How Do You Juggle a Bean Bag? – Learn With 3 Stages

You might have seen bean bag juggling done by magicians in magic shows. You, too, might want to learn how to juggle a bean bag. 

Juggling a bean bag is not a difficult task. But you should practice a lot to juggle several balls at once.

Bean bags are a good starting point if you want to master juggling.

A juggle bean bag is a small ball prepared with soft fabrics or leather. And it’s filled with different sorts of pellets, mostly birdseed. However, some people use bean balls filled with sand, wood dust, rice, and plastic pellets.

Further, jugging bean bags come in different sizes and shapes. So, you can select the best one that perfectly suits you. 

Do you want to juggle bean bags as a magician? Before starting anything, it is essential to grab relevant knowledge. So, spend 10 minutes reading the complete guide about juggling the bean bags. 

The most important thing is to practice these simple steps regularly. 

how do you juggle a bean bag

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Clarify Your Requirement

Before you start juggling, you should clarify your requirement. So, take a paper and write answers to the following questions.

  • Why do you want to learn juggling? For fun or entertain the people as a magician?
  • How many balls do you want to juggle?
  • Do you have previous experience?

Now you understand your requirement and where to start your training. However, jugging is like a ladder. To reach top levels, you have to go through from the beginning. There are no shortcuts. Start your hobby with our technical support. 

How to Juggle a Bean Bag? – 3 Phases Guide

Here, I will tell you how to juggle three bean bags. But at the very beginning, you should find three matching bean bags balls.

It is easy to juggle if you can find bean bags of the same weight and size. Also, check whether these bean balls match your hand and palm size.

Phase 1 – Start Juggling With One Bean Bag

Step 1: Take one bean bag

Step 2: Throw up the bean bag with one hand and catch it with the other hand.

Here, you should cross the bean bag from one hand to the other hand. You do not need to throw bean bags up to higher levels in the initial stage. Just pass it and continue practices.   

Also, put your attention on the bean bag, not your hands. It is better to throw bean bags up to your eye level.

Step 3: Then throw a bean bag at a more elevated height.

Most probably, you may not have a clear idea about the level of bean bag throwing. So, let me help!

Take your hands up. The edge of your fingers is the maximum height to throw the beanballs. Further, keep in mind the edges of your hands.

Here, you may get 2 points;

  • The top point of the right hand
  • The top point of the left hand

Why are these points important?

You can throw the ball through these points. The right-hand beanball can pass through the left top point, and the left-hand bean bag can pass through the right top point.

Here, you should concentrate on the bean bag movements. Then your hands and palm will work accordingly.

Step 4: Practice the same with a bit higher speed.

Now you are well trained to grab one bean bag. Your hand is also familiar with the size of the bean bag. So, this is the best time to practice juggling with two bean bags.

Step 5: Take bean bags to both hands.

Phase 2 – Practice With Two Bean Bags

Step 6: Now, throw up the bean bag on your right hand first and then throw up the bean bag on your left hand.

You can first release the bean bag on your right hand. Just after that, release another bean bag that holds in the left hand. This throw-up process should do simultaneously.

Step 7: Right, left, catch, catch.

In this step, you have to catch the bean bag that is released from the right hand using the left hand. Also, catch the bean bag released from the left hand from the right hand.

Accordingly, catch both bean bags using opposite hands. Practice this until you can throw and bean bag without falling to the ground. Here, you can speed up the throwing and catching process.

Further, change the throwing height and try to catch.

Phase 3 – Use Three Bean Bags to Practice

You can use different color bean bags to practice this phase. It will be easy for you. Then your eyes and mind will quickly detect the balls separately.

Step 8: Take two bean bags into the right hand and one bean bag into the left hand.

You can change your hands according to your preferences and habits. Here, I generally explain how a right-hand person should do juggling. It is better to take two balls into your dominant hand.

Step 9: Throw up bean bags, right, left, right order.

When the right-hand bean bag reaches maximum height, throw another bean bag in the left hand. Again when it goes to the top point, throw the bean bag in the right hand.

Likewise, you can release all three balls when one ball reaches the top height. However, the unique thing is if you release one bean bag from the left hand, you should catch it with the right hand.

If you are a left-hand person;

So, you can start this from your left hand. Take two balls into the left and one ball into the right hand. Then throw according to the order of left, right, left.

The bouncing effect is a significant issue when planning juggling with three or four balls. But here, you do not need to worry about it. The bean bags have zero or minimal bouncing effect. Hence, your bean bag will not be bouncy on the floor. So, it is easy to practice with the bean bag.

Step 11: Continuously throw and catch bean bags.

You can increase the throwing height and practice this task continuously!

Step 12: Congratulations, now you are on track.

If you can juggle three bean bags, you are a genius. However, do not stop the practice. It is the critical parameter that makes a good juggler. So, 

allocate 10 to 15 minutes per day for practices.

Do not panic after you have enough confidence and practice juggling with 4, 5, or 6 balls. Do not panic! You can do it!!!

Do you want to be an expert? So, throw bean bags forward, backward, and straight. Catching bean balls that throw these directions will not be a difficult task. The only thing is you must have good concentration about your job.

Further, you can throw different accessories such as a bottle or mouse with the bean bag. They will expertise you as a juggler.

Final Thoughts

Juggling bean bags is a pretty smart task. Here, you do not need to worry about ball bouncy when passing and dropping down. Also, due to the flexible structure, it is easy to catch. Also, keeping several bean bags, on the one hand, is a possible and straightforward task. But if you use any other ball, it is challenging to keep them on the one hand.

So, take your first step with bean bags. It will show you the correct path!

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