Bean Bags and Weight Limits

Are you sitting on your kid’s bean bag frequently? Then you might have a concern about the weight limits of bean bags. We all tend to sit on bean bags, no matter the size of it. Bean bags are that appealing and attractive. But is it suitable for the bean bags if everyone uses the same bean bag? Let dig deep into this. 

Bean bags have a maximum weight limit that they can bear. Different sizes of bean bags have different weight limits. A small size bean bag can hold a small kid. In contrast, medium and large size bean bags can bear only one adult at a time.

When choosing the perfect bean bag, you should know about bean bag sizes that work for your needs. As different sizes can hold a different amount of maximum weight, you should select the bean bag size according to your weight and height.

First, let’s see what the different sizes of bean bags are.

bean bags weight limit

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Different Sizes of Bean Bags

Many Bean bags come in different sizes for all ages. Whether the bean bag you are looking for is for a small kid, a teenager, or an adult, you can find the right size. The sizes of the bean bags range from small to XXL and more. 

You can select the perfect bean bag considering the size and the purpose. Let’s have a look at popular bean bag sizes in the market.

• Small Bean Bags

The size of small bean bags is ranging from 60cm to 70 cm in diameter. These are primarily suitable for small kids. But they can also use for pets.

Small bean bags are portable and light-weight. You do not need much space to store them.

• Medium Bean Bags

Medium-size bean bags are generally 80 cm in diameter. These are primarily suitable for teenagers. But this fits for an adult too, if you do not have enough space in your room or apartment for a large bean bag. If you have enough space for a bean bag, go for a larger one if you are an adult.

• Large Bean Bags

Large bean bags are the recommended minimum bean bag size for a full-grown adult. Large bean bags are about 90-96 cm in diameter. But these are not recommended for two or more adults at the same time.

• eXtra Large (XL) Bean Bags

If you are 6 feet in height, this is the perfect bean bag for you. Extra Large bean bags are about 4 feet (120 cm) in diameter. XL Bean bag is the most comfortable bean bag for a single adult if you have enough space.

You can even have a quick nap on these XL bean bags if you are working from home.

Double eXtra Large (XXL) Bean Bags

XXL bean bags are the best size for a couple who prefers to sit on the same bean bag at once. XXL bean bags are about 150-170 cm in diameter. But make sure that you have enough space in your home before purchasing this.

Bean Bag Size and Weight Limit it Can Hold

There is no exact weight that a bean bag can hold. But we can safely say there is an approximate weight range that a bean bag can hold. That weight mainly depends on the size of the bean bag. 

Bean Bag SizeDiameter (cm)Approximate Max weight
Small Bean Bag60 – 7060 – 90 lbs (30 – 40 kg)
Medium Bean Bag80110 – 130 lbs (50 – 60 kg)
Large Bean Bag90 – 96130 – 220 lbs (60 – 100 kg)
XL Bean Bag120220 – 330 lbs (100 -150 kg)
XXL Bean Bag150 – 180330 – 440 lbs (150-200 kg)

These are approximate maximum weights a bean bag can hold. These values can vary with different manufacturers.

What Happens if I Put More Weight on a Bean Bag?

Putting more weight than the expected weight limit on a bean bag will not do instant harm to the bean bag. But it will reduce the lifetime of the filler inside the bean bag

Every bean bag will deflate eventually. But putting excessive weights on the bean bag frequently will speed up the deflation of the bean bag.

Maintaining correct weight limits on the bean bag will allow you to use your bean bag for a longer time.

You can read more info on why bean bags go flat from our article.

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Choosing the Perfect Bean Bag Size

Bean bags are a superb alternative touch to your furniture. But buying the perfect one means choosing the right bean bag size for space and requirement you have. The bean bag’s size depends on the need you are looking for and who is using the bean bag.

If your primary goal of buying a bean bag is for your kids, go for a small or medium-sized bean bag according to your kid’s height and weight. That is a better option if you don’t have enough space in your house.

If your requirement to have bean bags as spare seating furniture, I suggest you go for few large bean bags

A large bean bag is adequate for an adult, and as you are buying several large bean bags, you can accommodate several adults using them. You can easily stack them up in your garage or the basement when you are not using them.

If your requirement is for having a relaxed evening with your spouse or kids, you can go for a giant bean bag such as an XXL or XXXL size bean bag. It can hold the weight of two adults without any issue. 

Having a nap on this giant bean bag is a pretty comfortable feeling you can experience with your spouse. You may use this to watch your favorite movie or TV show on Netflix in your home theater too.

On the other hand, if you have the necessary space in your house, you can buy one giant bean bag, and most of your requirements will get fulfilled. Your kids can use it. You and your spouse can both use it at once or separately at different times.

That is because the giant bean bags have a higher level of the weight limit.

But if you do not have the necessary space in your house or the budget for a giant bean bag, you have to select the perfect size bean bag according to your requirements and the height and weight of the people who use it.


Bean bags are an affordable way to make your house more comfortable and have a luxury look. There are few things to consider when you are selecting a bean bag. The primary consideration is size and the weight the bean bag can hold. 

Always try to match the weight of the person who will use the bean bag with the bean bag’s size and expected weight.

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