Best Marine Bean Bag – With Buying Guide

Bean Bags have evolved their presence into boats from your living room. Marine bean bags are the latest addition to the bean bags family. This article shows the bean bags used for boats and how to select a marine bean bag for your boat.

The steel chairs will decay quickly with salty moisture. So, you cannot use them for a long time near the sea areas. Also, the wooden chairs will not give the expected comfort while they tend to break too soon in a high humidity atmosphere. 

So, these days, please use modern furniture like bean bags to replace these traditional chairs. But why do you want a bean bag for the boat? Or why do you want marine bean bags?  

Generally, riding on a boat for long hours is hard for ordinary people. Because the ship or the boat shakes with the sea waves, consequently, your body will move with it. As a result of instability, most people feel vomit. This is called sea-sickness.

It will destroy the whole fun of the boat ride. 

So, people tend to use marine bean bags to solve this. If you are sitting on a bean bag, this shaking effect that impacts your body will reduce. The bean bag will adjust with boat movements. Thus, the instability does not directly affect your body. 

However, the ocean and its environment have a bit of different chemistry. Therefore, the standard bean bags are not suited to use in these places. So, please don’t try to use your regular bean bag at the beaches and on the boats. Go for a bean bag specially made to use for marine environments.

Now you may have some doubts like, How to identify marine bean bags? Or else, what are the main features of nautical bean bags? Here, I include the complete guide about selecting a marine bean bag. 

So, let’s see what those are!

best marine bean bags

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Buying Guide for Marine Bean Bags

First, Identify Your Purpose

Why do you want to buy a marine bean bag? Select the answer from the below list!

  • Enjoy the sunbath at the beach
  • Use on the boat
  • Enjoy the waves while floating on the bean bag

See, whatever you are willing to use a marine bean bag, your purpose will be completely different. That’s why it is essential to identify your requirement first.

Then you can select the customized design that perfectly matches your purpose.

Fundamental Component of a Marine Bean Bag

Marine bean bags consist of three significant portions. These are;

  • Fabric type
  • Filler type 
  • Zipper

So, according to your purpose, you should check whether they are included in these bean bags.

Let’s check one by one!


If you use bean bags in the marine environment, they will get wet with seawater. The waves, wet beaches, mist are the key things responsible for this.

Not only that, but people also lay down on bean bags just after a sea bath. Because of these things, it is essential to select waterproof bean bags for marine use. It will prevent the seawater from soaking into the bean bag.

Further, waterproof fabric will help keep your bean bag out of fungus. On the other hand, if you buy a bean bag for a boat, it is a must to go for a waterproof bean bag because they are constantly exposed to the strong waves.

Tolerance Level With The Salty Moisture

Generally, marine water and the environment are rich in minerals and chemicals. Also, we cannot prevent exposure the bean bags to seawater and salty conditions.

So, there is a high possibility of decaying the metal zipper of the bean bag. Significantly salty moisture will stimulate this. Hence, it is better to buy a marine bean bag equipped with a plastic zipper. 

Also, fabric color may change after exposing your bean bag to ocean water long time. Therefore before spending dollars on the marine bean bag, it is essential to know the tolerance level of the relevant bean bag with marine conditions. 

You may have doubts about the best fabrics and fillers for marine bean bags. No? Let me explain this further!

Marine Grade Fabric

There are plenty of bean bags available in the market. However, all these bean bags cannot use in marine habitats. Here, you should buy a bean bag made with marine-grade fabric. This standard fabric can withstand salt conditions for a long time.

For example, you can buy a marine bean bag made with the following fabrics. 

  • Marine-Grade Sunbrella Fabric
  • Heavy-Duty Marine-Grade Vinyl Fabric
  • Sunmax Fabric

These are the most common fabrics of marine bean bags. So, go for the bean bag made with them.

Further, these fabrics resist shade and decay. It is an extra benefit. Thus, you can use this for a long time without any worry. 

UV Resistance

Do you wish to use a marine bean bag on the boat? Or else on the beach? So, mainly we use these bean bags in the outdoors.

Your bean bag will be directly exposed to the sunlight for the whole daytime. Therefore, it is vital to select a bean bag made with UV-resistant or sunproof material. If not within a short period, your bean bag will get shade. 

Bean Bag Fabric Should Dry Quickly

As discussed earlier, marine bean bags are constantly exposed to seawater and wet conditions. So, its fabric should be water-resistant.

However, if an intense wave passes over it or when you sit there with a wet body, the water will contact the bean bag.

So, marine bean bags should continuously face these types of incidents. That’s why its fabric should dry quickly. If not, you have to wait until the bean bag dries. Anyhow the marine-grade vinyl will do this job perfectly.

bean bags for boats

Bean Bag Filling Material

Filling beads play a leading role in marine bean bags. So, check whether these factors.

  • Water-resistant property
  • Withstand with heat
  • Resist to fungus growth
  • Not react with salty water

100% virgin beads are used to fill most marine bean bags. Generally, they consist of all these properties. Also, the fillers such as memory foam, cotton, and natural seeds are not suited to use in the marine environment. Thus, if you notice any nautical bean bags filled with them, do not buy them.

Floating Ability

Do you know some bean bags made to float in the ocean? So, if you love to go with waves, check the product description and its usage. Then you can easily find the most suitable bean bag from there. Further, these floating marine bean bags can use on boats and beaches.

Do you want to float on a pool or lake? Then try this and feel the experience!

However, when selecting a floating marine bean bag, check the weight that it can withstand. If the bean bag matches your weight, buy it. Because the buoyancy of marine bean bags mainly depends on the filler density, bean bag volume, and user weight.

So, if you love to do adventures, buy a marine bean bag that is made to do multifunction.

Quality Certification

The US government introduce quality standards, especially for marine bean bags. It has some rules regarding fabric quality, filler quality, child-safe zipper, and floating bean bag properties.

So, before purchasing a marine bean bag, read its product description carefully. If it includes this quality certification, it is an excellent assurance about product quality.

Why do you need to check quality certification, especially marine bean bags?

Because marine bean bags are not used indoors, they are mainly used outdoors and on boats. So, if any accident occurs in these places, it will be a threat to your life.

Assume that you buy a floating marine bean bag and enjoy the ocean waves while sitting on it. Probably at some deep water of the ocean. Then accidentally, the seams will tear up.

So, as a result, the beans will release into the water, and the bean bag starts to sink. Unfortunately, if you are not a good swimmer, what will happen?

So always try to buy bean bags made with relevant quality standards. Then, enjoy the summer!

Durability And Warranty Period

Now you may have doubts about checking the durability before purchasing a bean bag. Yes, you can check it at the very beginning. Just check the warranty period. Some manufacturers give lifetime warranty for their bean bags. 

Also, the warranty period will range from 3-10 years too.

However, this is a great indicator to detect the quality of the materials. The company ensures a marine bean bag for the relevant period. Thus, it is an accurate measure of the product’s durability.

Therefore, try to buy a bean bag with a more extended warranty period. And check the after-service reviews of that provider.


As you already know, marine bean bags are mainly used in outdoor areas. So, they will expose to direct sunlight. Due to that, the bean bag may get heat. Is sitting on a super-hot surface comfortable? No!

So, you should check the heat-absorbing level of the bean bag fabric. There are easy tips to see this. Just Google the bean bag material type. Then you can easily find the answer!

Moreover, the color of the fabric dramatically influences heat absorption. Thus, avoid dark colors such as black and brown. Always try to buy a marine bean bag with light colors like white, yellow, and light green.


The heat absorption level is shallow in light color fabrics. So, they will not absorb heat quickly.

Comfort Level And Softness

The whole aim of the water-bound outing is to get total relaxation! And why do you love to use marine bean bags rather than wooden chairs? Indeed, it is because of comfort.

Thus, check it can give an expected comfy feel, whatever the type you purchase. Trust me! The perfect comfortable bean bag can double the fun of your vacation.

Size of The Marine Bean Bag

Are you looking for a bean bag for your boat? Then size will be your primary concern. Generally, boats have minimal space. Thus, you have to consider the furniture size carefully.

However, here I cannot recommend the exact size because it will depend on the available space of your boat. But if you have much space, go for a bit large bean bag. It will give complete relaxation to your whole body.


Select the preferred marine bean bag from the collection because the attractiveness will give a super fantastic feeling to your mind. It will stimulate your body.


Further, do not forget to check the portability of your marine bean bag. If it has a handle, it is better. Then you can use your bean bag at any beach. 

marine bean bags

Best Marine Bean Bags

Marine bean bags have become trending furniture these days. Thus, there is a range of bean bags available in the market. Among them, you can select the best one that suits your bean bag.

As an independent bean bag researcher, I experiment with several bean bags. Thus, with the experience of mine and my colleagues, I will recommend the best marine bean bags for you. These can use on boats as well as on the beach areas.

E-SeaRider Armchair Marine Bean bag

If you are a fan of marine bean bags, you may be familiar with this name. This is a top-rated USA-made nautical bean bag. They are experts in this industry and have released marine bean bags to market since 2004. 

What We Like

Marine-Grade Bean Bag

This bean bag is made with marine-based materials. The heavy Duty Marine Vinyl and 100% Virgin beads fillers add value. So you can use this on boats or beaches without any issue. 

Perfectly Adjust

E-SeaRider bean bag can perfectly adjust to the user’s body shape. The 36″W X 32″L X 35″H dimensions will allow sitting a vast range of people, including kids to adults, up to 230lbs.

Corrosion Proof Zipper

The corrosion-proof zipper will help you use this bean bag for an extended period without any issue. 

Head And Neck Support

This bean bag chair is prepared as an ergonomic design. So, it gives great relief to the back, neck, and head. 

Two Tough Webbing Handles

E-SeaRider bean bag can be easy to carry because of handles. To buy this fabulous bean bag, click here.

Big Joe Milano Outdoor Bean Bag

Big Joy is one of the most reputed brand names in the bean bag industry. They have sold more than 10,000 marine bean bags. 

What We Like

Marine-Grade Bean Bag

So, this bean bag is ideal to use on the boat and enjoy leisure time.

Drain Water Quickly

This bean bag is designed to drain water quickly from it. So, no remaining seawater on the bean bag for a long time. 

Ideal For Kids

This bean bag is designed for kids. The 28 x 30.5 x 28 inches dimensions are ideal for a kid’s body size. So, if you are looking for a marine bean bag for your kid or toddler, this is an ideal one. 

Dual Zippers And Double-Stitched Design

Due to the target market being small kids, Big Joys strictly consider the safety of the marine bean bag. That’s why they include these facilities in it. 

Perfectly Filled

This Big Joe Milano outdoor beanbag is filled with the correct amount of fillers. Thus, when your kid sits there, they will feel super comfortable. 

What We Do Not Like

Non-Removable Cover

Big Joe Milano’s outdoor beanbag can dirt with overtime after exposure to the outdoor environment. But here, you cannot replace or remove the cover. However, spot cleaning can be applied. 

Big Joe Captain’s Float

This is a different marine bean bag model that the Big Joy company released. Let’s see what the differences are?

What We Like

Floating Bean Bag

Yes, you can enjoy the wave’s movements while sitting on the Big Joe Captain’s Float bean bag. This can use directly on any water surface. The water-resistant sun max fabric and lightweight, buoyant Megha beans will help you to float.


The Convenient handle will help you carry this bean bag to any place. Thus, it is easy to handle. 

Variety of Brightly Colored Patterns

Here, you have a collection of marine bean bags. These are decorated with unique patterns and designs. So, customers can select mostly suit one form them.


This marine-grade floating bean bag has a 5.5-pound weight. So, it is easy to carry. So if you want to experience the true feeling of sitting on the ocean or any other water source, click here. This is the best floating bean bag that you can buy!

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