Are Bean Bags Good For Dogs? – Clear Your Doubts

Do you look for a seat for your dog? Then most probably, the bean bag is in the top rank of the list. It is a classic piece of furniture used as a pet seat, especially for dogs and cats. 

However, people have several doubts about bean bags. Are bean bags good for my dog or the benefit of a dog’s bean bag is the key question that arises.  

Let me ask a small question!

Do you ever see where dogs select to sleep or lay down? Are they wet areas or dry areas? Most dogs love to keep their body warm. That’s why they lay down in warm places like mattresses, carpets, sofa, and beds. But if you can give a separate comfortable seat to them, it is better! That’s how bean bags becomes a good bed for dogs.

As beanbagexperts, I explain every fact related to the dog’s bean bags. So, read the full article to solve your doubts! Moreover, you can use these facts to buy a perfect bean bag for your dog.

Yes, bean bags are a perfect seat for dogs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can provide warmth, a comfortable and permanent spot for dogs to lay down in their free time. Moreover, bean bags are suitable for the dog’s joints and arthritis problems. From baby puppy to matured one, all deserve to lay on a firm, soft surface like a bean bag.

Let’s dive deeper into this subject!

Are Bean Bags Good For Dogs

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Facts That Makes Bean Bags Are Good For Dogs

Restore Dog’s Energy

Generally, dogs are domestic animals who need to sleep around 12, 14 hours. It is essential to keep them healthy and active in other day hours.

Especially baby puppies need these napping hours to take a good rest after exploring the new world. They generally sleep around 18-20 hours per day. However, good sleep restores their energy and brain functions.

Good To Reduce The Dog’s Stress

Dogs always have a fighting mood. Thus, their stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisone, are constantly released into the blood. However, when they sleep, these blood hormone levels will reduce.

Now you may exactly know why dogs need good sleep? Right?

So, why is a bean bag good to relax your dog?

Your dog also needs some privacy while they are sleeping. Bean bags provide a secure and supportive feel to them. Not only that, this unique seat can adjust with the dog’s posture.

So, the comfortable sleeping surface gives them the feeling of intimacy. That’s why a bean bag is best for your dog.

Suitable For Joint Pains And Arthritis

Does your dog still sleep on the floor? Sleeping on the floor or hard surfaces can cause joint pain or arthritis.

If your dog continuously sleeps on hard surfaces, it will generate calluses on its body. This effect is dominant in the dog’s elbows and hips.

Moreover, this will direct the development of a hygroma in the joints. A hygroma is a fluid-filled sac that forms between a dog’s joint areas. If you do not treat them well, there is a possibility of getting infected.

Further, arthritis is a severe health issue that is common in dogs. This case is serious in old dogs. They suffer much because of arthritis. Due to that, they cannot take good sleep at night too. So, the sleeping seat will directly impact on dog’s health and behaviors.

Do you notice the anger behaviors of your dog? Lack of good sleep can be a reason for this too.  

Reduce Injuries

Bean bag is super soft furniture that provides an ultra-comfortable experience to users. Is there any fortune other than lying on this type of surface? Dogs also feel this in the same way!

In addition to that, this soft furniture does not have hard edges. Also, they are not equipped with spikes or dangerous tools like some wooden furniture.

Generally, dogs are active, especially at the newborn puppy stage. So, they run, jump, and play with the surrounding accessories.

However, if they hit or jump onto any other wooden furniture, it is possible to injure them. Due to the lack of these types of hard edges, bean bags do not cause to injure your loved ones.  

Good For Old Dogs Too

Like you, your dog is also getting old. Can you pause this realistic scenario? On the other hand, your dog’s physical fitness and health status weak with age.

So, old breeds have a high risk of suffering from arthritis than younger ones. Not only old, but large dog breeds like Dachshunds also have the same chance. It is essential to provide soft beds like bean bags to reduce the risk. It will help to keep pressure off the dog’s joints.

Here, they do not need too soft bean bags. They require firm surfaces to lay down comfortably. Because the too-soft mattress or beds sink dogs into it, also, this is not good for the old dogs. Because they face trouble when getting into and out of it.

Durable And Versatile

 Most dogs love to chew the slippers, pillows, and sofas. This is common in small puppies. But why?

The dogs chew the accessories at the development stage of their teeth. Not only that, the anger or playing mood can lead to having this type of behavior.

However, if you choose an ordinary mattress or seat as a dog seat, they will rip it apart quickly. Or else, dogs will scratch them. That’s why bean bag is suitable for dogs.

The dog’s bean bags are specially designed to resist these things. The durable and robust material can withstand the dog’s teethes.

Let me explain this with proof.

The marine-grade vinyl bean bag lasts for years, even if you use it as a dog’s chewing toy. Wonderful, No?

Also, the versatile property allows you to use a dog’s bean bag outside on warm days. Then your dog can get a great nap by connecting with nature!

Warmth Feel

We all love to feel warmth when the weather is cold. So, dogs also love to spend their free time in a warm place on cold days, freezing nights, and the winter season. Like blanket gives a super comfortable feel to us, bean bags provide a fantastic warmth feel to your dog.

On the other hand, imagine your dog sleeping on bare floors on freezing nights? Isn’t it hard? If there are no options, these poor guys have to relax their bodies on these surfaces.

But if you are a dog lover, it is your responsibility to keep your dog comfortable. So, spending a few dollars on bean bags is a great deal!

Dog Bean Bags Are Easy To Clean

If you purchased a regular mattress or bed for your dog, they would not equip with high-quality stain-resistant materials. So, if your dog dirts them with pee or fecal matter, you may have to face huge trouble.

But if you purchase a bean bag, this will not be a headache for you. Why?

The pet’s bean bag is generally made with stain and water-resistant materials. So, if they contact any fecal matter, you can easily clean them.

Not only that, you can use them for a long time with a brand new look. That’s why a bean bag is good to use for dogs!

What happens if a dog eat bean bag balls? Check this guide.

Final Thoughts

Getting a bean bag for your dog is the best decision ever. Because dogs also need personal space and some privacy. However, dos sizes vary with breed and age. Also, different kinds of dog bean bags are available in the market. You should select a design and size that perfectly match your dog. So, grab the knowledge regarding that too!

Once you buy a bean bag, you can experience the difference in the dog’s behavior. The chew-resistant, stain-resistant, and comfortable bean bags will provide an excellent service for your dog. Then, please share your experience with us!

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