Which Bean Bag Size Is Best? – The Size Guide

Selecting the best bean bag size is the biggest concern when buying a bean bag. Let’s discuss which bean bag size is best for your requirements.

One person’s best bean bag size will not be another person’s best bean bag size. It will depend on several factors like the purpose of using the bean bags, the size of the user, available space, and other factors.

Bean bags have become a piece of typical furniture in every modern home in this contemporary era. It comes in various sizes and designs. Besides ordinary bean bags, manufacturers launched sofa bean bags, giant bean bags, bean bag chairs, loungers, and many more.

Due to their comfy feel, bean bags are famous in all generations, from toddlers to grandparents.

Here I share my expertise knowledge regarding the above matters. I hope you guys can pick the perfect dimensions from this article!

bean bag size guide

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Factors Determine The Dimensions of Bean Bags

Usage or Purpose

Bean bags are made for almost all purposes. That’s why they categorized as photography bean bags, pet bean bags, toddlers bean bags, etc. The bean bag size, weight, and design will change according to the relevant usage.

Sometimes you may need a bean bag to relax and watch TV. Or sometimes you may need a bean bag as a computer chair. If not, you may need a bean bag to use in the pool or use on camping.

Now you may understand the diversity of bean bag usage. So, it is essential to know your exact purpose to determine the ideal size bean bag.

Body Size of the User

What are your body size and your friend’s body size? Do both of you have the same height and weight?

Definitely No! So, person to person, their physical features will vary, especially height, weight, backside area, length of the leg, and length of the head to hip.

However, it should perfectly match your body sizes when selecting a bean bag for you. That should provide enough area to occupy your body. If not, you may feel a bit of discomfort during extended usage.

Your bean bag should have the ability to give enough rest to your head, hand, back, neck, and all other body parts.

For example, after sitting on the bean bag chair, your leg will not touch the floor. Then you have to hang on your legs. But this position is not comfortable!

That’s why you should match the height of your leg from knee to heel with bean bag height. This is applicable for other body parts too. Especially hip to the neck and neck to head height.

Available Space of Living Room

Where are you going to place your bean bag? In an apartment? Or dorm? Before buying the bean bag, you should think about the available space of your home.

Think, you place giant bean bags, but your dorm does not have enough space to keep them. Or, after you place it, your room will block.

Therefore, before buying a bean bag, clarify your requirement and dimensions. Here, I share the general size range of bean bags. Further, it includes the usage. Keep reading to know all facts!

bean bag sizes

Different Bean Bag Sizes

36 cm Wide Bean Bag /15 Inches

This is the extra small size of the bean bag. The 1 feet wide bean bag is best to accommodate a child’s dolls or stuffed animals. Mostly this cute chair is a famous soft toy for kids.

Due to its size, kids can easily carry them. So, if you are willing to buy a bean bag for kids, you can go for this size. Moreover, this bean bag size is perfect for occupying your cat and puppy dog. But not enough for mature dogs.

60 cm Wide Bean Bag / 24 Inches

The 24 inches bean bags belong to the small category. So, it is ideal for toddlers. Generally, most toddlers have relatively the exact body sizes. Therefore, it is easy to determine the best bean bag size for them.

However, you can even use 2 feet wide bean bag as a pet bean bag or footrest. Due to its small size, it is easy to move and carry.

80 cm Wide Bean Bag / 32 Inches

The 32 inches wide bean bag belongs to the medium category. This size is ideal for both adults and kids. Average-sized two kids can share this space without any trouble.

Moreover, are you living in a dorm or apartment? Then go for this bean bag. This will not occupy an ample space. Also, the seat size is just enough to give total relaxation to a person.

Moreover, if you change the living space-time to time, it is better to go for this size. Further, this bean bag size is ideal for travelers too. Because they can easily pack and carry these bean bags in their vehicles.

However, if you have more space, you can go for a much bigger size!

96 cm Wide Bean Bag / 39 Inches

Are you looking for plenty of space for total relaxation? Then 39 inches wide bean bag is the best. This bean bag belongs to a large category.

An adult or two kids can comfortably lay on this bean bag. So, these dimensions are ideally suited for all ages.

If you are looking for a seat to watch TV, read newspapers, or spend time on the balcony, this size is best. However, before purchasing the giant bean bag, make sure your home space is enough for them.

120 cm Wide Bean Bag / 48 Inches

Are you a fat person and looking for suitable space to occupy your whole body comfortably? Or else do you want to feel extra happy with the bean bag. Then try these dimensions.  

This 4 feet wide space is best for teenagers and adults looking for sinking relationships after a long day. Also, this space is enough to occupy two of their kids at once.

The extra-large (XL) size is designed for adults with relatively large body sizes. Also, this is ideal for average size persons too. Not only for sitting purposes, but you can also use this space to lay your whole body on the cloud-like feel.

Final Thoughts

Before selecting a bean bag, it is better to identify your requirement. Then list your needs and check that the bean bag meets relevant components. It is the easiest method to go for the best bean bag size.

Because “the best bean bag” is a concept that varies from person to person. So, here I cannot suggest this is the best bean bag for you! You are the person that should determine it. But I hope this background knowledge will guide you to make the right decision.

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