Shrink Lovesac Without A Kit – Lovesac Shrink Kit Alternative

You might want to move your Lovesac to the new house you just bought. And you might wonder how to shrink your Lovesac without the shrink kit.

Lovesac Shrinking Kit is the best option for shrinking your Lovesac chair and moving it to a new place. But there are several alternatives you can try if you don’t have the Lovesac shrinking kit.  

The Lovesac bean bag is filled with super comfy dura foam fillers. So, when you sit there, you may feel like sitting in heaven. It will add tremendous value to your leisure time by fully relaxing your whole body.

As Lovesac is a giant bean bag, it is difficult to move it from one place to another without shrinking. So for this purpose, Lovesac manufacturers have introduced the Lovesac Shrinking Kits.

Generally, the shrinking kit comes with the Lovesac package. But, some customers tend to buy only the essential items and skip extras. However, if you buy the shrinking kit separately, it costs around $70.

However, if you do not buy a shrinking kit, you may be in trouble when you want to carry this fabulous sac.

So, read the article till the end. Here I share some tricks about how to shrink Lovesac without a kit. Also, there are some cheap alternatives for the Lovesac shrinking kit. So, grab the information and save your money!

lovesac shrink kit alternatives

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Lovesac Shrinking Kit

The Lovesac shrinking kit includes one giant duffle bag and three plastic bags. If we consider the size of this duffle bag, it has a 44.8′ L x 20.8′ W x 20.8′ Height dimension. This plastic bag has a high gauge. So, these are strong enough to hold the shrunk Lovesac.

The duffle bag is like a traveling bag. You can put shrunk Lovesac there and travel to any place. The user-friendly handle makes it to carry easily. And also, this bag is strong enough to hold your bean bag.

How to Shrink Lovesac Without a Kit?

The Lovesac is filled with super soft durafoam fillers. However, among these tiny loams, there are plenty of air spaces. The leading theory behind the shrinking process is removing these air pores area and reducing the bean bag volume.

Now you know what the tools come from the Lovesac shrinking kit. It is one duffle bag and three plastic bags. Besides that, you need a vacuum machine to do this job.

Let’s check the procedure!

Step 1: Insert the Lovesac into the plastic bag

Here, you can use a giant plastic bag with enough gauge to keep your bean bag safe.

Step 2: Insert the vacuum cleaner noddle between the plastic bag and Lovesac

Here, you should place the noddle mouth into the bean bag. If you place it into the plastic bag, it will suck and block the vacuum cleaner valve.

Step 3: Hold the end of the plastic bag tightly around the vacuum cleaner hose

You should ensure the air will not leak from the plastic bag and hose spaces in this step. If it happens, you cannot do your job successfully.

Step 4: Turn on the vacuum cleaner.

Now the air accumulated in the Lovesac will suck from the vacuum cleaner. So, it causes to reduce the volume of the bean bag.

Step 5: Apply pressure on the Lovesac

Here, you should take support from a friend. He or she can use his knees and hand to apply the pressure on the bean bag. It will support for the shrinking process. You should carry this process until you can put Lovesac into the bag.

But how do you know whether your Lovesac shrunk entirely or not?

Step 6: After Lovesac reduce its volume, add it to the duffle bag

If your Lovesac can be put in the duffle bag and enclosed, your bean bag ultimately shrinks. However, till your bean bag is larger than the duffle bag, you should continue the vacuum and push process.

On the other hand, if you do not have a duffle bag, do not worry. You can get the fabric bag or traveling bag with the same volume here. Its dimensions should near as follow.

  • Length – 44.8 inches
  • Width – 20.8 inches
  • Height- 20.8 inches

If you do not have this much of large bag, do not lose hope. You can seam it in the home. Or else, take support from a tailor shop. When choosing fabrics for the duffle bag, make sure that it has enough strength to hold on to the weighted things.

Step 7: Slowly zip and enclose the bag

When the zipper comes near the vacuum hose, slowly release it from the bean bag. Then add a tight knot for the plastic bag. After that, enclose the bag completely.

Congratulations!!! You successfully insert your Lovesac into the bag. Now it is ready for the travel!

Lovesac Shrink Kit Alternatives

When you choose alternatives, you must ensure that items work the same as an original product. So, here are some good alternatives. Try them and share your experience with us!

Heavy-Duty Extra-Large Storage Bag

This extra-large storage bag has ample space. If I consider the volume, it has 45 x 22 x 26 inches dimensions. This volume is the same as the duffle bag with the Lovesac shrinking kit. 

Moreover, this giant bag can bear 45 Kg (100 lbs). So, you do not worry about the strength of the bag. Due to this bag being made with polypropylene woven cloth, it is torn and water-resistant. Moreover, it is easy to clean and dry. So, you can use it for a long time without any issue. 

The best thing is to buy this heavy-duty bag for a lower cost than the shrinking kit.

So, why are you waiting? Just click here and buy a giant heavy-duty bag!

COOLBEBE Sport Duffle Bag

The COOLBEBE duffle bag is purposely made for traveling, hunting, sporting, and camping. Also, it has good volume to hold your shrunk Lovesac. It has 47 x 15 x 17 inches dimensions. So, this bag is ideally suited for your purpose. 

Further, a pack of benefits comes with the COOLBEBE duffle bag. It is made with water-resistant 600 denier fabric and contains a padded shoulder strap. It will help to carry them comfortably from location to location. Also, you can enclose the COOLBEBE duffle bag using its upgrade zipper.

So, your Lovesac bag is 100% protective with this amazing duffle bag.

YiKitHom Extra-Large Storage Duffle Bag

The YiKiHome duffle bag has 42 x 13.5 x 23 inches dimensions. So, it is close to the dimensions of the Lovesac shrinking kit. So, you can easily carry shrunk Lovesac bean bag with it.

Besides that, this duffle bag is made with high-density 1680 D oxford cloth. So, it has good toughness, firmness, and reliability. Thus, you can put shrunk Loesac in it without any fear. 

Also, the double zippers protect your Lovesac while traveling. The best news is it saves lots of your money. 

Vacuum Storage Bags

Here, you need a plastic bag to put the Lovesac, and it is volume should be enough for it. There are different types of Lovesac products. So, according to the volume, you should select the best one. 

There are plenty of plastic bags in the market. So, you can select one of them easily. However, when selecting them, if the below facts are there, It will add plus points.

  • Vacuum seal opening
  • Air vacuuming valve

Final Thoughts

Every dollar can make our life more comfortable. However, we should deal with money more intelligently. If not, whatever you earn thousands of dollars or billions of dollars, they will vanish within one night. 

Sometimes, you are brave enough to skip some things and use the more profitable thing. That’s why I reviewed some alternatives for the Lovesac shrinking kit. Try them and share your wonderful experience with us!

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