Are Lovesac Bean Bags Worth It?

Lovesac’s brand name has an impressive backstory. It was started in 1995 and featured bean bag chair called ‘Sac’ products. Over the last two decades, their products have been well known as branded. But their prices are out of the range. 

Due to its high value, some people have doubts about are Lovesac bean bag worth it? What is your idea? 

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Price and Worthiness of Lovesac Bean Bags

The price and worthiness are two different things. Price is a measurable amount, and worth depends on customer satisfaction. 

On the other hand, “worthiness” is a highly subjective matter, and it turns with the following factors.

  • Customer buying power
  • Expectation / preference 
  • Product quality
  • Living states 

Thus, if some customers are highly satisfied with a particular product, that product is worthy for them. 

However, if some product is in the upper level of price equilibrium, it should have unique features to attract customers. 

So, we already know Lovesac bean bags are a bit expensive than the typical bean bags. However, every year they have achieved their targets to expand their business. 

So why do these people spend more dollars to own Lovesac bean bags if it is not worth them? How is this happen? 

As an independent product reviewer, I studied different types of bean bags. From those analyzed data, I can give the following scores for Lovesac bean bags.  

  • Overall Score for Lovesac : 9.2/10
  • Comfortabillity : 9.3/10
  • Customer Satisfaction : 9.2/10
  • Back Support : 9.1/10
  • Cooling : 9.1/10

All these product quality parameters got more than 9 out of 10. So, according to this result, we can conclude, Yes! Lovesac bean bags are worth the price. Let’s see the reasons one by one.

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Reasons that Make LoveSac Bean Bag Worthy

Premium Quality Materials

Lovesac manufacturers use high-quality fabrics and premium shredded Durafoam to produce bean bags. Because of that, they will rarely shrink or fade.

Moreover, double overlock stitching makes its seams solid and durable. Other than that, the double zipping feature keeps filling safely. That’s why most branded companies, such as Apple, tend to purchase Lovesac products.

Super Sitting Experience

Love Sac gives the closest feel as you’ll get to sitting on an actual cloud. How is it happen?

Lovesac bean bag fillers are unlike common filler types such as beans and beads. It is filled with a modern, adaptable foam type called Durafoam. 

So, the premium quality Durafoam can absorb the bodyweight evenly. Durafoam technology melts pressure points while resisting to cradle the spine for upright sitting activities. 

Because of this unique feature, your body will not feel compressed over time. These fillers can maintain comfort for longer.

Hence, users are delighted with Lovesac bean bags. Because of these reasons, Lovesac has become a brand to consider!

This comfy Lovesack was publicized in Glamour Magazine and featured on MTV shows like Rob’s Fantasy Factory. Not only had that, a world-famous brand like Apple also purchased Lovesac for its corporate offices.

Why do they not go to other cheap bean bags

The well-recognized companies do not look for the cheapest products. They simply chose high-quality products. 

Align with International Standards

These days most manufacturers produce different kinds of bean bags. And they release them into the market at a meager price. However, the bean bag concept is not like a sac that is filled with whatever filler. It is beyond that!

If I ask, what is your choice among healthy, happy life or money? Yes, you will say healthy, happy life!

So, when we come back to the main point, most users spend hours on the bean bags. But if manufacturers do not produce them with specific standards, users may feel back born pain and back crawling. Sometimes these issues can impact severely and permanently. 

Therefore, a quality bean bag should have built with good ergonomics. Then the user can sit there without any fear. 

Here, you should select the below-mentioned quality factors before purchasing a bean bag. Check the list.

Now, you know the answer, Why Lovesac is worth its price. It consists of all these quality factors.

Range of Products

Do you look something different?

Customer’s requirements depend on various factors. On the other hand, people have to spend many hours searching for the best version that perfectly matches them.

Lovesac offers over 160 different designs and color patterns to their customers. Moreover, their bean bag types target different purposes and age range.

Thus, customers can buy the best bean bag that matches their home theater, basement, living room, or gaming room from Lovesac.

Trustworthy Service

Everyone knows how powerful the “Lovesac” Brand is. 

Also, Lovesac does not deliver just only bean bags. They create trustworthy service relationships with their clients. 

Hence, if someone purchases a piece of Lovesac furniture, that will last for their lifetime.


Everything gets dirt, including bean bags. But some bean bags are not washable. Therefore, customers can use them only for a certain period.

Think you spend hundreds of dollars on the bean bag. But after 3, 4 months, your coffee cup will spill on it. Then what should you do?

If your bean bag is not washable, you have to throw them away. That’s how cheap products waste your money.

But the Lovesac bean bag is washable. So, after it gets dirty, you can wash them according to manufacturer guidelines. On the other hand, cleaning the Lovesac bean bag gives the same glamorous look. No fade! No discoloration! Worth it!

High-End Products

Lovesac Corporation always produces a high-end product with a luxury appearance. Therefore, those are perfectly matched with the luxury interiors of homes. It does not give a cheap look. Also, it has good durability. It is another secret of their success.

So, do not ask why Lovesac. Ask why not Lovesac!

Fluffy Resistant

The premium shredded Durafoam is resilient than other foam types. It consists of high, medium, and low-density polyurethane foams.

This mixture is proprietary to Lovesac and can be fluffed well to keep the shape and adjust to the back. The delicate pieces hug the body, and firmer pieces support body postures.

Not only fluffing property, but Lovesac fillers also have the excellent shrinking ability under certain conditions. The manufacturer takes this feature to pack them in a small box.

Best Warranty

Lovesac gives one of the best warranty assurance to its users. The standard leather covers have three years, and top grain leather covers have five years warranty period. They offer a three years warranty for all non-leather covers.  

Best Shipping and Return Service

Lovesac bean bags do free shipping over the 48 states. Also, you can return the product within 60 days. Moreover, Lovesac Corporation fully refunds your bean bag cost by deducting shipping costs.

There are no hidden charges and extra payment for shipping. So, you do not have to spend hundred dollars on shipping costs. Isn’t it the best deal?

Sac Shrink Kit

No other companies offer a sac shrinking toolset with a bean bag. Thus, people face massive troubles when they need to transport bean bags from one place to another.

But here, love sac includes this sac shrink kit to bean bag package. It can compress the bean bag to 1/8 of its original size.

You just have to shrink the bean bag using a tool kit and add it into the duffel bag. Take it anywhere you go. It is that much of easy!

Final Words

Worthiness is a word that describes customer satisfaction. However, if you own a Lovesac bean bag, you will know whether it is worthy or not. No one offers a perfect package with a bean bag like Lovesac. That’s why they have become a famous brand name among bean bag users. 

Anyhow if your primary concern is quality rather than money, Lovesac is the best answer!

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