Difference Between a Bean Bag and a LoveSac

Lovesac is a chair made of soft material and looks like a giant bean bag. Because of that, most people think Lovesac is a kind of bean bag.

Actually, what is this Lovesac? Is it a bean bag?  

Firstly, let’s check how the Lovesac invention into this world?

Shawn David Nelson was the teenager who invented Lovesac into the world in 1995. Decades ago, one day David watched TV and got bored with his regular TV chair.

Suddenly he got a new idea about a giant bean bag. Instead of using the regular couch, he thinks about the cozy bean bag that is eight feet tall.

To make this idea realized, he collected soft materials and fabrics. He did not do this work alone. David took support from his girlfriend to sew the fabric. A final result is the Love sac.

This Lovesac gets more attraction than a regular bean bag as a super comfy feel. So, David identifies opportunity and the market value of his invention.

Thus, he immediately started a new business to produce Lovesacs for the market. As his prediction, this innovative sac gets famous in the country.

Since 1995, Lovesac has gone a genuine way. Because of that, most companies like to work with this brand name.

I know now you still have doubts about the difference between a bean bag and Lovesac? To understand this clearly, let’s check about facts!

Difference Between Bean Bag and LoveSac

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Lovesac Filled with Durafoam

Most bean bags are filled with expanded polystyrene balls, shredded memory foam, or cotton. But Lovesac manufacturers do not use the same fillers. They need some new filler type that has distinguished properties.

So, they decide to fill Lovesac with Durafoam. This is the main difference between Lovesac and regular bean bags.

The durafoam is a proprietary blend of recycled foam remnants. However, no one knows the exact composition of this filler. It is unique to Lovesac Corporation, and owners are the only person who knows about it exactly.

Rather than available bean bag fillers, durafoam gives a feel like a cloud. Because of this incredible seating experience, Lovesac easily distinguishes itself from other bean bags.

Don’t you love to sit on the cloud? Then try Lovesac!

Lovesac Comes with a Duffle Bag

Generally, every bean bag comes with a cardboard box package. However, once packing opens, everyone throws that packing into the dustbin. That’s not a problem. But sometimes, users need to transport their bean bags to another place. So, they were unable to use the same packaging at that time.

Then users have to search for bean bag packing accessories to carry them. Isn’t it a headache?

That’s why Lovesac Corporation introduces duffle bags to users. So, when you purchase Lovesac, you receive a duffle bag free. It is reusable!

Hence, when you want to pack and go, you just have to shrink your bean bag using a vacuum cleaner and pack it into the duffle bag.

Moreover, the duffle bag has enough space to pack your bean bag and is strong enough to keep your bag safe. Its handles make your job easy!

Fluff Within a Day

Most bean bags come with compact packages. So, after unboxing, you should let them fluff. However, some bean bags take weeks to fluff entirely. Therefore, most customers are dissatisfied with those bean bags.

However, Lovesac Corporation identifies this issue. Thus, they use fillers that can fluff within a few hours to increase customer satisfaction. That’s why most people tend to buy the popular brand name “ Lovesac” rather than ordinary bean bags.

Further, the user can experience the same product they see in the online store!

Double Zippers in the Liner

We know, different bean bags have various features. If we take bean bag liner, some bean bags have inner cover, and others don’t.

However, all we know having a bean bag inner cover is easy to maintain. It increases its safety. So, Lovesac uses premium quality fabrics to create its inner shell. It ensures its durability and safety.

Rather than that, the inner cover consists of double zippers. Do you see any other bean bag with double-zippers in the inner cover?  

Lovesac loves their customers, especially kids. That’s why they introduce this safety feature to their bean bag.

Locking Zipper Heads

Most bean bags come with a safety zipper function. Generally, manufacturers remove zipper flaps from bean bags to ensure kids’ safety. However, we cannot see locking zipper heads in every bean bag.

But here, Lovesac inner bag also has this locking zipper heads. Because of that, toddlers or kids cannot easily open the bean bag cover and contact with bean fillers.

Neck Pillow Holder and Drink Holder

Rather than typical bean bags, Lovesac wants to give a superior experience to its users. Thus they included spots to place the neck pillow at the top of the bean bag. Not only that, the Lovesac bean bag has a drink holder to keep your bottles.

There are magnetic buttons to attach your neck pillow into the bean bag. So, within a few seconds, user can connect their neck pillow to this giant bean bag.


Lovesac bean bags come with an outer cover. It is easy to remove and washable. The outer zipper goes around the whole bean bag and makes your job easy.

Moreover, manufacturers include magnetic buttons on the outer cover rather than a general zipper. It also increases the safety of Lovesac.

Further, This Lovesac outer cover is easy to remove and wash than typical bean bags.

Stay For a Longer Period

The major problem associated with bean bags is flattening. It means after a certain period, the bean bag fillers will lose their properties.

When the cozy fillers lose their fluffy properties, the bean bag no longer gives the same super seating experience. So, then users have to refill their regular bean bags.

But here, Lovesac gives a lifetime guarantee for their bean bag. Not only that, they ensure their durafoam fillers do not get flattering and shrink like other common fillers. According to the customer feedback, the best thing is that Lovesac keeps its words!

Two-Lifetime Guarantee

Lovesac Corporation always said that they give two-lifetime warranties for their bean bag. Don’t get excited!

They say that because Lovesac corporation ensures their product quality and durability than other bean bag manufacturers.

So, if you purchase a Lovesac product, you do not need to throw them away after a few years. It is long-lasting! Not only you, your children and grandchildren also can experience the cloud feel by using the same Lovesac!

Giant Size

Typically every bean bag comes with the same size range. These bean bags have limited space to sit and lay down. But Lovesac is totally different from this phenomenon.

They try to give ample space for users to lay their bodies super comfortably. That’s why they produce giant size bean bags. So, users can quickly identify Lovesac from a typical bean bag by observing its size.

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Final Words

Lovesac develops by using the same theory of typical bean bags. However, you can easily distinguish Lovesac by checking its size, filler type, and seating experience.

As an independent researcher, I mention significant differences between a bean bag and Lovesac. I believe now you have a better understanding of it.

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