and then scratches the pillow and makes itself suitable for sleeping.

Therefore, if the dog likely starts to dig in too much onto the pillows or the bed, then do not worry about its actions. The animal is probably trying to bring forth the fact that it is welcomed and also loved.

Temperature adjustment-

The body temperature in the body of the dog likely changes from time to time. Therefore, if the dog is digging somewhere too much on the ground, then likely do not be confused with unnatural behaviour. It is normal to warm up or to cool down that the dog likely digs up the ground or even scratches the bed too much.

Controlling the temperature is essential for the dog to feel safe at all points of time, and therefore, it is simply doing to adjust to the appropriate temperature zone.

Maternal responses-

One of the major responses that owners can likely understand is that the dog happens to dig her bed consistently is because it is ready to become a mother. In such a condition, the female dog forms a pit in order to get cozy enough to have here babies.

Sometimes, scratching during this period can be pretty tough, and excessive digging can also take place. But the owner must stay calm as there is nothing to worry about. Once the babies are born, the female dig gets back to her own way of scratching in the bed.

Wall digging-

If at some point, you get to see the dog scratching the floor or the wall too much, then it is time to intervene and take matters in control. Apart from digging the bed frequently, scratching the wall, or even the hard floor is a sign that the dog needs immediate care. Probably, the owners can change the comfort of the bed and let the animal sleep in another cozy corner.

Even with bedding in better ways, you must stop the dog from scratching the floors too much by placing a rug, and then remove it when the dog seems perfectly fine. Also, even in some cases of early pregnancies in female dogs, excessive scratching can take place, and the vet can answer some of the best methods to deal with it.

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The final response to dog digging:

In realizing do dogs scratch pillows, the owner must keep track of some of the actions that the animal is doing along with scratching. Digging for comfort is no harm until n unless proper safety is ensured from all directions. For real inconvenient circumstances, a vet possibly can help to calm the animal and deal with the scratching issue.

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