Why Do Cats and Dogs Like Bean Bags?

At very first, think about how many friends do you have? You will say more than finger count. But if I ask, how many loyal friends do you have? Most probably, you may be confused. However, if you are a dog or cat owner, you have one true loyal friend. 

The pets are lovely creatures that enjoy their short life with us. Besides providing food, water, and medicine, do you ever think of a way to comfort their lives? So, this article is primarily based on how to comfort your pets’ lives with bean bags and why they love them. Let’s look at it one by one. 

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Why Do Dogs Like Bean Bags?

Did you notice the places where dogs select to sleep? And what type of surfaces that they choose to lay?

Generally, dogs lie down on the surfaces near the stove, foot mat, mattress, car seats, sofa, or carpet. Do you know why they love to lay in a warm and comfy place?

Generally, dogs need 10 to 18 hours of sleeping and napping time per day to reduce their stress levels and restore energy. A Bean bag can give better space for your dog to relax and unwind. Moreover, the height of the bean bag makes it easy to climb and take a rest. Therefore bean bag is a perfect bed that has good durability and comfort. 

To Take Good Sleep

Just like a human, dogs also require a good night’s sleep to maintain their life healthily. Moreover, this sleeping time varies with different factors. They are;

  • Breed 
  • Age 
  • The personality of the dog
  • Season

Typically dog sleeps and naps 14 hours a day on average. But the more giant breeds of dogs, such as German Shepherds and Great Danes, require more sleep than small breed types. Also, it can vary up to 18 hours per day. 

The smaller breeds of dogs such as Pomeranian or Chihuahuas enjoy up to 10 hours of sleep per day.

Rather than them, some dogs will nap short time per day, including farm dogs or police dogs that are trained to work.

Also, just like you, your dog has a particular sleeping habitat, and they always search most comfortable spot to sleep. That’s why dogs always try to jump on your bed!

So, bean bags can provide coziness and comfort bed to keep them warm during winter and cold nights. Therefore it will quickly overtake any other bed dogs use as their favorite place to jump and sleep. 

Hence there’s no doubt your dog will love their bean bags rather than any spot.

Provide Secure Space

Dogs have rapid eye movement (REM). It means they move their eyes rapidly and randomly during sleep. This process helps them to restore their energy and relieve their stress.

Have you ever experienced the dog’s behavior when you wake them suddenly during this phase of sleep? They may bark loudly or try to bite you unexpectedly. 

It is just because if your dog does not get enough sleep, and their stress hormones will stay in their bloodstream. Ultimately it will directly affect the dog’s behavior.

But if you provide specific space for your dog to rest and sleep, they will show calm behaviors. Further, bean bags can provide secure space and eliminate outside disturbance. Hence, that certain feel makes them happy.

Good for Joints

Usually, dogs fold their whole body while sleeping. Other than that, they lie down in different positions to relax their joints. Sleeping a long time on a rigid surface can be a reason for joint pain and arthritis. 

This cause is common in older dogs, and they face many difficulties while trying to sleep on hard surfaces.

The cozy soft bean bag can overcome this issue. Also, it confirms the dogs’ body shape too. Therefore dogs love bean bags very much. So, do not let your favorite suffer from joints pains.

Bean Bag Keep Your Dog Warm

Your dog will feel uncomfortable in cold temperatures, significantly below 0°C. Because just like us, pets’ cold tolerance level varies from pet to pet based on their outer coat, body fat level, activity level, age, variety, and health.  

Generally, short-haired dogs feel the cold faster than long-haired ones. Also, short-legged dogs’ bellies and bodies are closer to the ground. Thus they feel cold faster. Further, the slight fluctuation of temperature will adversely affect newborn younger dogs rather than matured ones.

In addition, dogs with diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, or hormonal imbalances harder to regulate body temperature.

However, their body adapts to insulate cold temperatures at some level. But its nose, ears, tail, and paws are more exposed to the cold than other body parts. 

Because of these reasons, it is your responsibility to protect your dog from cold at night and winter season. A Bean bag is a perfect bed that can eliminate extra cold. It will help to keep the dog’s body temperature stable. 

There is no more happiness than been warm during the cold season. That’s why dogs love bean bags. 

Prevent Injuries

Do you ever sleep on a floor? Then you know the exact experience. Generally sleep on hard surfaces is not an easy task. It directly gives an uncomfortable feeling to our body. This factor similarly influences the dogs too.

If they continuously sleep on hard surfaces, it directly impacts their body, especially elbows and hips. This repeated pressure can be a reason for hygroma.

A hygroma is a condition that frequently occurs in giant breed dogs such as Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, Mastiffs, and Great Danes. It initially appears as a small, soft moveable mass near the joints, especially the elbow joint. And at the very first stages, it is non-painful.

But over time, it gets larger. In that stage, your dog may feel pain and discomfort. Therefore do not allow your dog to sleep on hard surfaces like hardwood floors, concrete, or tile. You’re responsible for providing a soft sleeping pad or bean bag to your dogs to live comfortably.

Height of the Bean Bag

Usually, bean bags have around 1 foot or 1.5 feet in height. This height is ideal for both cats and dogs to jump on. But rather than cats, this height is perfect for dogs. 

Because cats are generally good hunters and jumpers, so there are better at jumping than dogs. The low height makes the bean bag ideal for dogs. This short height is a primary reason why dogs like bean bags.

cats and dogs like bean bags

Why Do Cats Like Bean Bags?

Most of the above reasons are similar to the cats too. Besides these aspects, I mentioned some specific reasons why cats love to sit on the bean bag. Keep reading!

Bean Bags Give Their Own Space

As a human being, you may experience the feeling of having your own space. This feeling is similar to the cat. Typically cats always search for warmth and the best places to lie down. That spot can be your hip, pillowcase, laptop, or near the stove.  

Cats expect a sense of privacy and security. Knowing they will sleep in a secure place allows them to get good sleep and uninterrupted relaxation. The bean bag can fulfill these requirements, and because of that, cats love it.

Bean Bags Help Keep Your Cat Clean

Did you see your cat always wash their face and body using their tongue? 

Yes, cats love to live clean. They never allow the single dirt to stick their body, and they always clean their body. 

Therefore cats do not like to relax and sleep on dirty floor carpets. Thus, they always search for clean places to sleep.

Because of this behavior, cats like bean bags a lot. Rather than a cozy feel, bean bags provide a clean seat to lie down your cats. In addition, as a cat owner, you can easily clean cats pee on bean bags than floor carpets. 

Hence, try to select a waterproof bean bag that is easy to clean.

Bean Bag Shape

Mostly both cats and dogs curve and fold their body while sleeping and resting. The cats’ bean bags are designed according to their sleeping shape and ergonomics. Because of that, a bean bag perfectly confirms the body shape of your pets. 

Further, it would be best if you were careful about bean bag fabric and filler type. Because dogs and cats have sharp teeth, and sometimes they chew and bite bean bags. Hence, they can make a puncture in the bean bag. Therefore, select the correct bean bag for your pet.

Moreover, cats and dogs also try to scratch the bean bag. Thus, try to buy a scratch and stain-resistant cat-proof bean bag for your pet.

Final words

We have a strong relationship with cats and dogs as our family. Moreover, their whole world is us. They cannot talk. But they communicate hundreds of their feelings with us and always try to be loyal. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take care of your favorite fan! 

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