Best Bean Bag For Dorm – With Buying Guide

Many students who study in schools and universities have to live in a dorm room. So, if you are already staying in this type of small space, you know that the floor space is limited. And seating areas are scarce.

So, why don’t you try out a fantastic bean bag chair for your dorm room? It will give a tremendous experience and help to reduce stress. 

However, you should consider many more things when you buy anything from the market. But these factors may vary with the people’s desires and requirements and the nature of the products. So, this theory may apply the same when you buy a bean bag chair for your dorm. 

Why should you buy a bean bag for the dorm and consider the facts?

Let’s find an answer!

best bean bags for dorm

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Are Bean Bags Best For a Dorm?

You can use bean bags to both sit or sleep. So, why cannot we use chairs for sitting in a dorm?

You are a student, and you can sit on a traditional chair and read a book. But is it comfortable to sit for hours? Sure, it is like a punishment. 

If you sit on a bean bag to study, you will feel wow!

So why do you give pain to yourselves? Also, it will directly affect your academic results. However, please do not misunderstand; bean bags are not only ideal for studying, but it is also perfect for laying down and relaxing both your mind and body. 

On the other hand, bean bags are 100% fit with dorms’ limited space.

Buying Guide Of Bean Bags For Dorms

When you buy a bean bag for your dorm, you should consider the following factors. Then it will support you to experience a super comfortable life never experienced before in your dorm.

Identify Your Requirement Clearly

Why are you going to buy a bean bag chair for your dorm? 

First of all, you should find an exact answer to this question because it will directly support what type of bean bag you should buy. 

You may want a seating place to study, read, or relax at the end of the day. So, according to your requirement, you can select a customized bean bag that can optimize your satisfaction. 

Space In The Dorm

The limited space will be the main barrier for whatever furniture you wish to buy. So, it is a famous secret that dorms have minimal space when it comes to dorms. Therefore, it is challenging to abstract a room for your bean bag. 

Think, you have minimal free space, and you choose a giant bean bag, you will surely get in big trouble. That’s why I say you should always be mindful of the space in the dorm you have before selecting a bean bag. 

So, if you are living in a small dorm, it is best to go with a small or medium-sized bean bag. On the other hand, you can buy a giant bean bag when you have enough space to place it. 

Size of The Bean Bag

As I mentioned above, the size of the bean bag is directly connected with the space of the dorm. Further, dorms can be a shelter for anyone from children to adults. All of them love to sit there. So, how do you decide the exact size? 

Get support from the below list. It was prepared with the body height of kids and adults. 

  • For kids who are up around 4’5″, the bean bag will only need a circumference of 110 to 120 inches 
  • For teens and adults below 5’2″, you can go with the seats with a range of 130 to 140 inches
  • The seats with a circumference of 150 to 160 will be most comfortable for adults up to 6’0″.
  • Oversized bean bags are suited for everyone. 

The Shape of The Bean Bag

The shape is the fundamental consideration when buying a bean bag for a dorm. Bean bags come in different shapes and designs. All they are introduced to meet consumers’ preferences. 

Before you move further, let me ask a small question!

Where are you willing to place your bean bag in the dorm? 

Is it going to place in the open area of your dorm? Or else do you wish to place it near the wall or window?

Most peoples want to place their bean bags in the corner of their dorm. But why do they do it? That is because many dorms do not have more space after placing your other accessories. 

So, here it is wise to go with teardrop bean bags. Generally, the teardrop shape does not take much space. Also, this design provides a good back, neck, and headrest. 

Because of these features, it has become an ideal design for dorms. Especially ideal to use with computers. Moreover, the teardrop bean bag is perfect for studying while writing notes. Further, bean bag chairs and sofas are also perfect for use in the dorm. 

Anyhow, do you like circle shape or any other shape bean bags? Keep in mind this type of bean bag takes more space to settle down in your dorm. 

So, think twice if you have limited space. But if you have enough space, a circular bean bag is also a great choice. 

Color of the Bean Bag

Color is the main thing that can attract the eye to any product. The first impression has the power to change the preference of anyone. But as an experienced consumer, do not buy any product blindly, only considering the beauty. It may disappoint you later. 

Do you know that color has the power to deal with your mind’s peace and release stress? Yes, color is more than you think! Therefore, when you buy a bean bag for your dorm, you should consider its color. 

Modern bean bags come in various colors and prints, such as leopard and zebra print, ornate printings, flat colors, stripes and textures, shiny colors, and virtually anything else you can imagine. 

That’s why choosing the color of the bean bag for the dorm became a big deal. Here, you can select the color by considering your purpose and the color of the dorm. 

Material of Bean Bag

No matter where you use the bean bag for anything, this is something you should consider. Because compression, quality, and firmness of the bean bag directly depend on the material stuff.

Therefore, you should highly consider the fabric and filer type used to make the bean bag. Make sure that you are satisfied with the durability of the materials.

Also, upholstery or furniture-grade fabrics are stain-resistant. These fabrics are best for your dorm bean bags. Because accidents may often happen in the dorm, avoid cheap materials because they may tear or damage quickly. 

Further, check the heat absorption level of the bean bag fabric and filler. It directly deals with comfortability. The cotton linen fabrics are ideal. 

If you have limited space and hot weather, it is better to keep your eye away from vinyl bean bags! The polystyrene beads are great than memory forms for dorm bean bags. It will help to keep your body cool. 

Comfort Level

Generally, almost all people shift from traditional seats to bean bags because of their comfortable feeling. So, try to buy a bean bag that can give super comfort to your body! Comfy will motivate you. 


Before purchasing a bean bag, you should ask the following question from the manufacturer. 

  • What are the materials used to make bean bags? 
  • What is it filled with? 
  • Are these materials are fire redundant?
  • Does the manufacturer comply with safety standards?
  • Do you use any harmful chemicals to produce this bean bag?
  • Does it have a child-safe zipper?

For instance, countries like the US introduced quality standards for measuring fabric quality and filler quality for bean bags. Therefore, before buying a bean bag for your dorm, read the production description and make sure it is produced according to the quality standards. 

So, keep in mind to find a safe bean bag from a reputed manufacturer who cares about your health and environment. 

But why should we pay attention to the quality standards?

How many hours do you use a bean bag per day?

It is challenging to measure. Because we always love to live comfortably. So, the perfect place is the bean bag. Here your body directly deals with the bean bag. Therefore, keep in mind to protect your health. 

dorm bean bags

Best Bean Bags For Your Dorm

Bean bags are not only ultra-comfortable, but it also perfectly fit for dorms. You can try out below bean bags for your dorm.

Sofa Sack Plush Ultra-Soft Bean Bag Chair

What We Like

Super Comfort

This bean bag is meant to be contouring and fluffier with memory foam.

Perfect Size 

It is a better seating place for your dorm with the dimension 60″ L x 60″ W x 30″ H or 5ft x 5ft x 2.5ft.


The weight of the Sofa sac chair is 52.9. So, it is easy to move and maintain. You can carry this easily in your car. 

Ideal for Small Rooms

The most important thing is this medium-sized bean bag takes small space. So, it may be ideal for even small dorms. 

Variety of Colors

What is your favorite color? Sofa sack colors range from aquamarine to charcoal to magenta fit your style well.

Chill Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag

What We Like

Easy to Clean

Are you struggling to clean your bean bag in the dorm? This chill bean bag chair is an excellent solution because it comes with a microfiber cover. It means it can be easily cared for and clean. So, I am sure it may become a favorite spot in your dorm.  

Extra Comfort And Variety Of Colors

On the other hand, memory foam fillings add extra comfort by conforming to your shape. However, do not worry about matching the bean bag to the dorm. The chill sack bean bag comes in over 25 different colors.

Perfect Size

 Enjoy the dorm life with a 60 x 60 x 34 inches chill sac.


You can have juice while studying or reading without any issue. That is because the chill sack is a moisture-resistant bean bag. 

Super Comfort

Do you wish to experience the feeling of sitting in a cloud? Do not be late. Feel the softness of the cover, and it is supple and sensuous to the touch. 

This bean bag is a production of the USA with high-quality light and fluffy shredded foam, premium zippers, and hand-selected fabrics.

Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Lounger

What We Like

Quality Materials

This lounger and incredibly soft and comfortable bean bags are made with a microsuede cover and long-lasting high-class foam material. Additionally, it is simple to clean.

Variety of Sizes

No matter how much space you have in your dorm, small or large. You can choose a bean bag that fits your room perfectly. Lumaland luxury bean bag lounger is available in a range of sizes, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft, and stylish colors. 

Adapt to the Body Heat

This bean bag comes with an inner cover filled with high-quality foam with no plastic. The most beneficial thing is that the memory foam seat can adapt to the body heat and shape by providing supper relaxation.

Jaxx Sofa Saxx Bean Bag Lounger

This is another bean bag that is a perfect match for your dorm. But how?

What We Like

Perfect Size

It is just only 4ft. The size is 100% suitable for your dorm with limited space. But do not worry. This indeed becomes your favorite place to sit or lay. I have an excellent idea. If you invite your friends to watch a movie or study, they will be surprised about your comfortable seat. 

Machine Washable 

Not like traditional seats, you can deal with and handle this comfy seat easily. For instance, when it dirt, you have to remove the cover and put it into the washing machine. It will quickly become its original and fresh look. 


You have a 1-year warranty for this product with the dimension 46″ D x 34″ W x 26″ H and comes with environmentally friendly packaging.

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

What We Like

Lightweight and Size

This bean bag is the best seating solution for your dorm due to its lightweight design and size. Big Joe bean bags are ideal for studying and chilling with your friends.

Easy to Move

Also, it comes with handles, facilitating handling and moving the bean bag quickly. 

Super Comfort

Big joe bean bags are filled with virgin shredded foam to provide the most comfortable seat. 

Environmental Friendly

Do you search for environmentally friendly products? 

Here you are in the right place. Big joe highly practices environmental responsibilities and applies to quality standards in the USA.

Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair


Do you stress about stains and spills? Do you afraid to drink a cup of tea sitting on a bean bag in your dorm? 

Do not worry; the big joe Milano bean bag comes to comfy your life and kicks your stressful feelings. This bean bag is ideal for your dorm because it is stain-resistant and water-resistant. 

Great Color Range

Big Jie Milano bean bag has a great color range. So, you do not need to worry about matching your new seat with the dorm’s deco. 

Locking Zippers

Two safety locking zippers facilitate refilling your bean bag quickly. Also, this big joe bean bag comes with a carrying handle. 

You can comfortably use it in a dorm because its dimension is 32 x 28 x 25 inches.

Fatboy Original Bean Bag

What We Like


Fatboy Original bean bag is a grateful creation of award-winning designer Jukka Setala, and it is a highly fashionable item. So, it adds extra color to your dorm while providing a supper seating solution.


Simply Fatboy original bean bag can be known as “more in one.” It means this item can use as a pillow, bed, or lounger chair. It is totally up to your preference and purpose. 

Plus, the Fatboy original bean bag is one of the sought-after bean bags due to its durability and versatility. It comes in 21 colors.

Moonpod Bean Bag

What We Like

Super Comfort

This is the new version of the bean bag available in the current market. This bean bag compacts enough to fit in most college dorms. This bean bag gives supper comfort and relaxation because it is filled with responsive high-density beads. 

Do you ever try flotation therapy? Moonpad bean bag mimics the sensation of this therapy. 

Cool Colors

Simply it is entirely different from the traditional bean bag. Also, these super comfortable moon pad bean bags come in super cool colors. You do not sink; you float.

Final Thoughts

Many people live away from their homes and live in dorms, especially students. Do they live comfortably in a dorm-like home? Nowhere is like our home. We love that much to stay at home. 

But bean bags will help you make your life easier and somewhat comfortable in dorms. But you should choose the right and best bean bag for your dorm.

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