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Everything in this world is a combination of chemicals. For example, trees, flowers, rocks, the sun, fabric, and all other things are made with chemical ingredients. Without them, there is no life or world. So, chemical ingredients are the building blocks of everything.

However, the word chemical used to express different meanings. Mostly if people search for some products without chemicals, they need to ensure this product is safe to use.

As you already know, the bean bag is a super cozy piece of furniture used to take small naps. The tiny beanballs and fabrics are the primary materials for this fantastic sac. The manufacturers mainly use expanded polystyrene beads (EPS beads), memory forms, and cotton to fill these bags. Also, vinyl, leather, cotton, linen, and faux far are primarily used to cover these bean sacs.

However, when producing those materials, there are many chemicals used. Manufacturers use unsafe chemicals, especially when making EPS beads and vinyl fabric.

The best example of this is some people refuse vinyl bean bags. They fear the safety of these products. People believe vinyl bean bags consist of hazardous chemicals. Not only that, people doubt polystyrene beads too. That’s why they always check bean bags without chemicals.

So, how to buy a good bean bag free from chemicals? Or how to select a safe bean bag? It is essential to know these things before purchasing a bean bag. Then you can reject some bad bean bags and go for a better one.

After researching many bean bag types, I found some fantastic products. Let’s check what they are!

Disclaimer: We have done this research with publicly available data. We are not liable for any incorrect or not up-to-date information. We do not get any benefit from the mentioned brands.

bean bags without chemicals

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Big Bean Bag

Big Bean Bag Company is highly concerned about clients’ and environmental safety. Thus, they introduce the first green bean bag into the world. The Big bean bag products have been free from conventional Styrofoam fillers like EPS beads.

Most non-degradable plastics, such as EPS beads, end up in landfills or the ocean. The worst thing is they take hundreds of years to break down. However, the process will not end up with a breakdown. These tiny particles accumulate in the fauna and magnify throughout the food web. That’s why Big Bean Bag Company innovates new technology in this industry.

So, what are these innovations? What does the Big bean bag company use to fill their bean bags?

Let’s check this in detail.


This company uses Bio-foam beads to fill their bean bags. Bio-foams are compostable biopolymers derived from plants. So, this product is eco-friendly.

On the other hand, Big bean bag products are ideal for toddlers and babies. Why? Generally, these kids have sensitive skin and sensations. Thus, each factor should be perfect when you use bean bags for them.

Moreover, the bio-foam is a pet-friendly filler alternative. So, you do not need to worry about your pets’ safety when using this bean bag.

Outer Fabric

The manufacturer uses 100% cotton wave fabric to produce this bean bag. So, they ensure safety rather than providing a comfy and soft feel. The 100% cotton cover is a chemical-free material. 

Chemical-free Stitching

The Big bean bag manufacturer uses recycled plastic to so stitching purposes. These threads go through high-quality standards. So, manufacturers ensure the quality from large portions to tiny particles of their bean bags. 

Further, every product should go through the quality checking process before dispatch. This is how you receive an eco-friendly bean bag without chemical residuals.  

If you want to buy their products or visit and review them, click here. Indeed, you will find a super quality bean bag that perfectly fits your requirements. 

Ultimate Green Stores Collection

The ultimate green store collection offers various bean bags for adults and kids. Manufacturers mainly use handcrafted materials like cotton to prepare their products. Moreover, they always try to manufacture their bean bags by using minimal chemicals.


The ultimate green store collection uses a CertuPUR-US foam to fill their bean bags. Generally, these forms are categorized under low-VOC foams and are free from the following ingredients.

  • TDCPP flame retardants
  • PBDEs
  • TCEP
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates
  • Heavy metals

So, these fillers are free from most hazards and chemicals. The best thing is ultimate green store collection does not contain any heavy metal. It is a super cool move!

Further, they introduce the Eco super fill bean bags. They include natural latex foam. So, both these categories are free from chemical hazards.

The best news is the ultimate green store collection, ready to customize your bean bag chair according to your preferences. I know, now you have the hurry to see their products. Just click here and shop for their fantastic bean bags.

White Lotus Bean Bags

The white lotus house offers superior bean bags for you. All of them are 100% safe and free from hazardous chemicals.

Without wasting much time, let’s move into its features!


These bean bags are filled with a particular bean type called Evergreen Foam. It is a blend of castor, soy, and other vegetable oils. So, these fillers are entirely free from formaldehyde, nickel, mercury, parabens, fire retardants, and other harmful chemicals. So, here they ensure the quality and safety of these fillers.


The bean bag fabric is made from 100% cotton. So, it is free from hazardous chemicals and safe to use. That’s why I recommend the white lotus house bean bags. Click here, and reserve your purchase.  

Pottery Barn bean bags

These bean bags are not entirely non-toxic or free from chemicals. But they make several plus points to produce their bean bags of good quality.

Pottery barn bean bags got Green Guard Gold certification for all their bean bag products. It means they independently verify their product and ensure they are free from a list of toxic substances contributing to indoor air pollution. Because of this feature, you can use this bean bag in your living room, balcony, bedroom, or other indoor places. Here, you do not need to inhale some toxic chemicals.

Further, these bean bags are made primarily out of polystyrene and polyester. So, these bean bags can be categorized under eco-friendly type. 

However, keep in mind that these bean bags include plastics. So, it can pose several problems to both humans and the environment. But Pottery barn bean bags are a great deal than most conventional bean bags.

Looping Home

Are you a fan of the chunky knit aesthetic? Then Looping Home bean bag chairs are best for you. These bean bags are made with conventional recycled cotton. Here, you can buy this cover and fill it with a suitable filler type.

Cloud makers

Some people love to enjoy a rustic feel. So, these bean bags are well suited for them. Now, you may wonder, why do I recommend this? Right?

The cloud makers’ bean bags are made with eco-friendly conventional cotton and linen. Also, this product does not include fillings. So, you can either buy them online or use any other safe bean bag filler.

Final Thoughts

Some bean bag materials are suspected to be carcinogens. So, when people buy bean bags, they doubt how to select safe ones without chemicals.

As we already know, most bean bags are filled with expanded polystyrene beads. However, styrene is a suspected carcinogenic chemical. Also, it is manufactured using benzene, which can cause some health issues.

Moreover, polystyrene cannot be bio-degradable and break down into small particles. This process does not end up here. These microplastics accumulate in flora and fauna life. 

Not only that, they can release HFC into the environment. So, these conventional fillers are unsuitable for both lives and the environment. Hence, always try to go for eco-friendly, chemical-free bean bags.

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